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The Michigan-based Learning Community for Universal Design

The Michigan-based Learning Community for Universal Design (LCUDL) is a statewide effort that strives to create carefully structured collaborative learning teams at the local level where teachers and administrators engage in frequent, continuous, and increasingly disciplined and authentic dialogue that leads to changed practice. These teams are dedicated to student success utilizing effective Teaching-for-Learning practices including Universal Design for Learning (UDL). The goal is to have these teams in place statewide by 2012. (continue)

Praxis Peace Institute

Praxis Peace Institute is a non-profit peace-education organization dedicated to radical inquiry, deep dialogue, creative problem solving, and informed action. Praxis Peace Institute offers forums, workshops, and local and international conferences to address the above issues and problems. These events bring together leading facilitators and thinkers in the areas of conflict resolution, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, politics, history, philosophy, religion, gender studies, and the arts and sciences. (continue)

Conducting Your Community Dialogue Manual

The manual provides the essential tools you will need to conduct a Uniting America community dialogue: ways for defining 'your community,' for choosing a format and for creating discussion questions. In addition, the series report, Building a More United America, will give your dialogue a national context as well as provide a convenient reference for well-considered policy options. The American Assembly's unique process builds a constructive consensus for action, and collectively, the dialogues will deepen the engagement of individuals in their communities and strengthen the quality of public opinion nationwide. (continue)

Jim Rough & Associates, Inc.

Jim Rough & Associates offers transformational workshops on facilitating Dynamic Facilitation - generative dialogue for creative and practical problem-solving, applicable to both technical and social issues. Dynamic Facilitation is the essence of "emergent leadership." It's where one person helps others face difficult issues creatively and collaboratively, where they achieve unanimous, win/win solutions. It achieves this magic by engendering a nonlinear, heartfelt, transformational quality of thinking called "choice-creating" ? vs. "decision-making" or "problem-solving" or "creative problem-solving." (continue)

Society for Philosophical Inquiry

SPI is a grassroots nonprofit organization comprised of philosophical inquirers of all ages and walks of life who form 'communities of philosophical inquiry,' through Socrates Cafe. Cafes take place at coffee houses, libraries, hospices, senior centers, prisons, bookstores, homeless shelters, schools and more. SPI's diverse members are devoted to resuscitating the once time-honored art and skill of Socratic philosophical inquiry. (continue)

World Conversations

World Conversations bring travelers, visitors and locals together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world. These Breakfast Conversations, initiated at San Francisco's Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast and modeled after the Conversation Cafe process, enjoy a popularity which has spread across the continent and around the world. Each informal Breakfast Conversation (4 to 9 people at a table) has a broad theme (local community, global citizenship, travel insights, environment, etc.), and the dialogue involves both round robin and popcorn-style conversation. World Conversations are also held at appointed times in many hotels and cafes; any place where travelers and locals gather. (continue)

Community Conferencing as a Special Case of Conflict Transformation

McDonald and Moore seek to broaden the theory of transformative justice and conflict transformation. Specifically, they deal with community conferencing as the major reactive intervention based on a theory of conflict transformation in many settings: criminal justice, the workplace, education, and more. After summarizing the early theory on conferencing, with emphasis on the importance of the expression of shame in the process, the authors reexamine the notions of shame and guilt, particularly in relation to the sequence of a conference. (continue)


Graphic recorders are highly trained listening and synthesizing experts who visually record and organize group dialogue into dynamic mural-sized notes. Recorders draw on many methods of recording, from capturing detailed text to creating artful metaphors, depending on the needs of an agenda. They partner with your meeting leader to work live and in front of groups turning complex discussions into a powerful meaningful record. After the meeting, the murals are photographed and transformed into hand-held actionable reports with graphics that make the meeting memorable. Our graphic recorders work easily in all industries, with an amazing breadth of understanding of any subject matter. (continue)

Renewing Governance: Governing by Learning in the Information Age

Renewing Governance presents the conclusions of a roundtable of senior Canadian government officials and private-sector executives who, over seven years, worked with researchers and leading international authorities in many fields to make sense of the implications for governance of the information revolution, and to develop more effective approaches to governing in this new context. In addition, it describes the ongoing process of strategic dialogue and learning by which the roundtable arrived at those conclusions - a prototype of the sort of learning process we require to improve the art of governing in this rapidly changing world. (continue)

Fostering Dialogue Across Divides: A Nuts and Bolts Guide from the Public Conversations Project

For years, the Public Conversations Project has set the standard for facilitation materials and training in the dialogue and deliberation field. This Guide--chock-full of PCP's road-tested techniques for effectively engaging people across differences--is an invaluable resource for both established dialogue facilitators and newcomers to this work. (continue)