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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation a key player in Thursday’s Text Talk Act

We’re excited to announce that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is partnering with Creating Community Solutions to promote youth participation in Thursday’s Text Talk Act event! How cool is that? We hope many of you are planning on participating on Thursday. For those of you still on the fence, please join in and hold at least one TTA conversation.  All you need is 3 people, a smartphone, and about an hour, anytime on the 24th.  Anyone can participate, though involving young people is especially […] (continue)

Featured D&D Story: Strategic Planning for Sustainability in Dauphin Island

Today we’d like to feature a great example of dialogue and deliberation in action, Strategic Planning for Sustainability in Dauphin Island. This mini case study was submitted by Dr. R. Warren Flint of Five E’s Unlimited via NCDD’s Dialogue Storytelling Tool (add YOUR dialogue story today!). Title of Project: Strategic Planning for Sustainability in Dauphin Island Description I was contracted to design and facilitate a long-term strategy and implementation plan (more here) to create a more resilient community able to balance economic development with environmental protection and […] (continue)

April 2014 Confab Call on “Text, Talk, Act”

Last Wednesday, NCDD hosted its April 2014 Confab Call with featured guests Matt Leighninger and Mike Smith talking about the innovative project known as Text Talk Act.  If you missed the confab and are interested in learning more, you can now listen to the entire conversation — or look over the collaborative document participants created during the Confab Call — at the links below. As part of our role in the National Dialogue on Mental Health project Creating Community Solutions, NCDD and our partners have been experimenting with how the fun […] (continue)

Introducing our fabulous youth organizers for Text Talk Act

Creating Community Solutions is pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Active Minds, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and our other partners (NCDD is one of them) to identify some fantastic young people across the U.S. who will be helping organize Text Talk Act events in their communities. We asked them to send us selfies, and you can check out their brief bios here. Hopefully you already know all about Text Talk Act from our previous postings and recent confab call on the […] (continue)

Beyond the Polls on Americans’ Feelings on Gov’t

This post comes from Beyond the Polls, a joint blogging initiative from Public Agenda, the National Issues Forums Institute, and the Kettering Foundation – all of which are NCDD organizational partners. We hope you’ll take moment to read about the latest insights they’ve gained from recent polls on opinions about government, which you can read below or find here. Do Americans Really Loathe The Federal Government? What does it mean when fewer than 1 in 5 Americans say they are satisfied with the federal government? Over […] (continue)

New Medicaid/Medicare Issue Guide from NIFI

In case you missed it, we wanted to make sure to let you know that our partners at the National Issues Forums Institute released a new issue guide last month on Medicaid & Medicare. The health care issues our nation faces require serious deliberation, and we know this new guide will help guide good conversations around real solutions. You can read more from NIFI on the guide below or find their original post on the guide here. This issue guide was prepared for the National Issues Forums Institute in collaboration […] (continue)

Featured D&D Story: Respectful Conversations Project

Today we’d like to feature a great example of dialogue and deliberation in action, the Respectful Conversations Project. This mini case study was submitted by Jerad Morey, Communications and Program Manager of the Minnesota Council of Churches via NCDD’s new Dialogue Storytelling Tool (add YOUR dialogue story today!). Title of Project: Respectful Conversations Project Description When the state of Minnesota was facing a ballot question defining marriage, people were divided. Churches found themselves in sharp internal disagreements that mirrored those in the broader community. Fearful of the end result […] (continue)

Join us April 24th for Text, Talk, Act on Mental Health – Part II Electric Boogaloo

As you know, NCDD is part of the collaboration running the Creating Community Solutions national dialogue effort aimed at tackling mental health issues in our communities. We have been supporting the effort in many ways, including collaborating on the “Text, Talk, Act” nationwide text-enhanced dialogue last December. We are pleased to announce that another installment of the Text, Talk, Act conversation will be taking place this April 24th. The Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health conversation will be an hour-long event that uses text messaging […] (continue)

New Findings on Special Interests & Democracy

Sandy recommended an important article today from Journalist’s Resource that details the results of recent empirical research on special interest groups’ influence on our democracy. The findings suggesting that interests groups contribute more to polarization than previously thought offer significant reason for us to pause and reflect as engagement practitioners. This must-read article is below in full, and you can find the original here. Extreme voices: Interest groups and the misrepresentation of issue publics by John Wihbey The public’s ignorance on issues of policy and politics is frequently lamented […] (continue)

Improving Deliberation on Health Care

We wanted to share this thought-provoking commentary on a recent study on health care opinions conducted by our friends and partners at Public Agenda and the Kettering Foundation. As our nation continues to grapple with reforming our health care system, we in the engagement community have a special role to play in helping our communities decide how to tackle the big questions of reform. We hope you’ll take a moment to read the commentary below or find the original PA blog post here. As is evident […] (continue)