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PRIA – An International Centre for Learning and Promotion of Participation and Democratic Governance

PRIA's founders believed in two principles of development: Participatory Research, which believes in the intrinsic value of people's knowledge as basis for their own empowerment, and Participatory Development, a process which empowers people to create and implement their own development plans. In the process of its work at the grassroots, PRIA pioneered a vast range of methodologies and tools for the empowerment of the marginalized, including Participatory Training, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue, and Community Based Monitoring. (continue)

Song Of A Citizen

"Song Of A Citizen" is a unique collaboration of thinkers and artists exploring what it really means to be a fully engaged and effective citizen in modern times -- how we-the-people are measuring up -- how we can do better -- and why we must. Song Of A Citizen's debut effort is an innovative series of online "video op-eds," featuring an array of nationally renowned political philosophers and self-governance experts (including NCDD members Martha McCoy, Carolyn Lukensmeyer and Will Friedman) -- presented in a playful and engaging visual style -- each making the case in their own compelling way. View the video op-eds at www.songofacitizen.com. (continue)

Resource Guide on Public Engagement

NCDD’s October 2010 Resource Guide on Public Engagement showcases the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation’s best collaboratively-created products (like the Core Principles for Public Engagement and the Engagement Streams Framework), as well as recognizing and directing you to a lot of the great work on public engagement that has been done by others in our field. Created for our 2010 regional events (all attendees received a copy), this must-have guidebook was developed to share stories and resources with the dialogue and deliberation community, public […] (continue)

The League of Extraordinary Trainers

The League of Extraordinary Trainers are eight highly seasoned practitioners who have designed and presented some of the most powerful and recognized training in public participation, collaboration, consensus, high stakes communication, and facilitation in the world today. (continue)

Highlights of AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy

This video features AmericaSpeaks' summer 2010 national discussion on the nation's fiscal challenges. The core video is only about 6 minutes long, but included at the end are several minutes of interviews with participants and partners about their experience at the event. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfOqh_yKPR0 (continue)

Government by Collaboration

The spring 2010 issue of GSA’s Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter explores some of the many ways technology is expanding opportunities for governments to collaborate on public-policy decision-making–and ways collaboration is increasing the range and power of technology to dramatically alter the accepted ways of doing business. From the introductory article by Darlene Meskell, of the GSA Office of Citizen Services and Communications… The 21st Century society poses challenges of unprecedented complexity. No individual, department, agency, or government can single-handedly achieve results like ending climate change or […] (continue)

Spectrum of Processes for Collaboration and Consensus-Building in Public Decisions

This one-page spectrum (2008) was developed by Suzanne Orenstein, Lucy Moore and Susan Sherry, members of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Future of Collaboration and Consensus on Public Issues, in consideration of and inspiration from the spectra developed by International Association for Public Involvement (Public Participation Spectrum) and the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (Engagement Streams Framework). While all types of processes have intrinsic value on their own, those on the right side of the spectrum tend to include early phases akin […] (continue)

Everyday Democracy’s Issue Guide Exchange

Everyday Democracy’s Issue Guide Exchange, formerly at everyday-democracy.org/exchange/, was a free online resource available to anyone who is interested in broad-based, inclusive dialogue leading to community action. It was a place for people to share, create, and discuss dialogue guides. The Issue Guide Exchange had three parts: An exchange – a place for people to upload issue guides of their own, search for and review others’ guides, and download and adapt them. A forum – a place for people to discuss specific guides or dialogue in […] (continue)

Recentering Democracy Around Citizens

Recentering Democracy around Citizens is a multimedia report from the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (2010) on how local leaders, and the national associations that serve them, can react to pressing challenges and reshape local governance. The skills, attitudes, capacity, and diversity of ordinary people are creating new opportunities and new challenges for our communities and our democracy. More than ever, citizens are able to disrupt policymaking processes when they don’t understand or agree with the values and opinions of decision-makers. Citizens are able to contribute more […] (continue)

Making the Most of Social Media: 7 Lessons from Successful Cities

The third in the series of the Fels Institute’s “Promising Practices” publications – Making the Most of Social Media: 7 Lessons from Successful Cities – is written for local governments—cities, counties, townships and their affiliates—that are beginning to experiment with social media and would like to get more out of them. More than two dozen early adopters were interviewed for this report, and their experiences offer some lessons to local governments about what sorts of tools social media offer, how to integrate them into a […] (continue)