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Civil Dialogue™ at ASU

The term "Civil Dialogue," as used by colleagues at Arizona State University, refers to a structured format for public dialogue. On their website, at www.civil-dialogue.com, they describe their work as "Using structured, public dialogue to build a bridge across the chasm of polarized viewpoints on hot topics, and to restore civility in public discourse." The format was created at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University and continues to be developed by John Genette, Jennifer Linde, Clark Olson, and other scholars. Civil […] (continue)

Educational Resource on The Secret World of Trafficking

Network for Peace through Dialogue creates opportunities for individuals and groups to engage in constructive conversation in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. During the 2011-2012 period, human trafficking was one issue addressed in the Network's program titled "Dialogue--Not Argument." A new educational resource on sex trafficking, "Modern Slavery: The Secret World of Trafficking," is now available for purchase. It includes a DVD, background information and an outline for discussion and  features a passionate anti-trafficking activist, Sr. Eugenia Bonetti. It is an excellent tool […] (continue)

You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought, But You’re Still Wrong

Jacob Z. Hess is a Mormon, a community psychologist, and a devoted conservative, while Phil Neisser is an atheist, a leftist, and a college professor. Yet in 2009, after meeting at an NCDD conference, they embarked on a two-year conversation about the issues that divide them. The result is "You’re not as Crazy as I Thought," an entertaining dialogue about power, government, media, religion, morality, gender roles, sexual orientation, race, and more. Drawing on the latest debates in social and political theory, Hess and Neisser […] (continue)

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This article (co-authored by NCDD member Ximena Zúñiga Buy Flagyl Without Prescription, , Gretchen E. Lopez & Kristie A, buy cheap Flagyl. Is Flagyl safe, Ford) appears in a special issue of the education journal Equity & Excellence in Education -- co-edited by higher education faculty, program developers and practitioners - which includes research and practice examples from higher education, Flagyl schedule, Buy Flagyl no prescription, school, and community settings and focuses on intergroup dialogue as form of social justice education, Flagyl use. Online buying Flagyl hcl, All the […] (continue)

Retin-A For Sale

Retin-A For Sale, This 2011 book, edited by Roger A. Retin-A street price, Lohmann and Jon Van Til, focuses on how public deliberation and group discussion can strengthen the foundations of civil society, cheap Retin-A, Retin-A without a prescription, even when the groups engaged in debate share a history of animosity. Scholars have begun to study the dialogue sustaining these conversations, my Retin-A experience, Buy Retin-A without prescription, especially its power to unite and divide groups and individuals. The twenty-four essays in this collection analyze […] (continue)

Flagyl For Sale

This resource was submitted via the Add-A-Resource form by NCDD member Joe Raelin Flagyl For Sale, , author of the article and Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education professor at Northeastern University's Center for Work and Learning. About Flagyl,  His work can also be found at www.leaderful.org. The purpose of this article is to make the case that democratic leadership, referred to as "leaderful" practice, buy cheap Flagyl, Flagyl cost, should be the fundamental form of leadership that characterizes participatory organizational change. The article appeared in the Journal of Organizational […] (continue)

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This article examines the results of the Year of Civil Discourse Aldactone For Sale, , a program dedicated to engaging nearly 1,000 people in grassroots trainings in civility at four Bay Area synagogues over the course of 2011. Purchase Aldactone online, From the article... “The purpose was not to have people check their opinions at the door, Aldactone price, coupon, Aldactone street price, ” Porth added. “We wanted people to bring their passionately held views into the room, Aldactone samples, After Aldactone, and give them […] (continue)

Stromectol For Sale

In this book, you’ll find stories to inspire you to initiate Healing Conversations with your elders and dying loved ones. Questions and conversation starters are also provided, to help you know what to say and do. The handbook section will guide you, step-by-step, as you engage in these new conversations. They will open your heart, give you a better understanding of loved ones, ensure that you have the conversations you need and want to have. You will find peace and have no regrets and so will your loved ones. (continue)

Cephalexin For Sale

Cephalexin For Sale, In this 2004 book, Ken and Mary Gergen of the Taos Institute present an account of social constructionist thought that enables students, colleagues and practitioners - as well as those who are simply curious - to gain a basic understanding and appreciation of the drama and constructionist ideas in action - in organizations, psychotherapy, education, conflict resolution, social research, and everyday life. Published as part of the Taos Institute's Focus Book Series, where can i order Cephalexin without prescription, Buy Cephalexin without prescription, […] (continue)

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Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, Vets4Vets is a non-partisan organization dedicated to helping Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans to heal from the psychological injuries of war through the use of peer support. Our primary goal is to help Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans understand the value of peer support and to regularly use peer support to express their emotions, online Lipitor without a prescription, Ordering Lipitor online, manage their challenges and ease their reintegration into society. Our vision is that anytime a veteran needs to talk with someone who […] (continue)