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Building a Home for the Heart: Using Metaphors in Value-Centered Circles

Discussing values is central to any restorative justice process, especially Circles. Based on years of experience as Circle keepers, Pat and Sue show how they use metaphors to facilitate the discussion of values and to move the dialogue in Circles to much deeper levels. (continue)

Education in a Rapidly Changing Democracy

Education in a Rapidly Changing Democracy: Strengthening Civic Education for Citizens of All Ages is an article by Matt Leighninger and Peter Levine, published in the October 2008 issue of The School Administrator. Below is the article’s abstract. The shifting relationship between citizens and government has special implications for public schools. How schools approach civic education isn’t just a matter of course content–it is wrapped up in how teachers and administrators view their role in the larger community. This article describes ways in which both […] (continue)

The Recent Evolution of Democracy

“The Recent Evolution of Democracy” is an article by Matt Leighninger, published in the Spring 2005 issue of the National Civic Review. The article discusses the increasingly large role of citizens in public decision-making in recent years, a condition which has set the stage for the development of democratic governance. To learn more about this article, go to http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ncr.79/abstract. (continue)

The Seven Deadly Citizens: Moving From Civic Stereotypes to Well-Rounded Citizenship

“The Seven Deadly Citizens: Moving From Civic Stereotypes to Well-Rounded Citizenship” is an article written by Matt Leighninger and released in the November 2004 issue of The Good Society, a journal published by the Committee for the Political Economy of the Good Society (PEGS) and Penn State University Press. Below is an excerpt from the publication. More information about the article can be found here. American democracy seems to be going through a painful transition process. The symptoms of this shift include declining voter turnout, […] (continue)

Report from NCDD 2008: Action & Policy Change Challenge

At the 2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, we focused on 5 challenges identified by participants at our past conferences as being vitally important for our field to address. This is one in a series of five posts featuring the final reports from our “challenge leaders.” Action & Change Challenge: Strengthening the relationship between D&D and action and policy change. How can we increase the likelihood that D&D engagement streams of “exploration,” “conflict transformation,” and “collaborative action” will result in community action? How can […] (continue)

Session Materials from NCDD 2008

Please note: We are providing the following material in the format provided to us by the session leader. Most of the materials are MSOffice documents. Materials from the Pre-Conference Trainings Deliberative Democracy and Higher Education: A Workshop on Innovative Democratic Education and Leadership – Practicing What We Preach, presentation by Bruce Mallory [download file] – Venues for Democratic Leadership and Decision Making [download file] – Venues for Teaching and Learning Deliberative Democracy [download file] Materials from the Concurrent Workshops Attracting Conservative Citizens to Dialogue Events: Liberal-Conservative Campus Dialogue & Mormon-Evangelical Interfaith Initiatives – Slide Presentation [download file] […] (continue)

November 5th Coalition

The November 5th Coalition was a collaborative initiative dedicated to using the 2008 presidential election as an opportunity to foster deliberation about how we can collectively mobilize the energies and talents of ordinary citizens to address our challenges. Those involved believed the campaign could be a watershed, where citizens reclaim their standing as partners of a government that is truly “of, by, and for the people.” The Coalition was named for the day after the election, when we hoped a new chapter in our civic […] (continue)

Framing for Deliberation

This 2008 working paper written by Alison Kadlec and Will Friedman for Public Agenda shares the preliminary results of research they are conducting to learn about the impacts of different types of issue framing on the capacity and willingness of diverse groups of individuals to engage in productive dialogue and deliberation about complex issues. The research builds on and tests ideas presented in Will Friedman’s article “Reframing Framing,” in which Friedman distinguishes between typical media framing that presents issues in dualistic ways (debate style) and […] (continue)

Channel Political Energy into Renewed Activism

This article was written as part of the “Democracy Communications Network,” a 2007-2009 project that encouraged leaders in dialogue and deliberation to periodically write op-eds and blog posts as part of collaborative media campaigns that raise awareness of the importance of quality public engagement. Use the “Democracy Communications Network” tag to see all the articles written in association with this project. Succession planning in organizations is well-represented in theory, but lacking in practice. For more than a year, our country has enjoyed an impressive escalation […] (continue)

An Open Letter to PdF Participants

This Open Letter for Personal Democracy Forum (PdF) participants was written by Matt Leighninger in June 23, 2008 – right before the PdF conference. It can also be found at www.personaldemocracy.com/blog/entry/1964/an_open_letter_to_pdf_participants. Welcome to the Table of Power, Bloggers: Are you democratic revolutionaries or just another interest group? Dear bloggers, online activists, Internet advocates, and digital journalists: You’ve arrived. No matter what else happens between now and November 5th, with this election you can lay claim to a permanent place at the political table. It is […] (continue)