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Otherwise Engaged

Alexandra Samuel's blog is every blogger's guide to citizen engagement and every citizen's guide to blogging. Alexandra is a consultant, researcher and writer specializing in online dialogue and electronic democracy. (continue)

Digital Dialogues Interim Report

This important report outlines the Hansard Society's independent investigation into the use of online technologies to promote dialogue between central government in the U.K. and the public. Digital Dialogues presents overviews, data and guidance built around case studies. It has been written principally for government but it is also worthwhile reading for academics, journalists, practitioners and, of course, citizens. This is the interim report from the Digital Dialogues initiative. In March 2007 we will begin our end of initiative report and will make our recommendations the following May. (continue)


London-based Involve believes that meeting the greatest challenges of the age will depend on bulding adaptable and flexible institutions while giving more power to ordinary people. Involve focuses on the practicalities of making this happen. They undertake four core activities: Advocacy - making the case for genuine citizen empowerment; New thinking - improving understanding of what works; Better practice - supporting institutions and citizens; Networking - bringing members of the participation and empowerment field together. (continue)

Parking Lot Blog

Chris Corrigan is a process facilitator, a specialist in Open Space Technology, and an active and public learner. His blog is about living in Open Space. It's about noticing what's alive in the world that informs a life long practice of invitation, conversation and facilitation. And it's about putting it out there for others to share. (continue)

International Civic Engagement blog

The International Civic Engagement blog highlights initiatives from across the globe that improve civic engagement. The blog reflects the philosophy of its publisher, Erik Bergrud, that much can be learned not only within developed countries but also within the developing world. Bergrud, who plays an active role in the United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance (UNPAN) and edits UNPAN's newsletter, posts a significant number of entries on the work of UN agencies and on how institutions of higher education have embraced civic engagement. The blog also reflects Bergrud's interest in e-government and online citizen participation. (continue)

Smart Communities Blog

This is a blog for anyone who has said, "The community I live in could be better - I'd like to help but I don't know where to start or even if I can make a difference." We can show you places to start and show you that change is possible in your community. This blog is managed by Suzanne Morse of Pew Partnerships for Civic Change, Author of Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future. (continue)

Rich Harwood’s Redeeming Hope blog

Richard Harwood's blog, Redeeming Hope, shares Rich's thoughts on how to improve public life and politics. Rich Harwood founded the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation to help people imagine and act for the public good. For almost 20 years, he and his colleagues have been evolving both the ideas and the practical approaches for changing the negative conditions in society that too often divide people and keep them from making progress in their neighborhoods, communities, and the nation as a whole. (continue)

PublicDecisions blog

Beth Offenbacker's blog highlights the use of technology for public participation/public involvement and decisionmaking purposes. Learn about existing tools, reports, emerging trends and a range of other resources on this subject. (continue)

Change Management Blog

This blog, hosted by Holger Nauheimer from Germany, is for change management facilitators and anyone interested in the subject. The concept of change management describes a structured approach to transitions in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that moves the target from a current state to a desired state. (continue)

Public Comments

Brad Rourke writes a regular column on civic issues called Public Comments, a series of monthly essays on civic life, public engagement, civil discourse, ethics, and what those ideas mean in today's world. You can subscribe to Public Comments or view the essays online. The essays also frequently appear in The Christian Science Monitor. Brad Rourke is a writer and consultant who works on civic issues and ethics. He works with public leaders, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and others concerned with civic life and public issues. Email Brad to subscribe. (continue)