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International Institute for Sustained Dialogue

Directed by Harold Saunders and formed in collaboration with the Kettering Foundation, IISD promotes the process of sustained dialogue for transforming racial and ethnic conflicts around the world. Sustained dialogue (SD) is a systematic, interactive, open-ended political process to transform conflictual relationships over time. SD focuses on the dynamics of the relationships that underlie conflict and block its resolution. (continue)

Refusing to be Enemies: the Zeitouna Story

This 58-minute documentary by Ann Arbor filmmaker Laurie White, shares the experiences of Zeitouna ("olive tree" in Arabic) - a women's dialogue group in Ann Arbor, Michigan that was formed in 2002. Six of the Zeitouna women are of Arab descent and six are of Jewish descent. Some are native born and some are immigrants. What they all have in common is their humanity and their desire to bridge the gulf that has developed between their two communities. They chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the focus of the group and use the dialogue process as a means of personal transformation leading to socio-political transformation. (continue)

Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group of San Mateo, CA

Len and Libby Traubman have been organizing Jewish-Palestinian dialogue in the San Francisco Bay area for over a decade. Their website features a 'how to' page on initiating Jewish-Palestinian dialogue groups, as well as many great articles and links. The Traubmans have spawned many similar, yet diverse groups in the Bay area, and their ideas have spread into new cities and campuses. (continue)

City of Portland's Restorative Gentrification Listening Project

The Restorative Gentrification Listening Project seeks to understand the harms of gentrification by listening to the stories of those most directly impacted and then working to repair the harm and prevent further harm. "Gentrification" is the purchase and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income people, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses. This project of Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement is run by NCDD member Judith Mowry. The project uses restorative listening circles to address issues of racism and social injustice in order to build community and cultural understanding and to find ways to act together to include and value all members of the community. (continue)

Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue E-Newsletter

Len and Libby Traubman keep hundreds of people inspired and updated on Jewish-Palestinian dialogue efforts around the world through their e-newsletter and website. (continue)

MSNBC Coverage of the Jewish/Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group

Inspiring 10-minute VHS or PAL format video of 2002 MSNBC coverage of the long-running and much-duplicated Jewish/Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group convened by Libby and Len Traubman in San Mateo, California. View this and other videos covering Jewish-Palestinian dialogue at traubman.igc.org/stream.htm. (continue)

New England Center for Civic Life

The New England Center for Civic Life (NECCL) at Franklin Pierce College is a consortium of individuals and organizations across New Hampshire and beyond working together to help students and citizens develop a more responsible public voice and work more effectively together to strengthen their communities through the understanding and practices of deliberative democracy. (continue)

The Difference Deliberative Dialogue Makes: The Diversity and Community Project at Franklin Pierce College

This 52-minute documentary video production chronicles a 4-year-old campus dialogue project on diversity issues which has engaged students, faculty and staff both in and outside the classroom in a unique type of public discourse that is patterned on the National Issue Forums. The video tells the story of how policy-oriented deliberative forums and the related practice of 'sustained dialogue' helped change a rural New England college campus from a state of racial conflict and crisis to one of increased tolerance and respect for diversity. The video captures the experience of what it is like to be a participant in these dialogue groups and explains how such experiences educate and transform those involved. (continue)

Wintergreen Performing Arts

Wintergreen Performing Arts (WPA) was established in 1996 to enhance the quality of life of central Virginia by providing cultural education and promoting an understanding and participation in the performing arts. WPA's music-based project 'Preserving the Rural Soundscape' explored issues of land use and sustainable economics. Residents of rural Virginia collected and preserved indigenous animal and other soundscapes that communicated to them the meaning of place; these sounds were incorporated into a commissioned new work by composer Judith Shatin. (continue)

Sustained Dialogue

Sustained Dialogue is a process for transforming and building the relationships that are essential to democratic political and economic practice. SD is not a problem-solving workshop; it is a sustained interaction to transform and build relationships among members of deeply conflicted groups so that they may effectively deal with practical problems. As a process that develops over time through a sequence of meetings, SD seems to move through a series of recognizable phases including a deliberative "scenario-building" stage and an "acting together" stage. (continue)