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The “decision making” stream of practice is focused on influencing decisions and policy, and improving public knowledge. Some of the methods that fall under this category are National Issues Forums, Citizens Juries, Deliberative Polling, 21st Century Town Meeting, Citizen Choicework, and Consensus Conference.

Looking for Democracy Short Film Contest

Show what democracy means to you in the Looking for Democracy Short Film Contest. Any genre is fair game: documentary, narrative, experimental, music video. Filmmakers are encouraged to unleash their radical imaginations and look for democracy in creative and unusual places. Can you find democracy where you might least expect it? As the 2008 presidential election heads into its final months, democracy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But democracy is defined by more than just electoral politics. Where do you find democracy in […] (continue)

Fielding's 5th Certificate Program in DD&PE Coming Up

Fielding Graduate University’s fifth graduate level Certificate Program in Dialogue, Deliberation, and Public Engagement is being held this fall (August 15, 2008 through January 15, 2009). I have heard only great things about this program, and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to earn some credentials in D&D but isn’t quite ready for a doctorate. This distinctive program focuses on recent innovations in dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement featuring outstanding faculty who have played key roles in developing these approaches. It strives for […] (continue)

Does Our Brain Impair Our Political Perspective?

I received Donna Zajonc’s Politics of Hope e-newsletter this morning, and was captivated by Donna’s main article, which is about which parts of the brain are used (and most tellingly, NOT used) when partisans hear negative or contradictory information about the candidates they support. Definite implications for D&D practitioners. Here’s the article… New brain research is giving us insight in to our political positions and may explain why we have become so politically polarized. Dr. Drew Westen, director of clinical psychology at Emory University, and […] (continue)

Connecting with Canadians Policy Research and Dialogue Program

from the Canadian Policy Research Networks (cprn.org) press release… Connecting with Canadians, a new five-year public policy research and dialogue program that will engage Canadians to address key issues such as citizenship, diversity and skills barriers, has been launched by Canadian Policy Research Networks. A unique feature of Connecting with Canadians is its commitment to greater engagement of young Canadians in policy issues, says Manson Singer. Young people will participate in the research and dialogue. “We want to leave our young leaders with a legacy […] (continue)

$125,000 Grant Program for Citizen Engagement in California

Here’s some great news for D&Ders in California… Common Sense California is offering $125,000 total to municipalities, school districts, and non-profits that wish to engage the public in policy decisions through their new “Citizen Engagement Grant Program.” The grants are divided into two levels and will be awarded in two timeframes. CSC is offering four “Common Sense Grants” up to $25,000.00 each for use in developing campaigns that involve the public around issues pertaining to city/regional and/or K12 policy. Applications for these grants will be […] (continue)

New Date for the Beyond the Academy Conference

The Beyond the Academy Conference is now scheduled for June 10-11, 2008. It will take place on the Arlington Campus of George Mason University, beginning the evening of the 10th and continuing all day on th 11th. Meeting just outside the nation’s capital in the midst of a presidential campaign year, public scholars from across the country will discuss the ways in which their work is more than “academic,” how it helps strengthen democratic institutions and public life and can bring about civic change. For […] (continue)

TDI Deliberative Democracy Syllabi Repository

NCDD member Mica Stark of the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire just sent us the following… The Democracy Imperative (www.unh.edu/academic-affairs/democracy) is embarking on an ambitious project to develop a deliberative democracy syllabi repository and they’re asking for public support and contributions. The purpose of this repository is to serve as a database of course syllabi and programs that advance learning in the principles and practices of a deliberative democracy, particularly inclusive dialogue, public reasoning, conflict management and transformation, and social and political […] (continue)

Why Conservatives Should Support Dialogue & Deliberation…

Here’s a must-read: Dave Davenport, research fellow at the Hoover Institute and professor of public policy at Pepperdine University, recently wrote a great article for the Hoover Digest titled Why Conservatives should Embrace Deliberative Democracy. The article refers to some recent deliberative efforts – CaliforniaSpeaks, a European deliberative poll, the Canadian citizens assemblies for electoral reform, etc. – and talks about how, when he describes these experiments to his political and policy friends, he gets more enthusiastic reactions from people on the Left than those […] (continue)

Upcoming "Dialogue Mapping" Workshop

NCDD member and developer of the Dialogue Mapping facilitation technique, Jeff Conklin, will be running his next Dialogue Mapping workshop May 7th & 8th in Menlo Park, CA at SRI. The two-day CogNexus Fundamentals of Dialogue Mapping workshop introduces managers, project leaders, facilitators, and consultants to the skill of Dialogue Mapping, and a whole new way of helping groups solve problems and move forward. Learn more at the CogNexus Institute website. Jeff recently posted a video on YouTube that might give those new to the […] (continue)

Do You Have A "Dotmocracy" Story?

Jason Diceman, NCDD member and the creator of the Advanced Dotmocracy process, is looking for Dotmocracy stories and photos and hopes you can help. Since October 2004, he has been distributing various versions of the Dotmocracy Sheet and instructions he designed to help large groups find agreement. In the past year at least 500 people have downloaded the Dotmocracy Handbook for free from www.dotmocracy.org and countless numbers of groups have received copies of the materials through legal and encouraged duplication. In 2008 Jason plans to […] (continue)