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Dialogue and Systems Thinking: Building a bridge for the practitioner

Systems thinking is a way of mapping diverse opinions and exploring that territory. The tools of systemic thinking provide the breadcrumb trail that mark the dialogical practitioner's journey. This journey is a process that happens within a complex self-organizing system that enables people's multi-modal engagement, in multiple ways on multiple levels. (continue)

From Dialogue to Action: Paying the Democratic Deficit in Venezuela

This 31-page PDF was used to guide Jay Hartling and Laura Wells' well-received workshop at NCDD's 2006 conference in San Francisco. The lively lecture-style presentation and discussion examined action beyond dialogue, and the intersection of state institutions, civil society organizations and neighborhoods through preliminary research on the implementation of Venezuela's new Law of Communal Councils. Presenters discussed the convergence of political will and pressure from grassroots communities to support a bold shift to a truly participatory democracy. The session also shared information on different approaches to democracy in other regions of the globe, particularly the global south. (continue)

The Contexts of Dialogue: Reflections on the Power and Limitations of Dialogue

It is clear that dialogue can be distinguished from more one-sided or contentious activities like lecturing or interrogating, and still further from contentious activities like debate or courtroom proceedings. Those distinctions made, however, there yet remains a huge variety of verbal exchanges regarded as laudable (perhaps simply because they involve some seriousness and some good will) that are frequently regarded as dialogue by at least one of the involved parties but which disappointingly fail to produce any of the expected outcomes of dialogue. Aside from understanding the perhaps inescapable slippage back into debate or monologue that frequently occurs under the strain of dialogue, an enormous number of factors need to be taken into consideration before we ought to say that a dialogue was likely or possible, and/or that it succeeded or failed. This presentation attempts to catalogue the variety of such factors... (continue)

Embedded Deliberation: Entrepreneurs, Organizations, and Public Action

This very meaty 151-page final report to the Hewlett Foundation includes detailed case studies on West Virginia's National Issues Forums, Public Deliberation in South Dakota, Public Deliberation in Hawai'i, and Connecticut's Community Conversations about Education. Elena Fagotto presented a workshop on her research at NCDD's 2006 conference called "Embedded Deliberation: Moving from Deliberation to Action." She decided to share the report with the NCDD community since many of her workshop participants requested it. (continue)

Innovative Techniques to Engage the Community

This phenomenal 36-page handout was distributed at Janette Hartz-Karp's workshop ("Breakthrough Initiatives in Governing with the People: The Australian Experience") at the 2004 NCDD Conference in Denver, Colorado. It provides detailed information about a variety of community engagement techniques, including citizens jury, consensus conference, future search, charrette, consensus forum, multi criteria analysis conference, local area forum, people's panel, deliberative poll/survey, televote/telesurvey, and e-democracy. Under each method are details about why, when and how they are used, as well as a useful how-to flowchart. (continue)

Guidelines for Sponsoring Community Dialogues on Mapping a Culture of Peace

This 5-page document was handed out at John Frank, Ed.D.'s workshop at the 2006 NCDD conference. The workshop, "Mapping A Culture of Peace: A Community Conversation Project of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice," focused on the experience of a remarkably successful and innovative project on Mapping a Culture of Peace in Florida. (continue)

Guidebook for the 2004 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation

The 2004 conference guidebook is available for download in PDF format. It includes a complete schedule of events, lists all the conference sessions, workshops and post-conference trainings, along with information about the location and arts programming at the conference. The guidebook provides an excellent look at the structure of the conference. (continue)

Report from NCDD 2008: Action & Policy Change Challenge

At the 2008 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, we focused on 5 challenges identified by participants at our past conferences as being vitally important for our field to address. This is one in a series of five posts featuring the final reports from our “challenge leaders.” Action & Change Challenge: Strengthening the relationship between D&D and action and policy change. How can we increase the likelihood that D&D engagement streams of “exploration,” “conflict transformation,” and “collaborative action” will result in community action? How can […] (continue)

Session Materials from NCDD 2008

Please note: We are providing the following material in the format provided to us by the session leader. Most of the materials are MSOffice documents. Materials from the Pre-Conference Trainings Deliberative Democracy and Higher Education: A Workshop on Innovative Democratic Education and Leadership – Practicing What We Preach, presentation by Bruce Mallory [download file] – Venues for Democratic Leadership and Decision Making [download file] – Venues for Teaching and Learning Deliberative Democracy [download file] Materials from the Concurrent Workshops Attracting Conservative Citizens to Dialogue Events: Liberal-Conservative Campus Dialogue & Mormon-Evangelical Interfaith Initiatives – Slide Presentation [download file] […] (continue)