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NCDD’s “Confab Calls” and “Tech Tuesdays” allow our geographically dispersed members to explore a topic, project or challenge in real time. We use this tag to organize the original Confab and Tech Tuesday announcements and the posts that include the audio and document archives.

Register for December’s Tech Tuesday event on MetroQuest

I’m excited to tell you about this month’s Tech Tuesday event, which will be hosted by Dave Biggs, Co-Founder of MetroQuest, on Tuesday, December 17th, from 1-2pm Eastern (10-11am Pacific). MetroQuest is a new organizational member of NCDD, so some of you may not yet be aware of their work. Dave was a keynote speaker at the recent IAP2-USA conference in Salt Lake, and MetroQuest public involvement software is recommended as a best practice by the APA, TRB, FWHA and other agencies. Dave will be talking […] (continue)

Audio from November’s Confab Call on Rockefeller’s GATHER

Yesterday’s confab call (Nov 20th) on the Rockefeller Foundation’s new publication on convening was a great one! About 80 people participated, and our speakers and facilitator did a fabulous job. If you missed it, you can listen to the audio archive here, and be sure to check out the dynamic Hackpad doc where many participants were taking notes, asking and answering questions, and introducing themselves. Our confab speakers yesterday were instrumental in the Rockefeller publication GATHER: The Art & Science of Effective Convening: Rob Garris, Managing Director at […] (continue)

Registration open for Nov 20th Confab call on Rockefeller’s GATHER

Want to build your toolkit as a convening designer? Join us for our next NCDD “Confab Call” on Wednesday, November 20th from 2:00 to 3:00 EST to speak with the authors of the Rockefeller Foundation publication GATHER: The Art & Science of Effective Convening. Leading the conversation will be: Rob Garris, Managing Director at Rockefeller Foundation. Rob oversees their Bellagio conference center, and oversaw the creation of GATHER Noah Rimland Flower, Monitor Institute. Noah is one of GATHER’s two co-authors and led the content creation Earlier […] (continue)

Join us for an overview of Harwood’s work on November 5th

It was clear during our August confab call with Rich Harwood that NCDD members are interested in learning more about the Harwood Institute’s approach to change.  I recently attended a Harwood retreat in Park City, Utah with a number of leaders in our field, and it occurred to me there that the Harwood Institute’s concepts provide a nice framework for all of us to think about our work and how we might present it to others in meaningful ways. We’ve arranged for Harwood to run a […] (continue)

Register for NCDD’s next Tech Tuesday event — on Zilino

Our second “Tech Tuesday” event will take place on September 17th from 4pm-5pm Eastern (1pm-2pm Pacific). We’ll be taking a look at Zilino, a web-based solution that enables practitioners to host deliberative online forums and other types of well structured, well facilitated engagement processes. The webinar will be hosted by Tim Bonnemann, founder and CEO of Intellitics, Inc., a long-time NCDD organizational member and co-sponsor of the 2012 NCDD Conference. Intellitics is a digital engagement startup based in San José, CA that helps its clients […] (continue)

Audio from August Confab Call with Rich Harwood

We had a great confab call on Wednesday (August 7, 2013) with special guest Rich Harwood of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. The call was facilitated skillfully by Marla Crockett, NCDD’s Board chair and a close colleague of Rich’s. Earlier this year, Rich was asked to facilitate a series of meetings in Newtown, CT to help the grieving city decide what to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School, site of the horrific mass murder of children and school personnel last December. We asked Rich to talk […] (continue)

Registration open for Aug 7th Confab call with Rich Harwood

We have a special guest lined up for our August confab call — Rich Harwood, president and founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation in Bethesda, Maryland. The call will take place on Wednesday, August 7th, from 2:00 to 3:30 Eastern (11-12:30 Pacific), and registration is now open! Earlier this year, Rich was asked to facilitate a series of meetings in Newtown, CT to help the grieving city decide what to do with Sandy Hook Elementary School, site of the horrific mass murder of children […] (continue)

Join us for NCDD’s first Tech Tuesday event — on WeJIT

Register today for NCDD’s inaugural “Tech Tuesday” event on Tuesday, July 16, at 3pm Eastern. Tech Tuesday is a new initiative from NCDD focused on online technology. Many in our field are curious about how they can use online tools to support their engagement work, and many tool creators are excited to talk to this community about their innovations. Our one-hour Tech Tuesday events will take place about once a month, and will be designed to help dialogue and deliberation practitioners get a better sense of the online […] (continue)

Resources & Next Steps from our Red-Blue Dialogue Confab

We had another great NCDD “Confab Call” last week and as always, if you couldn’t join us we welcome you to listen to the audio recording. Our latest Confab featured NCDD members Jacob Hess and Phil Neisser, co-authers of “You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought, But You’re Still Wrong,” leading a discussion on red-blue dialogue. We had over 100 participants, 75 of which dropped in on the call’s collaborative doc, which this time was hosted on Hackpad.com and focused on several thoughtful questions and next […] (continue)

Registration Open for May 15th Confab on Liberal-Conservative Dialogue

Join us for our next NCDD Confab call on Wednesday, May 15th from 2:00 to 3:30 EST.  May’s featured NCDDers are Phil Neisser and Jacob Hess, who will lead a discussion on the current status of liberal-conservative and transpartisan dialogue, and how we might work together to expand this area of dialogue and deliberation further. 5/13/13 update: Jacob is surveying call participants here about their work and ideas re: red-blue dialogue.  Please add your thoughts if you haven’t already.  Also check out our 10-year timeline of milestones in red-blue dialogue […] (continue)