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Group Decision Tips

Each of Craig Freshley’s free Group Decision Tips is a quick one-page read that helps improve group efficiency, productivity, and creativity. At www.groupdecisiontips.com you can view a complete index of over 150 Tips and download PDF handouts of your favorites. Freshley is an NCDD blogger, and has shared some of his tips on the NCDD Community blog. Each Tip begins with a principle – a core concept, and ends with a practical tip – something that you and your group can do to bring more […] (continue)

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Debategraph Amoxicillin For Sale,  is a social enterprise that combines argument visualization with collaborative wiki editing to make the best arguments on all sides of every complex public debate freely available to all, and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all. It was co-founded by Peter Baldwin and David Price, who have been collaborating on Debategraph's development on opposites sides of the world over the last five years –  and is evolving continuously towards the fulfilment of our long term vision for a new form of […] (continue)

Forums for the 4th: The NIF network at age 25 (NIF Report)

This 3-page report summarizes some of the themes that Joyce Hanna encountered as she contacted and interviewed a wide variety of people connected with the National Issues Forums (NIF) network of people who convene and/or moderate deliberative forums or workshops around the country. Joyce Hanna, a moderator, convener, trainer and observer of public deliberation, began her involvement with NIF in 1985. Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the report: In 2006, in my role to promote, encourage and publicize celebration of NIF's 25th anniversary under the […] (continue)

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Tree Bressen Lasix For Sale, , an NCDD Supporting Member and expert in facilitation and consensus, just released a new 2-page handout to assist those involved in the current Occupy movement, which has been using a consensus decision-making process. Tree noted in her email about this extremely timely, Buy cheap Lasix no rx, useful resource that "a two-page quick handout can't replace a training, but it can help in the meantime." You can download the handout at http://treegroup.info/topics/Top-10-Consensus-Mistakes.pdf (I'm also including it below as a […] (continue)

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Buy Phenergan Without Prescription, The following text by Parker J. Palmer is excerpted from the Center for Courage & Renewal website at www.couragerenewal.org. This group communication method invented by the Quakers in the 1660's protects individual identity and integrity while drawing on the wisdom of other people. People who wish to make significant use of the Clearness Committee process are urged to read Chapter VIII, Where can i find Phenergan online, “Living the Questions,” in Parker J. Palmer's A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an […] (continue)

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Slimex (Obetrim) For Sale, This 2004 table was adapted by NCDD director Sandy Heierbacher from a paper prepared by Shelley Berman, which was based on discussions of the Dialogue Group of the Boston Chapter of Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR), and from the Public Conversations Project’s much-used Distinguishing Debate from Dialogue table. Dialogue Debate Collaborative: two or more sides work together toward common understanding Oppositional: two sides oppose each other and attempt to prove each other wrong Finding common ground is the goal Winning is […] (continue)

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Here is a wonderful summary by Geoffrey Morton-Haworth of a January 2011 discussion in NCDD's LinkedIn group on ground rules and best practices in virtual facilitation.  The discussion was started by group member Martin Pearson with the subject "Groundrules necessary to make the best of virtual meetings Erythromycin For Sale, ," and is also posted on Geoffrey's yalaworld.net site at this link. Martin wrote that he was starting to use Skype more for meetings, and asked group members if they have created specific ground rules […] (continue)

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The League of Extraordinary Trainers are eight highly seasoned practitioners who have designed and presented some of the most powerful and recognized training in public participation, collaboration, consensus, high stakes communication, and facilitation in the world today. (continue)

The Wisdom of Group Decisions: 100 Principles and Practical Tips for Collaboration

Craig Freshley's book, "The Wisdom of Group Decisions is a collection of 100 one-page tips for avoiding conflict and making thoughtful, equitable, lasting group decisions for our communities, our organizations, our governments, our families, our Earth. Each tip is a provocative meditation and the book as a whole is a complete toolkit. Angus King, former Governor of Maine had this to say about the book: "What a terrific reminder of what works! Even the most experienced decision makers will benefit from the common-sense nuggets in […] (continue)

A Field Guide to Convening Dialogue

This lovely 8-page Field Guide to Convening Dialogue was written by Joanna Ashworth, M.Ed., Ed.D. of Simon Fraser University (2010) with funding from Imagine BC. Download a copy from www.sfu.ca/dialogue. (continue)