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The “decision making” stream of practice is focused on influencing decisions and policy, and improving public knowledge. Some of the methods that fall under this category are National Issues Forums, Citizens Juries, Deliberative Polling, 21st Century Town Meeting, Citizen Choicework, and Consensus Conference.

UNDP Seeking Democratic Governance Research Analyst

The United Nations Development Programme is seeking to hire a Democratic Governance Practice Research Analyst. The Research Analyst will support the Democratic Governance Practice Facilitator in maintaining the high quality of network knowledge products while also allowing for the Community of Practice to undertake new initiatives, and adapting Network Products to serve the new client base, in light of the growth in membership and commensurate rise in the level and scope of network activity. To apply, visit: http://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_job.cfm?job_id=2663. To see a list of duties and […] (continue)

PPS Releases "Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces"

The Project for Public Spaces (PPS) has just released Achieving Great Federal Public Spaces: A Property Manager’s Guide. Written and designed by PPS and the US General Services Administration Good Neighbor program, this innovative guidebook is a valuable tool public property managers seeking to evaluate and improve their lobbies, atriums, plazas, courtyards, and other public spaces. It comprises four major sections (also available for download as free PDFs): 1. Why great places matter and what makes a good public space 2. How to evaluate a […] (continue)

Join an Online Dialogue on Women and Political Participation in Africa

NCDD member Leanne Nurse just brought our attention to a thematic online discussion about “Women, political participation and decision- making in Africa.” The online discussion is being organized by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women/Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Economic Commission for Africa in cooperation with the E-Network of National Gender Equality Machineries in Africa. The discussion will run for six weeks from 4 September to 14 October 2007. The purpose of the online discussion is to contribute to […] (continue)

World e-Democracy Forum Program Now Online

The World e-Democracy Forum, coming up October 3rd and 4th 2007 in France has just published its program online. During the conference, 69 speakers representing 21 countries will discuss about questions raised by the Internet explosion in our everyday lives, particularly by Web 2.0 phenomenon applied to democratic life and public services. Among the questions raised, the increased personalization of public services with examples of Norway and Canada, collaborative networks for innovation towards examples of French competitiveness clusters and European living labs, need to instill […] (continue)

Seeking Volunteers for E-Governance Survey

The E-Governance Institute at Rutgers University-Newark is conducting its Third Global E-Governance Survey 2007 in collaboration with the SungKyunKwan University, South Korea. The Survey evaluates websites of municipalities worldwide and compares their rankings on a global e-governance scale. They are seeking to recruit volunteers who read the following languages and who would be willing to evaluate one or more city websites worldwide: Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Latvian, Moldovan, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Slovakian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish. Surveyors will […] (continue)

Be Heard in a National Conversation about Energy

The Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute are inviting people and communities to become part of a national conversation about energy and the choices that face the public and policymakers. The Kettering Foundation and Public Agenda will be preparing a national report detailing the outcomes of 2007 public deliberative forums held around the country using the National Issues Forums issue book titled The Energy Problem: Choices for an Uncertain Future. Groups or individuals who have led forums on this issue, or who are […] (continue)

SoL Joins Pegasus Conference This November

This November, the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) will hold a half-day general meeting for SoL members in conjunction with the Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action in Seattle, as well as organizing a SoL track at the conference. Members are invited to attend one event or both. For the 10th Anniversary meetings, members should sign up before September 1st to get a discounted registration of $95. To register, go to: http://store-solonline.org/10thAnniversaryMeeting.htm. The meeting will take place from 1:30 to 5:30, November 7, 2007 at the […] (continue)

New Issue Book about the Public Debt

A new issue book on the National Debt is now available from the National Issues Forums Institute. The 32-page issue book titled The $9 Trillion Debt: Breaking the Habit of Deficit Spending, includes an overview of the problem, three possible approaches to the problem, and a two-page post-forum questionnaire to be completed by forum participants and returned to the National Issues Forums Institute in Dayton, Ohio. The issue book was prepared by the Kettering Foundation for the National Issues Forums Institute. To order copies, call […] (continue)

National Presidential Caucus Coalition Grows

The National Presidential Caucus today announced today that it has garnered the endorsements of former U.S. Senators William Rudman (R-NH) and Bill Bradley (D-NJ), co-chairs of Americans for Campaign Finance Reform; GOP donor and esteemed venture capitalist Tim Draper of the firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Bob Fertik, President of Democrats.com; David All, Principal of the David All Group and founder of TechRepublican.com; among others. The National Presidential Caucus also announces there is an open invitation to all organizations and individuals to participate in National Caucus Day […] (continue)

Deliberations for a Healthy Kentucky

The first phase of the state-wide deliberation process on what it takes to have a health system that works for all Kentuckians is now winding down. Beginning in the fall of 2006, community forums (in almost 60 communities now) have been held all around Kentucky as part of the Commonwealth Common Health Kentucky Conversations for Health Action project – local folks identifying, discussing and recording the key values that should define a health system that really works. Visit the project website at: www.commonwealthcommonhealth.org. Whether you’ve […] (continue)