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Reframing “Framing”

This 5-page article (2007) written by Will Friedman for Public Agenda addresses the concept of nonpartisan framing for deliberation, which aims to clarify the range of positions surrounding an issue so that citizens can better decide what they want to do. While framing has received significant mainstream attention of late, what is not being discussed is the limited context in which framing is conceived. The current infatuation with framing is concerned virtually exclusively with the power politics of parties and interest groups, and the winning or losing of […] (continue)

NCDD’s Three-Year Strategic Plan

The NCDD staff, Board of Directors, Steering Committee, and membership all participated in a collaborative visioning and planning process to provide us with clarity about NCDD's objectives, vision, resources and strengths, and a blueprint for effectively incorporating all of these things into our decision-making process. Our Strategic Plan is the result of this process. For an organization that is being pulled in dozens of different directions due to the varied needs of our members, our field of practice, our communities and humanity in general, this plan will help ensure that NCDD develops into an efficient, forward-thinking organization. (continue)

An Introduction to Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative technology can create an interactive learning environment involving people who are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Businesses are far more savvy with the more sophisticated packages of high-tech tools available than we are in the dialogue and deliberation community, and the prohibitive cost of many of the tools, software and services primarily marketed to businesses is the most obvious reason for that. (continue)