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A Note from John Gastil, NCDD 2014 Co-Emcee

Before our wonderful community starts arriving in droves for NCDD 2014, we wanted to make sure you all see a message from our  co-emcee, John Gastil. NCDD has inspired John to complete revisions on his best-selling book on democratic methods, and he’s using it to help NCDD continue our work. Read more about it below, and we’ll see in Reston this week! Serving as co-emcee of the NCDD conference spurred me to bring to the finish line a project three-years in the making. I’ve brought into […] (continue)

Book Club Final Week: Constructive Politics as Public Work

Our summer book club on Democratizing Deliberation comes to a close this week, with Harry Boyte’s chapter “Constructive Politics as Public Work: Organizing the Literature.”  Like Harry, this week’s chapter leader, Wendy Willis, is an extraordinary leader in her own right — Wendy is Executive Director of the Policy Consensus Initiative and Deputy Director for Research of the National Policy Consensus Center. Wendy’s first book of poems, Blood Sisters of the Republic, will be released by Press 53 on October 1. Chapter Summary by Wendy Willis… It’s […] (continue)

Book Club Week 7: Sustaining Public Engagement

For this week’s NCDD book club discussion on Democratizing Deliberation, Jan Inglis offers a summary of the chapter Sustaining Public Engagement: Embedded Deliberation in Local Communities by authors Elena Fagotto and Archon Fung. Jan has a background in applying research in adult development and complexity science to designing public deliberation and decision making processes in response to complex issues, especially connected to climate change and commons management of resources. She has recently been appointed to the board of NCDD’s sister organization, the Canadian Community of Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2). I […] (continue)

Book Club Week 6: De-centering Deliberative Democracy by Iris Marion Young

Hello everyone, my name is Monique Pierel. I live in southern New Hampshire. I work as a community and workplace mediator and an online group facilitator.  I have participated as a volunteer in public forums. Participating in this book club is one means for me to be a cog in the wheel of great changes occurring in our nationwide public venues! For this week’s NCDD book club discussion, I offer you a brief synopsis of the late Iris Marion Young’s chapter – De-centering Deliberative Democracy. […] (continue)

Book Club Week 5: Everyday Talk in the Deliberative System by Jane Mansbridge

In week 5 of the NCDD Book Club on Democratizing Deliberation, we’re looking at Jane Mansbridge’s chapter “Everyday Talk in the Deliberative System.” This week’s chapter leader is Christoph Berendes of Netalyst, Inc. Christoph is a technologist, project manager, and editor. He’s worked with Federal participation efforts since the early days of the web and blogs at citizentools.netalyst.com. A University engineering department debates its student recruitment policies. Past discussions have gotten ugly, so they’ve brought you in to facilitate. Larry, the department chair, has argued forcefully that fewer […] (continue)

Book Club Week 4: Difference Democracy

In week 4 of the NCDD Book Club on Democratizing Deliberation, we’re focusing on John Dryzek’s chapter “Difference Democracy: The Consciousness-Raising Group Against the Gentlemen’s Club.” Join in the conversation by adding a comment! About your host, Kim Crowley: As a training consultant specializing in instructional design and accelerated learning, I’m eager to explore how deliberative democracy might become more accessible to a variety of learners. My lens in viewing the chapter: As a volunteer community facilitator, (currently with the Hartford Public Library’s immigrant civic engagement dialogue-to-action […] (continue)

Book Club Week 3: An Aristotelian Understanding of Political Deliberation

This post is part of NCDD Book Club series on Democratizing Deliberation published by the Kettering Foundation last month.  In this post, we discuss Bernard Yack’s chapter about Aristotle’s understanding of political deliberation and how it compares to the views of today’s deliberative democracy advocates. The authors of this blog post are Sarah Read of The Communications Center, Inc. and Lucas Cioffi of OnlineTownhalls. We had different reactions when we first started reading this chapter. Sarah, who enjoys philosophy, thought it was an affirming and deeply […] (continue)

Book Club Week 2: Three Models of Democratic Deliberation

Below is the chapter summary by Juli Fellows of Noelle McAfee’s chapter of our summer book club book, Democratizing Deliberation. Read over the summary and add your own reflections and questions below — and check out last week’s great discussion here if you missed it. Hi, everyone!  This is Juli Fellows, from Austin.  I’m an independent facilitator and mediator who’s been an NCDD member for five or six years.  I was on the 2008 NCDD conference team and also the planning group for the 2010 […] (continue)

Book Club Launch: Summary of Foreward & Intro from Martin Carcasson

Hello all, and welcome to the first NCDD book club. My name is Martín Carcasson, and I’m a communication studies professor at Colorado State University and the director of the CSU Center for Public Deliberation (CPD), which I founded in 2006 to serve as an impartial resource to the northern Colorado community and provide capacity for a wide variety of deliberative events. I’ve been asked to start us off in the discussion of the new book Democratizing Deliberation by summarizing the Foreword by Kettering President David […] (continue)