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By “civic infrastructure,” we’re talking about the underlying systems and structures that enable people to come together to address their challenges effectively. NCDDers show people there is another way to make decisions, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. Civic infrastructure is what’s needed in our communities, in our nation, and across the globe, in order for these practices to become simply the way things are done.

Will Friedman Interview from NCDD Seattle

At the 2012 NCDD national conference in Seattle, NCDD member and filmmaker Jeffrey Abelson sat down with over a dozen leaders in our community to ask them about their work and their hopes and concerns for our field and for democratic governance in our country. Today we’re featuring the interview with Will Friedman, president of Public Agenda, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps diverse leaders and citizens navigate complex, divisive issues and work together to find solutions. A leading organization in our field, Public Agenda […] (continue)

Collective Impact: A Game Changing Model for the Social Sector

I recently asked NCDD supporting member Marty Jacobs to write a primer for the NCDD blog on “collective impact.” This strategy for large-scale collaborative change has been gaining momentum among funders and nonprofit thought leaders, and we wanted to make sure NCDD members are aware of the concept. Marty Jacobs has been teaching and consulting for 20 years, applying a systems thinking approach to organizations. As of September 30th, Marty is bringing her Collective Impact expertise to the VT Department of Mental Health in her new […] (continue)

CommunityMatters Call + $500 = Be There

The next CommunityMatters conference call on Thursday, August 22nd will feature Ed McMahon, Senior Fellow at the Urban Land Institute, and his “Secrets of Successful Communities.” CommunityMatters is encouraging anyone – individuals, local organizations or community groups – to organize “listening parties” for people to come together, listen and discuss how Ed’s call relates to their city or town. As a bonus, the Orton Family Foundation is offering four (4) $500 awards to groups that hold parties and decide to take action as a result. Learn […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: Committees

In principle, not every task is best suited to the full group and not every topic is interesting to every group member. When groups establish committees — sub-groups of people focused on specific activities — it brings focused attention to issues, draws on the enthusiasm of those most interested, and frees the full group for higher level business. Committee members often volunteer for service although they may be formally appointed by the full group, chair, or boss. Standing committees have ongoing, often annual, responsibilities such […] (continue)

New primer on building civic infrastructure from CommunityMatters

The CommunityMatters partners hosted a workshop in February in Newport, Vermont focused on tools and techniques to encourage broad citizen participation and improve local decision-making. CommunityMatters®, a partnership of seven national organizations including NCDD, share the belief that people have the power to solve their community’s problems and direct future growth and change. The partners just released a valuable report on resources and action steps resulting from the CommunityMatters workshop. In conjunction with our local host, Newport City Renaissance Corporation, the workshop convened representatives of […] (continue)

Building a Global Civic Infrastructure?

We were intrigued by this recent post from the Governance Lab @ NYU summarizing an essay by Prof. Douglas Shuler (one of our members) on the possibilities and challenges of building a global civic infrastructure.  While the question of how we can build national civic infrastructure has been on our minds for a long time here at NCDD, imagining a global civic infrastructure is truly a daunting task, and this post captured some of the key issues we face in getting from where we are today where […] (continue)

Civic Infrastructure: On the Ground!

Here’s a conference call I think some of you will definitely want to participate in.  Community Matters (a partnership NCDD is involved in) is hosting a call entitled “Civic Infrastructure: On the Ground!” on May 9th at 4pm Eastern focused on strengthening civic infrastructure in your area. I’ll be introducing the topic, and then we’ll be hearing from two people who will share timely on-the-ground stories of how civic capacity and structures are being built in their cities. One of those two featured speakers is Janice […] (continue)

Seven Ways to Increase Community Power in Local Decision-Making

The following post, written by CommunityMatters fellow Caitlyn Horose, is reposted from the Orton Family Foundation blog. CommunityMatters®, a partnership of seven national organizations including Orton [and NCDD], share the belief that people have the power to solve their community’s problems and direct future growth and change. As leaders in the fields of civic engagement and community and economic development, the partners believe that by strengthening civic infrastructure, communities can become more prosperous, vibrant places to live. Why is civic infrastructure key? Because, like the […] (continue)

CommunityMatters Partnership holds joint workshop in Newport, Vermont

We’re excited to report that on February 4th, NCDD and the 6 other organizations in the CommunityMatters Partnership (a collective impact initiative launched by the Orton Family Foundation in June of last year), collaborated to run a workshop for 40 community leaders in Newport, Vermont. We wanted to pool our resources to offer tools and techniques to encourage broad citizen participation and improve local decision-making in a town that’s on the cusp of a lot of exciting developments that will greatly effect every resident. The one-day workshop on the 4th was […] (continue)

Announcing the Winners of NCDD’s Catalyst Awards

We’re excited to announce the winners of the NCDD Catalyst Awards — two $10,000 prizes for team projects run by NCDD members in the areas of Civic Infrastructure and Political Bridge Building. The award winner in the Civic Infrastructure category is: A Collaborative Plan for a National Dialogue Network Infrastructure (main contact: John Spady) — The award winner in the Political Bridge Building category is: Real Dialogues: D&D Reality Show (main contact: Tim Bonnemann) NCDD intends to support the winning teams in whatever ways we are able […] (continue)