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Shop Front

Shop fronts (or site offices) are attempts to improve participation in programs by bringing a participatory venue into a heavily used public area, such as a main street or shopping centre. They are designed to allow people to drop in at their convenience and therefore display materials are usually provided along with project staff to answer questions. (continue)

Deliberative Opinion Poll

Deliberative Opinion Polls (DOPs) measure informed opinion on an issue. They differ from ordinary opinion polls in that participants are informed via briefing notes and access to experts (these may include politicians) and have time to consider the issue in detail, whereas participants in ordinary opinion polls do not have the opportunity to learn about the issue (and so may know little about it), and have no opportunity to deliberate on it, alone or with others. (continue)

Newspaper Insert

An insert is a fact sheet that can be disseminated via a local newspaper. Inserts achieve high-level publicity for a project and normally are used at the commencement of a project. They create interest, describe the issue being considered and outline opportunities for public involvement in the participation process. (continue)

Sketch Interview

A sketch interview is a visualization technique applicable to planning, design and problem solving. This tool provides for the visual articulation of ideas facilitated through drawings and sketches. (continue)

Delphi Study

The Delphi group approach is a technique for gathering data that is similar to focus groups. Its value is that unlike focus groups, Delphi groups do not have to physically meet. The Delphi technique is a method of generating ideas and facilitating consensus among individuals who have special knowledge to share, but who are not always in contact with each other. Delphi study carefully selects individuals who have knowledge necessary to analyze a specific problem. (continue)

Nominal Group Technique

Nominal group technique (NGT) is an alternative to brainstorming that uses a more structured format to obtain multiple inputs from several people on a particular problem or issue. (continue)

Snowball Sampling

Snowball sampling is an approach for locating information-rich key informants (Patton, 1990). Using this approach, a few potential respondents are contacted and asked whether they know of anybody with the characteristics that you are looking for in your research. (continue)

Design Charrette

A charrette is an intensive, multi-disciplinary design workshop designed to facilitate open discussion between major stakeholders of a development project. A team of design experts meets with community groups, developers and neighbors over a period from three or four days to two weeks long, gathering information on the issues a community is facing. (continue)

Open House

Open houses provide information; provide a forum for understanding people's concerns and discussing issues; and provide opportunities for follow up or feedback (see Display or Exhibit). A relatively informal event designed to allow people to drop in and obtain information at their convenience. (continue)

Speak Outs

A speakout is an event where a group of people give testimony about a particular issue. The people speaking can be 'experts' giving factual information to educate the audience and media, or they can be lay people who are personally affected by the issue talking about their lives, or a combination of both. (continue)