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Upcoming educational and training opportunities.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Set for May 14-15 in Vancouver

Myriam Laberge, Director of Collaborative Learning & Innovation at Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development just let us know there are still spots available in an upcoming Vancouver, British Columbia workshop on stakeholder engagement. The two day Co-Creative Stakeholder Engagement workshop is for senior decision-makers and experienced practitioners who want to enhance their strategic abilities and skills in engaging multiple stakeholders. Participants will gain the insights, knowledge and skills for co-creative stakeholder engagement related to thinking in new ways ways about networks, leading […] (continue)

News from SFU's Centre For Dialogue

Two pieces of news from SFU’s Centre for Dialogue: first, Imagine BC’s 2006 Bowen Dialogue Consensus Statement is now available. This statement is the result of discussions among sixteen distinguished delegates from various disciplines and sectors on this year’s theme, Learning and Culture with a focus on the future of education. To view the pdf and more visit www.imaginebc.ca, and watch out for the Imagine BC Public Dialogue on March 30, 2007. Second, spaces are still available for Leah Green’s dialogue and workshop on Compassionate […] (continue)

Information Session Coming Up Jan. 11 on SFU's Diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation

The Diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation offered by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, offers participants the conceptual tools to analyze, understand and plan multi-interest consensus, dialogue and negotiation using case studies and scenarios reflecting a wide range of contexts. Designed for mid-career professionals, this non-credit, post-graduate program will introduce participants to the broader use of consensus-based approaches within and between organizations. If you’re interested in learning more, you can join program faculty to hear about the program content, format and application process on Thursday, […] (continue)

Whole Systems Change Workshop Coming Up in Oakland, CA

The Center for Strategic Facilitation in San Francisco Bay Area is offering a two-day workshop, Facilitating Change in Whole Systems: A Comprehensive Diagnostic Method for Effective Change from February 27-28, 2007 in Oakland, CA. The workshop is targeted for facilitators and change agents. This course is based on a comprehensive systems thinking model developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) which has been used worldwide with powerful results, and is at the root of all ToP Ë participatory interventions. William Staples, a founding member […] (continue)

3-Day Dialogue Workshop in Boston

The Public Conversations Project, which is well-known for their high-quality trainings, is offering its signature workshop, The Power of Dialogue: Constructive Conversations on Divisive Issues, in the Boston area April 26-28, 2007. Experience how dialogue can transform communication and relationships, build understanding and trust, and prevent destructive and fruitless debate, even between polarized groups. Practice designing, facilitating, and de-briefing in an extended dialogue simulation. Registration is a sliding scale from $375-$600, which includes three days of training, breakfast, and lunch. Learn more at www.publicconversations.org or call 888-727-8326 x13 to […] (continue)

Perspectives Group Offering IAP2 Certificate Training in 2007

The Perspectives Group will offer the International Association for Public Participation Certificate training four times in 2007. This course provides beginner through advanced practitioners with a broad-based learning experience covering all of the foundations of public participation. The Perspectives Group is one of the nation’s foremost experts in public participation and works throughout the world to establish and run advisory boards, communicate risk and technical information, develop cooperative decision-making programs, and enhance organizational effectiveness through team-building, visioning, and effective communications. The instructor for the course […] (continue)

Art of Hosting Retreat Coming Up in Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Institute of Public Engagement in the Ottawa, Canada area is organizing a practice retreat on the Art of Hosting and Convening Conversations in March 2007. The Art of Hosting pattern and practice is based on the assumption that it is common sense to bring stakeholders together in conversation when you seek new solutions for the common good. The CIPE invites participants to explore the practise of hosting conversations that matter, to enhance their own practices of inviting, designing, opening and holding inspired and […] (continue)

IAP2 Certificate Training offered across Canada in 2007

The “Canadian Training Collective,” a group of licensed IAP2 trainers, has joined together to offer the IAP2 certificate training in cities across Canada in 2007. The entire certificate, made up of three courses – Planning for Effective Public Participation, Communications for Effective Public Participation and Tools and Techniques for Public Participation – will be offered 6 times in 2007, in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Halifax, Toronto, Whitehorse and Vancouver. The brochure and registration form are posted on the IAP2 website at www.iap2.org. (continue)

WJCF Announces Fellowships and Internships for Winter 2007

The Western Justice Center Foundation (WJCF) has just announced internships and volunteer opportunities for Winter 2007. WJCF strives to create a more civil society through a process of engagement and education that will enable individuals and institutions to become partners in peace-building. WJCF is non-partisan and non-ideological. It nurtures collaboration among diverse groups and creates cost-effective partnerships among organizations to accomplish more than each organization could achieve alone. WJCF is both a local and national resource, providing services and testing new ideas in the greater […] (continue)

Diversity Explorations Group Starting in January in Oakland, CA

Roberto Almanzán, MS and Nancy C. Grant, MSW are offering a new group for up to fifteen individuals who want to develop their cultural competency by addressing their experiences, perceptions, questions, joys and difficulties in working with race, ethnicity, other dimensions of diversity, and oppression and privilege. This group is designed for people working in human services (human resources, healthcare, mental health, social services, education, and other related fields), in direct service, supervision, or administration. People of all racial/ethnic backgrounds are welcome (white, people of […] (continue)