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NCDD’s “Confab Calls” and “Tech Tuesdays” allow our geographically dispersed members to explore a topic, project or challenge in real time. We use this tag to organize the original Confab and Tech Tuesday announcements and the posts that include the audio and document archives.

NCDD Confab Call Archive — Responding to Newtown

Last Wednesday, NCDD hosted its April 2013 Confab Call with featured guest Brad Rourke.  We focused on Brad’s recent Issue Advisory How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities? (pdf) prepared for the National Issues Forums Institute in response to the mass shooting in Newtown, CT last December. It was a well-attended Confab, with more than 150 sign-ups and a healthy conversation during the call and on the collaborative document we created to allow participants to ask questions and introduce themselves. If you missed the […] (continue)

April’s Confab Call with Brad Rourke

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th at 2pm Eastern for an NCDD “Confab Call” with Brad Rourke. After the Newtown shooting, Brad worked quickly to develop an Issue Advisory (or brief issue framework) for the National Issues Forums Institute titled “How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities?” I asked Brad to talk to us next month not just about the issue advisory itself and how NCDD members might utilize it, but also about the process of framing this challenging, emotional issue on a […] (continue)

A Bold, Upcoming Experiment with Catalyst Awards

As you have likely heard, the Catalyst Awards Program is NCDD’s effort to stimulate collaboration across our member organizations.  The NCDD Board is very happy to see all the projects that have been proposed, and now we are excited to push this experiment farther. We will do this by focusing as much energy as possible from our 1600+ member network on these proposals through a 75-min Maestro Conference call.  The call will consist of small-group discussion where you will have the opportunity to brainstorm with three separate […] (continue)

Register today for Thursday’s NCDD Confab Call on civic infrastructure

On Thursday at 3pm Eastern (noon Pacific), we’ll be digging into the concept of civic infrastructure further together. NCDD members Ben Roberts and Amy Lenzo will be facilitating the call. Sign up today if you haven’t already registered. The term “civic infrastructure” certainly is buzzing in our field these days. The Orton Family Foundation launched the exciting CommunityMatters partnership (with NCDD and 6 other organizations) with the primary goal of building civic infrastructure in communities. Harold McDougall (who may be the first to use the term) […] (continue)

Join us on a 2-part call series on civic infrastructure

Every community has a physical infrastructure – the streets and roads and sewer lines that connect buildings and allow cities to buzz and grow. But every place also has a civic infrastructure: the social connections, decision-making processes, and formal and informal networks that allow residents to solve problems, work together, and build a thriving community. Join us on a 2-part conference call series to explore the important topic of civic infrastructure.  This ties directly into our theme for NCDD Seattle on how we can build civic infrastructure in […] (continue)

Last week’s Confab Call on the Group Works Deck

We had another great NCDD “Confab Call” last week, and if you couldn’t join us we highly recommend you listen to the audio recording. The call featured NCDD members Tree Bressen and Sue Woehrlin, who led a discussion about the innovative Group Works card deck and the collaboratively-developed pattern language it conveys. We had 33 participants, many thoughtful comments (during the call and in the Google doc we used as another stream of engagement), and experimented with using the deck as a tool for learning about its potential. Use the link below to […] (continue)

May’s NCDD Confab to feature Group Works card deck

Join us for next month’s NCDD “Confab Call” on Thursday, May 10th from 2:00 to 3:30 EST (register here).  This month’s featured NCDDers are Tree Bressen and Sue Woehrlin, who will be talking with us about the innovative Group Works card deck and the collaboratively-developed pattern language it conveys — and of course sharing a variety of uses for the cards. NCDD’s “Confab calls” are opportunities for members of the NCDD community to connect with each other, hear about exciting projects in our field, and explore our field’s most pressing […] (continue)

Audio and Google doc from NCDD’s February confab call

Last week’s confab call was great, and if you couldn’t join us we highly recommend you listen to the audio recording.  We featured NCDD members Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar, discussing their DDC report “Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public,” engaging callers in their learnings about state and federal public officials’ views on public engagement (or lack thereof) and some of their recommendations for the field going forward. We had 70 participants, many thoughtful comments (during the call and in the Google […] (continue)

Last Week’s Confab Call with Tom Atlee

Last week, we were pleased to host the first Confab Call of 2012 with our special guest Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute.  It was a great call with nearly 100 participants, an active question and answer period and even a thoughtful “breakout” session (see the document below). Since the call itself was long and the audio file is pretty large, we decided to offer 15 minutes of Tom’s commentary on the themes of his upcoming book separate for those looking for an update on his work. In […] (continue)

NCDD’s next Confab set for February 23rd: Join us!

Join us for our next Confab call on Thursday, February 23rd from 1:00 to 2:30 EST.  This month’s featured NCDDers are Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar, who will be talking to us about their 2011 report “Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public.” Tina and Cynthia’s 2011 report for the Deliberative Democracy Consortium explores what elected officials know and think about public deliberation, as well as what they need to know to assess the potential value of public deliberation as a governance tool. Data from interviews […] (continue)