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The bridge-building tag is about building bridges or improving relations between different groups (ethnic groups, partisan groups, etc.).

Tolerance.org Invites Teens to "Mix it Up" on November 14

Tolernace.org has announced the sixth annual “Mix it Up at Lunch” Day this November 14, 2006. The group invites youth across the nation to cross social divisions at their school on Nov. 14 – by mixing up who they sit with in the cafeteria, for example. The group provides resources like a game plan, suggested activities and materials to publicize this event. For more information, visit www.tolerance.org/teens/lunch.jsp. (continue)

Mediators Call for Negotiation in International Conflicts

We recently recieved word of an initiative of concerned US mediators who are calling on elected officials to negotiate (rather than prosecute war) in international conflicts. The group’s statement is: “Given that the world is confronted with real and perceived threats from several international arenas we, the undersigned, urge that citizens of our nations insist their elected and appointed government officials immediately engage in honest, direct and unconditional negotiations with all authorities and powers who can resolve these pending crises in ways that are equitable […] (continue)

Bubel/Aiken Foundation and Youth Service America Offer Able-to-Serve Grants

Here’s an interesting grant for anyone involved in youth D&D: The Bubel/Aiken Foundation (www.thebubelaikenfoundation.org) and Youth Service America (www.ysa.org) have announced grants of up to $1,000 each to support youth-led and -driven service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together. Grants will support youth between the ages of 5 and 25, teachers, youth-leaders, youth-serving organizations, and/or organizations that serve people with disabilities in implementing service projects for National and Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007 (www.ysa.org/nysd/index.cfm). Projects must be […] (continue)

Annual Page/Johnson Legacy Scholar Competition

The Arthur W. Page Center at the Penn State College of Communications (www.comm.psu.edu/pagecenter) announces its annual Page and Johnson Legacy Scholar competition for the study of integrity in public communication. The Page Center will award grants to support scholars and professionals making important contributions to knowledge, practice, or public understanding of ethics and responsibility in public communication or other principles of Arthur W. Page and Robert Wood Johnson. (continue)

News from my Google Alert on Dialogue

My daily google news alert for “dialogue” – which, admittedly, I don’t always keep on top of – featured some interesting articles today.  UTSA’s The Paisano published an article called “Immigration series emphasizes open dialogue,” which provided a nice overview of a dialogue at the University of Texas – San Antonio on what it means to be an American.  The dialogue is part of the UTSA Talks! dialogue series. United Press International also published an article on a DC dialogue involving Islamic and Catholic scholars […] (continue)

Rebuilding New Orleans: Facilitators Needed

Skilled facilitators are invited to volunteer for an essential role at the Unified New Orleans Planning Process – Community Congress II, a historic and innovative town meeting in which thousands of New Orleanians will discuss and influence options for rebuilding their beloved city. Community Congress II will be held on December 2, 2006 across five locations: New Orleans, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Houston and another city to be announced. (continue)

Proposals Invited for Coexistence Int'l Initiative

Coexistence International at Brandeis University (www.brandeis.edu/coexistence) envisions a world where diversity is embraced for its positive potential, respect for persons is a core value, interdependence between different groups is recognized, equality is actively pursued, and the use of weapons to address conflicts is increasingly obsolete. CI is inviting proposals, under a competitive Request for Proposal process, for a project that encourages a more collaborative approach to strengthening intergroup relations. This can either be a project that seeks to strengthen collaborations within the coexistence field (between […] (continue)

Survey Reveals Status of Intergroup Relations in U.S.

The legacy of September 11, Hurricane Katrina’s lingering racial tensions, church bombings in Alabama, the Duke University lacrosse team scandal, and the growing debate about undocumented workers in America all underscore the ongoing challenges of intergroup relations in America today. What does it all mean? To answer that and other questions, The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) presents Taking America’s Pulse III (TAP III), the third in its series of large-scale nationwide surveys of American attitudes about intergroup relations. (continue)

Jewish-Palestinian Peacemakers Camp a Success!

Libby and Len Traubman sent us word of their latest achievement in peaceful dialogue – gathering together Jews and Palestinians for dialogue at Oseh Shalom — Sanea al-Salam Family Peacemakers Camp near Yosemite National Park, in California’s Sierra-Nevada Mountains. 255 Palestinians and Jews of all ages — Muslims, Christians and Jews — lived together for four days in the California mountains September 1-4, 2006. They report, (continue)

New Book Launched on Large Group Methods

Organizational Development consultants Billie Alban & Barbara Bunker have just launched “The Handbook of Large Group Methods.” The Handbook offers a comprehensive review of cutting-edge Large Group Methods currently being implemented to address twenty-first century challenges in organizations and communities. The book addresses how to work with organizations facing serious business crisis; how to work in community settings with diverse interest groups, how to work with organizations in polarized and politicized environments, and embedding and sustaining new patterns of working together. The Handbook uses real-world […] (continue)