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Display or Exhibit

Displays and exhibits provide project information and raise awareness about particular issues. Displays can be interactive, and can be used as part of a forum, workshop, exhibition, conference or other event. (continue)

Participant Observation

Participant observation is a method of collecting information about the operation of, and attitudes existing in, a community through a researcher living in the area for an extended period [Sarkissian, W & Perlgut, D (eds) 1999]. (continue)


Submissions are intended to allow participants to respond to proposals or ideas in some detail. They are used widely in urban planning development decisions and are intended to allow interested parties to make detailed responses to development proposals in this context. (continue)

Expert Panel

Expert panels are engaged when highly specialized input and opinion is required for a project. Generally, a experts in a variety of fields are engaged to debate and discuss various courses of action and make recommendations. (continue)

Photo Voice

Photovoice is a process of collecting information and expressing issues and concerns through photos. Photovoice is highly flexible and can be adapted to specific participatory goals (such as needs assessment, asset mapping, and evaluation), different groups and communities, and distinct policy and community issues. (continue)


Surveys are a method used to collect information from a specific population. Surveys are used to gauge the level of public information about an issue and provide a 'snapshot' of attitudes and ideas at a particular time. They can be used to determine community attitudes or target a particular group. (continue)

Field Trip

Field trips are organized trips where participants visit physical sites. They are a venue for providing information and at times, opportunities for participant input. Public input is possible when other participative activities are combined with the field trip. (continue)

Planning for Real

Planning for Real offers local people a 'voice' to bring about an improvement to their own neighbourhood or community (Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, 1995). Local people begin by constructing a three-dimensional model of their neighbourhood or catchment area. (continue)

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is intended to provide the public with an understanding of complex issues and concepts. Publicizing the availability of technical assistance adds transparency and positive public relations to a public participation process. (continue)