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Campaign for Stronger Democracy

The Campaign for a Stronger Democracy is a new U.S. coalition of advocates, scholars, civic organizations, public officials and concerned citizens who are working to create a strong, vibrant democracy, rooted in a belief that our democratic institutions can rise to the challenges facing our nation. NCDD is involved in CSD as a partner organization. (continue)

The New Laboratories of Democracy: How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) released a report in 2009 called “The New Laboratories of Democracy:  How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement” authored by Mike McGrath from the National Civic League. It can be downloaded from the PACE website at http://pacefunders.org/publications/NewLaboratoriesofDemocracy.pdf. The PACE report details the innovative methods local governments around the country are using to increase civic engagement by the public. “Local governments are at the cutting edge of finding new tools and methods to increase civic engagement in this country. We […] (continue)

Report from NCDD 2008: Evaluation Challenge

At the 2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, we focused on 5 challenges identified by participants at our past conferences as being vitally important for our field to address. This is one in a series of five posts featuring the final reports from our “challenge leaders.” Evaluation Challenge: Demonstrating that dialogue and deliberation works How can we demonstrate to power-holders (public officials, funders, CEOs, etc.) that D&D really works? Evaluation and measurement is a perennial focus of human performance/change interventions. What evaluation tools and […] (continue)

A Community Builder’s Tool Kit: 15 Tools for Creating Healthy, Productive Interracial/Multicultural Communities

This primer for revitalizing democracy from the ground up can be downloaded for free or ordered for $1.50 per copy. (continue)

Creating the Commonwealth: Public Politics and the Philosophy of Public Work

Overall, the general culture has increasingly come to devalue and diminish the capacities, talents, and intelligence of everyday citizens. Authors of the three case histories in this book describe new strategies and ideas for renewing public cultures, especially in educational institutions. (continue)

Democracy Collaborative and Community-Wealth.org

Since 2000, the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland has undertaken integrated activities aimed at leveraging the resources of higher education institutions in support of democratic renewal, civic participation, and community building. The Collaborative's website now leads to Community-Wealth.org, its main project, which provides information about community wealth building activities. (continue)


A project of John Maguire, President Emeritus of the Institute for Democratic Renewal at Claremont Graduate University, Race-Democracy.org is the home of the 2000/2001 Community Builder's Tool Kit. The Tool Kit is a primer for revitalizing democracy from the ground up and can be downloaded for free or ordered for $1.50 per copy. (continue)

Teledemocracy Action News + Network

The website of the "Global Democracy Movement," TAN+N is primarily dedicated to the creative use of modern technologies (ICT) and face-to-face deliberative techniques in all forms that directly empower citizens to have authentic input into political systems at all levels of governance around the world. (continue)

University of Maryland – Democracy Collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative undertakes integrated activities aimed at leveraging the resources of higher education institutions in support of democratic renewal, civic participation, and community building. The Democracy Collaborative brings together an international consortium of more than 20 of the world's leading academic centers and citizen engagement organizations, hosted and sponsored by the University of Maryland. Through programs of theoretical and practical research, teaching, training, and community action, the Collaborative works to strengthen democracy and civil society locally, nationally, and globally. (continue)

Democracy’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public’s Role (NIF Issue Guide)

Fed up with politics and a widening partisan divide, many Americans are turning away from public life. We are, most of us, spectators rather than participants in a political process that seems to have little to do with citizens. What has gone wrong, and what should we do about it? The National Issues Forums Institute encouraged citizens to consider this important question by fostering deliberative forums across the country about Democracy's Challenge using this 2006 issue book. (continue)