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The Issue of Access: An Assessment Guide for Evaluating Public Participation Geographic Information Science Case Studies

This article examines how technology mediates access to geographic information for public participation. Access consists of several components: context, connectivity, capabilities, and content. An assessment guide is introduced that defines a series of continuums for evaluating case studies that involve public participation and geographic information systems. (continue)

Roberta's Rules of Order: Sail Through Meetings for Stellar Results Without the Gavel

This one-of-a-kind book challenges nonprofit leaders (and anyone who runs meetings) to retire Robert's Rules of Order and adopt a simpler, friendlier, and more effective method for conducting meetings--Roberta's Rules of Order. Using traditional sailing ships as a metaphor, meetings and governance expert Alice Collier Cochran helps groups make the journey from the "shore" that represents the culture of Robert's Rules--procedural formality, debate, simple majority rule--to the opposite "shore" of Roberta's Rules--informality, dialogue, and decision-making options. In doing so, she helps them to conduct friendlier, more effective meetings and to take the first step toward creating flexible, democratic organizations. (continue)

Dialogue & Deliberation Quotes

Need great quotes for a publication, article or report you're writing? This NCDD resource lists dozens of quotes organized by topic: dialogue; deliberation; listening; communication; truth, knowledge & exploration; conflict and transforming conflict; inclusion; democracy; action & change; and a miscellaneous category for other great quotes that are relevant to this work. (continue)

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North

Traces of the Trade is a feature documentary in which Producer/Director Katrina Browne tells the story of her New England ancestors, the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history. Cameras follow as Browne and nine fellow descendants undertake a journey of discovery to Rhode Island, Ghana, and Cuba. Retracing the steps of the notorious Triangle Trade, we uncover a family's, a region's, and a nation's hidden past. Simultaneously, viewers will follow descendants of the DeWolf family as they grapple with the contemporary legacy of slavery, not only for black Americans, but for themselves as white Americans. The film is intended as a catalyst for dialogue and education through screenings in communities and classrooms, and discussion guides and other materials are being developed. (continue)


Synanim is a dynamical learning and leadership development system available on demand via the internet. Users interact within small groups dynamically, responding to group ideas and choices as they emerge in real time. Synanim solutions may be designed for learning, leadership development, and opinion research. Regardless of emphasis, participants consistently find the Synanim experience rewarding and fun. The process motivates deep learning and commitment by challenging individual communication skill, initiative, and empathy. Synanim has engaged as many as over 13,000 people for a single, team-building and leadership development event. It can cost-effectively serve any group size, from dozens to millions. (continue)

Combining passions and abilities: Toward dialogic virtuosity

This article explores the idea of "dialogic virtuosity." The authors recognize that there are different approaches to dialogue and attempt to tease out the various strands of dialogic practice and descriptions among scholars and practitioners. The article is part of a special issue of the journal titled "Studies in Dialogue." (continue)

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

IMTD was founded in 1992 by Ambassador John W. McDonald and Dr. Louise Diamond. The mission of IMTD is to promote a systems-based approach to peacebuilding and to facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted social conflict through education, conflict resolution training and communication. The Institute is based in Arlington, VA, and has more than 1300 members in 31 countries. IMTD is supported by a wide range of key personnel, associates and interns. (continue)

Regis University – The Institute on the Common Good

Regis University's Institute on the Common Good sponsors public and private forums for the discussion of significant social issues. Its intent is to promote the long-term good of the greater community of Denver and the Rocky Mountain West through the discovery of common ground for addressing these issues. (continue)

University of Pennsylvania – Penn National Commission on Society, Culture and Community

From 1996 to 1999, the Penn National Commission sought to understand the problems of contemporary public discussion and behavior and to foster more engaged and thoughtful conversations about social issues. With the research phase of the Commission's work completed, the Penn Public Talk Project is now engaged in the programmatic phase, working to improve the practice of robust public discourse in ways that lead to stronger, more inclusive communities. (continue)


COAL was a two-year project (1992-94) conceived by former faculty member Mary Kathleen Ernst that included a commissioned musical piece and residency by the composer, Judith Shatin, at West Virginia's Shepherd College. The purpose of COAL was to deepen the community's knowledge of and relationship to the arts and 20th century music through a project that had resonance in the region. Shatin's statewide research and interviews with citizens of West Virginia focused her residency on mining history and related contemporary issues. (continue)