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NCDD’s “Confab Calls” and “Tech Tuesdays” allow our geographically dispersed members to explore a topic, project or challenge in real time. We use this tag to organize the original Confab and Tech Tuesday announcements and the posts that include the audio and document archives.

Confab Call with Pete Peterson is THIS Thursday, 4/23

We are excited to be gearing up for NCDD’s next Confab Call this Thursday, April 23rd! Are you ready to join us? The call will take place from 1-2pm Eastern/10-11am Pacific. As we recently announced, this week’s Confab will feature a conversation with NCDD Member Pete Peterson. Pete is the Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership, and in 2014, he ran for California Secretary of State on a platform of increasing informed civic participation and using technology to make government more responsive […] (continue)

Sign up for May’s Tech Tuesday featuring Consider.it

NCDD’s next Tech Tuesday event on May 5th will feature Consider.it, a social technology that lets people deliberate on an issue together online. Registration is now open, so sign up today to reserve your spot! Consider.it was created as an interdisciplinary project through a grant from the National Science Foundation. The software focuses dialogues on a specific idea, encourages users to think about both sides of the idea, listen to and include the thoughts of others and express a nuanced opinion. Consider.it shows what thousands of people […] (continue)

Missed Our Loomio Tech Tuesday Event? Watch it Now!

We had a great Tech Tuesday on April 7th where about 65 NCDD members participated in a call with Alanna Krause and Chelsea Robinson of the Loomio cooperative. Loomio is an independent and neutral online space for complex discussion used by people from around the world to start a discussions, build agreement, and make decisions together for a course of action. We learned a lot and had a great conversation! In case you missed it, you can listen to the recording of the call by clicking here, and Alanna and Chelsea’s power […] (continue)

Registration open for April 23rd Confab with Pete Peterson

Join us on Thursday, April 23rd for NCDD’s next “Confab Call.” We’ll be talking with NCDD Member Pete Peterson about lessons learned from running for office on a “civic engagement” platform. The confab will take place from 1-2pm Eastern (10-11am Pacific).  Register today to secure your spot! Pete Peterson is the Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy in Malibu, California. In 2014, after earning one of the “top two” slots in the primary, Pete became the Republican candidate for California Secretary of […] (continue)

March 2015 Confab Call on Facilitator Ethics

On March 25th, NCDD hosted a Confab Call on “Facilitator Ethics and Reflective Practice” featuring NCDD member Kimberly Bain. Kimberly discussed the importance of reflective practice for facilitators and challenged participants to consider their own ethical values and how they would address a variety of ethical dilemmas. She also shared an invitation to continue this conversation about ethics and values in virtual discussion groups with colleagues across the globe. Join the conversation today on Kimberly’s website. If you missed the confab, you can now listen to the presentation and […] (continue)

April’s not-to-miss Tech Tuesday to feature Loomio

NCDD’s Tech Tuesday events had a bit of a hiatus since the conference, but they’re back with a vengeance with the next several being firmed up as we speak. For April’s event, on Tuesday, April 7th, we’re pleased to feature Loomio, an open source app for group collaboration and decision-making that has been generating lots of buzz in the field. Registration is open now, so reserve your spot today! Loomio emerged when activists from the Occupy movement teamed up with the social enterprise network Enspiral, realizing that they were using different […] (continue)

Register for NCDD’s March 25th Confab on Ethics!

NCDD’s next Confab Call will take place Wednesday, March 25th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern (10:00 to 11:00 am Pacific). Register today to secure your spot! On this Confab we will be led in a discussion of ethics for facilitators by Kimberly Bain, author of Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: The Reflective Ethical Facilitator’s Guide and Chair of the International Association of Facilitators. Kimberly will give an overview of ethical values and reflective practice, and then engage with participants in discussion of the ethical issues participants have experienced in their own practice. As Facilitators we […] (continue)

February 2015 Confab Call on Newcomers, Latecomers, and Disrupters

On February 19th, NCDD hosted a Confab Call on “Newcomers, Latecomers, and Disrupters: Strategies for Sustainable and Productive Engagement” featuring NCDD members Sarah Read and Christoph Berendes. Sarah and Chris described the structures they’ve used for these kinds of challenges, process elements that affect success, and demonstrated web tools that can help. Seventy people registered for this call! If you missed the confab and are interested in learning more, you can now watch the presentation and more at the links below. Watch the presentation from the February 19, 2015 Confab […] (continue)

Sign up today for our March 25th Confab with Kimberly Bain

NCDD’s next Confab Call will take place Wednesday, March 25th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern (10:00 to 11:00 am Pacific). Register today to secure your spot! On this Confab, we will talking with Kimberly Bain, Global Chair of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), about the concepts in her new book, Becoming a Reflective Practitioner: The Reflective Ethical Facilitator’s Guide. In this guide and on the call, Kimberly will help us bring these ethical principles to life both for us as reflective practitioners and for our profession. A Reflective Practitioner is conscious of the ethics and values […] (continue)

Join us for our Feb 19th Confab on Newcomers, Latecomers, and Disrupters

Join us on Thursday, February 19th from 12-1:30pm Eastern (9-10:30am Pacific) for NCDD’s next “Confab Call.” Register today to secure your spot! On this Confab, we will be tackling the issue of working with newcomers, latecomers, and disrupters:  strategies for sustainable and productive engagement. Practitioners managing public engagement processes that run over months or years are often challenged by newcomers, late-comers, and disruptors: The newly elected official who wants to have her say. The neighborhood resident who finally gets involved when the bulldozers arrive on his block. The […] (continue)