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The bridge-building tag is about building bridges or improving relations between different groups (ethnic groups, partisan groups, etc.).

Chinook Fund Available for Community Action in Colorodo

The Chinook Fund (www.chinookfund.org) was established in 1987 to support the efforts of grassroots groups working for peace, human rights, and economic justice through social change in Colorado. The Chinook Fund is committed to the transformation of society into one that promotes social justice and freedom from oppression, including but not limited to racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism. All successful applicants must be based in communities of color, low-income communities, or other oppressed communities; have leadership that reflects that constituency; have a decision- […] (continue)

Public Conversations Project Has a New Executive Director

The Public Conversations Project (www.publicconversations.org) has hired Cherry Muse as its new executive director. Cherry brings impressive experience in all aspects of non-profit leadership as well as understanding of and commitment to PCP’s mission. Laura Chasin, PCP’s co-founder and executive director of 17 years, is shifting into the role of chair of PCP¹s board of directors. To read more about this transition, click on the link below. (continue)

Nonviolent Communication Workshop Coming Up in New York

Roberta Wall will present Nonviolent Communication 101, a free workshop on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for women this Wednesday, May 17th, 7-9:30 pm at the Red Tent Women’s Project. NVC skills, as formulated by Marshall Rosenberg, help us express feelings and needs without attacking, to make requests without demanding, to receive seemingly critical or negative messages without taking them personally, giving up or giving in. The Red Tent Women’s Project is the only women’s community center in New York City. They welcome all who identify as […] (continue)

Non Violent Communication Conference Coming Up June 30-July 2

A Non Violent Communication (NVC) “Compassion in Action” conference is being organized for June 30 – July 2nd in Oakland, California. This event is geared towards NVC people in the US coming together to support and network with each-other. The gathering costs $350 – $260 per participant to attend 9that includes room & board costs). More information on this event can be found here: www.cnvc.org/usa-community-building-gathering.htm and here: www.baynvc.org/calendar/view_entry.php?id=CD1004&date=20060629. (continue)

Gleitsman Foundation Announces Guidelines for International Activist Award

The Gleitsman Foundation (www.gleitsman.org) encourages individual commitment and leadership by recognizing the exceptional achievement of those who have initiated positive social change. The foundation seeks to honor “those individuals whose vision and courage inspire others to join with them in confronting and challenging injustice.” The foundation’s 2007 International Activist Award will honor those who have struggled to correct social injustice worldwide (excluding the United States, which is the focus of the foundation’s Citizen Activist Award in alternate years). The award is not presented posthumously, nor […] (continue)

Public Conversations Project Announces 2006 Training Lineup

Public Conversations Project (PCP) organizes high quality conversations on publicly divisive issues. They provide some of the highest-quality trainings in the field of dialogue and deliberation, aimed at mediators, HR managers, educators, therapists, parents, social workers, clergy, students, and anyone else who might like to participate in the work of dialogue facilitation. PCP has just announced its 2006 workshop line-up, with meetings taking place throughout the country staring May 5 through November. To register, call Manda at 888-PCP-TEAM x13 or email training@publicconversations.org. To learn more, […] (continue)

New Article Argues Diversity Improves Discussion & Decision-Making

Science Daily has an article entitled, “Racial Diversity Improves Group Decision Making In Unexpected Ways.” In it they report that Dr Samuel Sommers from Tufts University, who has been researching race and the criminal justice system for many years, published his most recent study. It involved participants on a mock jury to see if juries comprised of all white jurors acted differently than juries comprised of both blacks and whites. To find out the results of this study, read the article here: www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/04/060410162259.htm. (continue)

New Discussion Guide On Poverty Available Onlinne

The Study Circles Resource Center and the Northwest Area Foundation have produced a new discussion guide called Thriving Communities—Working together to move from poverty to prosperity for all. The guide is designed to help communities involve people in conversations that lead to community change. Field tested in 16 communities by more than 500 participants, the five-session discussion guide helps people look at poverty in their community and discuss what it looks like, why it exists, and what can and should be done about it. Jackson, […] (continue)

NIF and Kettering Contribute to Debates About Immigration Reform

[From the Kettering Foundation’s latest “Friday Letter”] Immigration is THE topic in Washington these days. The good news is that National Issues Forums (NIF) and the Kettering Foundation (KF) are there, too. Forums on an issue titled The New Challenges of American Immigration: What Should We Do? were held all across the country in 2003-2005. KF published a report on the forums last November and convened a roundtable in Washington to talk about it. Copies of the KF report will go to the offices of […] (continue)

MultiCultural Institute Conference Coming Up in MD

The National MultiCultural Institute is holding its annual conference, The Illusion of Inclusion: Beyond Rhetoric to a Sustainable Future, May 18-21, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, MD. The conference website is: www.nmci.org/conferences/current/spring2006/keynote.htm. The keynote speaker for the conference will be Lani Guinier, JD, the first black woman to be a tenured professor at Harvard Law School. Her most recent book, The Miner’s Canary, is about the experience of people of color as a warning or “canary” signaling larger institutional inequities. The conference will […] (continue)