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Conversation Café method

A Conversation Café is a 90-minute hosted conversation which is held in a public setting like a coffee shop or bookstore, where anyone is welcome to join. A simple format helps people feel at ease and gives everyone who wants to a chance to speak. (continue)

Foundation for the Carolinas

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SPARC/Social and Public Art Resource

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The Leadership Dilemma in a Democratic Society: Re-energizing the Practice of Leadership for the Public Good

Produced by a group of people and agencies representing decades of public sector experience, this article introduces five "systems maps" which illustrate the current structures that have evolved from our perceived national values and system of governance. The group expressed interest in creating forums for dialogue throughout the country because its members believe that every citizen has a role to play in ensuring our democratic system thrives. Their goal is to create a greater understanding of governmental structures, and collectively improve the larger system that serves us. They encourage people to use the maps in their own environment to engage anyone who cares about the importance of leadership, the health of the civil service and the quality of public service all Americans deserve. (continue)

Deliberative Democracy Evaluation Checklist

The purpose of this checklist is to guide evaluations from a deliberative democratic perspective. Such evaluation incorporates democratic processes within the evaluation to secure better conclusions. The aspiration is to construct valid conclusions where there are conflicting views. The approach extends impartiality by including relevant interests, values, and views so that conclusions can be unbiased in value as well as factual aspects. (continue)

Clean Talk

Clean Talk is a communications model specifically designed for expressing challenging or difficult messages in ways that avoid the triggering of defensive responses. It enables facilitators to speak powerfully in groups while minimizing the possibility of creating a destructive wake of reaction. Clean Talk also opens up trust and allows for more responsibility to be shared in any conversation. Clean Talk was developed by Cliff Barry, founder of Shadow Work Seminars. (continue)

Bali Institute for Global Renewal

BIGR is a world learning center that engages multicultural leadership and facilitation training, deep dialogue, indigenous wisdom, global consciousness, intergenerational activism and other action-oriented skills and training that empowers individuals, groups and organizations in their quest to make a difference in the world. BIGR includes a consortium of international organizations, corporations, NGOs, universities, thought leaders and consultants who are invested in advancing new forms of leadership training, intergenerational collaboration, nonviolent conflict resolution and social activism as part of a worldview that promotes a sustainable, humane and culturally diverse life for all. (continue)

Fielding Graduate Institute – Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement Certificate Program

In 2004, Fielding Graduate Institute, in collaboration with The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD) and the Kettering Foundation, launched this unique 16-week graduate level Certificate Program. The program strives for the development of "virtuosity" in our practice of dialogue and deliberation. "Virtuosity is what results when people follow their passions to know something well and to perform skillfully. It combines at least three things: (a) a 'passion' for what you are doing; (b) an ability to make [clear] distinctions and (c) the ability to engage in skilled performance.' We have designed the course to enhance participants' abilities to engage in skilled performance. (continue)

Dialogue Guide and Workbook for “Afraid of the Dark”

Gwendolyn Grant of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City created this dialogue guide and workbook to accompany Jim Myers' groundbreaking book "Afraid of the Dark: What Whites and Blacks Need to Know About Each Other." According to Grant, "Afraid of the Dark defines with such clarity and simplicity so many of the issues that have created this gulf between blacks and whites. It brings to the forefront the stuff that we talk about within our black and white circles, but seldom, if ever across the color line." Grant distributed this 12-page resource during her well-received workshop at the 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco. (continue)

The Whitman Institute

A private foundation located in San Francisco, TWI promotes open-mindedness, cross-perspective dialogue, and engaged communication to improve the process and quality of public and private decision-making. Our ultimate goals are to broaden the public conversation about the importance of critical and collaborative thinking and to link that deepened awareness to effect individual and social change. (continue)