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Consultation Manager

Consultation Manager is a sophisticated yet user-friendly web-based stakeholder management system that assists professionals to stay on top of their consultation projects. Designed independent of any single consultation technique or process, it easily achieves rapid adoption even though organizations' consultation processes may change. (continue)

CitizenPost (archive)

In the summer of 2006, the Case Foundation published Cynthia Gibson's groundbreaking paper "Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement." The publication generated much discussion and debate, and this blog was created to allow the conversation to continue. Focused on all things "citizen-centered" (a term which includes not only citizens, but also those who aspire to be citizens, including immigrants), the blog attempts to dig down into how we can make civic engagement, civic discourse, political involvement, volunteering, and other good practices part and parcel of everyday life rather than something people do in their spare time or occasionally. (continue)

Civic Minded blog (archive)

Catch up on the latest in online politics and democracy with the Corante blogging network's Civic Minded group blog. Civic Minded is a guide to the political impact of the Internet, looking at issues ranging from online organizing and campaigning to the big picture of how new technology is changing democratic communities. (continue)

Darzin Software

Two things make Darzin stand out from other public participation software tools: (1) Quality of analysis - Darzin combines qualitative, quantitative and spatial analysis in a highly user-friendly interface and (2) Integration - Darzin intergates data from all sources, including surveys and meetings, so you build better understanding of your stakeholders and their interests. Darzin also seamlessly integrates with your exisitng software making work easier/less complex. (continue)

A. Fine Blog

Social media tools are enhancing our connectedness to one another. Alison Fine's blog focuses on how this connectedness affects our ability and willingness to work for the collective social good. (continue)

Libraries Foster Civic Engagement Blog

American Library Association members Nancy Kranich, Taylor Willingham, and Michele Reid established an ALA Membership Initiative Group for librarians interested in Fostering Civic Engagement. This group, formed in 2004, includes librarians from all types of libraries who are eager to learn about and share their experiences with facilitating deliberative public forums and fostering civic engagement in their communities. (continue)

JURAT Community & Stakeholder Engagement Software

Whatever else you do, documenting your stakeholder engagement ensures that if you are ever challenged about your Engagement activities you can mitigate your risk and substantiate that you have actually done what you said you did. Jurat provides you with a simple to use template driven system that ensures your planning is carried out, you have identified issues, stakeholders and most importantly fully documented ALL stakeholder input. Jurat is easy to use, simple to implement and has little impact on IT Resources. Jurat provides a superb toolset for an organisation wishing to cover the bases and ensure that they are documenting and reporting on engagement processes correctly. (continue)

Earth Intelligence Network

The purpose of the Earth Intelligence Network (EIN) is to serve as the supporting foundation for a much larger public interest network. EIN will provide public intelligence support to: 1) Serious Games focusing on the Ten Threats, Twelve Policies, and Ten Players; 2) Policy summits, dialogues and think tanks, inclusive of the Transpartisan Policy Institute of Reuniting America; and 3) Budgets online and off, seeking to reconcile actual local, state, and national budgets with reality and our future needs. (continue)

Public Issue Forums of Southwest Missouri

David Burton's blog focuses on the online deliberation of topics relevant to public issue forums in southwest Missouri. (continue)

A Green Grassroots Revolution

Nan Skelton at the University of Minnesota brought this article to our attention, which she says is a great local story that shows the Mayors in St. Paul and Minneapolis beginning to make the paradigm shift to a culture of citizen-government partnership. The subtitle of this article is "It's called global warming, but cities and towns, including the Twin Cities, are waging the war." (continue)