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Organizing Community-Wide Dialogue for Action and Change

A comprehensive guide to help you develop a community-wide study circle program from start to finish. Study Circles are at the heart of a process for public dialogue and community change. This process begins with community organizing, and is followed by facilitated, small-group dialogue that leads to a range of outcomes. Study circles don't advocate a particular solution. Instead, they welcome many points of view around a shared concern. (continue)

Youth Issues, Youth Voices: A Guide for Engaging Youth and Adults in Public Dialogue and Problem Solving

A multiple-session discussion guide to help young people and adults address the community issues which involve and impact them. (continue)

Public Dialogue: A Tool for Citizen Engagement, A Manual for Federal Departments and Agencies

This 56-page guidebook is based on the lessons learned from The Society We Want, a national public dialogue project of the Canadian Policy Research Networks. It provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the public dialogue process, outlines how the materials to support public dialogue are developed, and anchors public dialogue in a clear research methodology and analysis plan. (continue)

Fostering Dialogue Across Divides: A Nuts and Bolts Guide from the Public Conversations Project

For years, the Public Conversations Project has set the standard for facilitation materials and training in the dialogue and deliberation field. This Guide--chock-full of PCP's road-tested techniques for effectively engaging people across differences--is an invaluable resource for both established dialogue facilitators and newcomers to this work. (continue)

NYEC’s Institutional Racism Project

A guide to assist schools and program staff in facilitating dialogues on institutional racism with young people. (continue)

Internet Speech and Privacy Issue Guide

Privacy and free speech are already among the nation's most difficult social issues; and it would be startling if the Internet did not raise new concerns about both of them. Few rules exist about what can be said or done over this new medium -- and no one is really in charge of setting them. Public Agenda Issue Guides or 'Citizen Choicework Guides' contain background information on the topic and present three different approaches to the issue for people to deliberate. (continue)

Building Strong Neighborhoods: A Study Circle Guide for Public Dialogue and Community Problem Solving

A four-session discussion guide on many important neighborhood issues including: race and other kinds of differences; young people and families; safety and community-police relations; homes, housing and beautification; jobs and neighborhood economy; and schools. (continue)