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Home of the Policy Consensus Initiative and the National Policy Consensus Center. The Policy Consensus Initiative is a national nonprofit organization that works with states to promote collaboration to achieve more effective governance. The National Policy Consensus Center provides assistance to state leaders in addressing difficult policy issues using consensus-based governing models. (continue)

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

The U.S. Institute provides a neutral place inside the federal government, but independent of other agencies, where public and private interests can reach common ground through the use of non-adversarial, interest-based negotiation. The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution was created by Congress to assist parties in resolving environmental, natural resource, and public lands conflicts. The U.S. Institute is a program of the Morris K. Udall Foundation, an independent federal agency. (continue)


RESOLVE is a leader in mediating solutions to controversial problems and broadening the techniques for consensus building on public policy issues. RESOLVE is dedicated to improving dialogue and negotiation between parties to solve complex public policy issues and to advancing both research and practice in the dispute resolution field. (continue)

Working Together to Achieve Results: EPA's Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Model

EPA's Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) established the CPS Program in 2003 to assist community-based organizations develop and implement locally-based solutions to environmental and/or public health concerns in collaboration with others. Specifically, the CPS Program provides $100,000 directly to each selected applicant and technical assistance in the use of the CPS Model. The CPS Model offers a flexible, but structured, process that community-based organizations and others can use to establish and maintain partnerships capable of producing meaningful results. (continue)

Workable Peace

Workable Peace is an innovative curriculum on history and conflict management for high school classes. It aims to help teenagers understand conflict and build negotiation and conflict management skills. The curriculum is developed by educators and conflict resolution practitioners at the Consensus Building Institute. (continue)

Breaking Robert’s Rules

Every day in communities across America hundreds of committees, boards, church groups, and social clubs hold meetings where they spend their time engaged in shouting matches and acrimonious debate. Whether they are aware of it or not, the procedures that most such groups rely on to reach decisions were first laid out as Robert's Rules more than 150 years ago by an officer in the U.S. Army's Corps of Engineers. Its arcane rituals of parliamentary procedure and majority rule usually produce a victorious majority and a very dissatisfied minority that expects to raise its concerns, again, at the next possible meeting. Breaking Robert's Rules clearly spells out how any group can work together effectively. (continue)

Common Ground: Center for Cooperative Solutions, UC Davis Extension

For more than 10 years, Common Ground has been a leader in providing collaborative services through facilitation, mediation, negotiation and training. Our services are broad: we help government entities, agencies, private sector organizations, nonprofits, and communities come together and work out solutions to public policy issues including land use, water quality, health, education, and transportation. (continue)

The Consensus Building Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Reaching Agreement

Whether you work in the corporate world, a nonprofit organization, or the government sector, you are likely face the need to work with others to solve problems and make decisions on a daily basis. And you've undoubtedly been frustrated by how laborious and conflict-ridden such group efforts can be. At all levels from neighborhood block associations to boards of directors of multinational corporations, the consensus building process is highly effective in an increasingly fragmented, contentious society. In addition, the old top-down methods such as Roberts Rules of Orders often prompt more problems then they solve. (continue)


Since 1996 Facilitate.com has specialized in web-based collaboration software tools and techniques that dramatically enhance meeting productivity in the conference room or over the internet. Facilitate.com 8.0 is an electronic conference center with group decision making tools that accelerate idea generation and consensus building in a meeting room and across the internet. The resources section at Factilitate.com provides some great resources on topics like facilitating effective virtual meetings, web-based meeting tools and online strategic planning. (continue)

Enquiry-By-Design / Charrette

An Enquiry-by-Design is an intensive, interactive forum, over 2 to 4 days, that aims to produce non-binding urban design and planning visions for complex projects. Workshops involve a Technical Team and a Consultation Group, working in tandem. Participants work together using a consensus building approach to create both principles of development, designs and implementation strategies. A Charrette is a similar process, however where the Enquiry-by-Design usually involves the urban design of a limited number of sites, the Charrette involves more comprehensive visioning and urban design of an area's employment, transport, facilities and growth. (continue)