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Upcoming educational and training opportunities.

Save the Date: 2007 Personal Democracy Forum Conference Coming Up in May

Every year, the Personal Democracy Forum (www.personaldemocracy.com) gathers political practitioners and technologists for an intense and stimulating day exploring how technology and the Internet are changing democracy in America. The conference focuses on new tools, processes, uses and trends — not on scoring partisan political points. Some questions under consideration this year are: How is voter-generated content changing election campaigns? Why should advocacy groups adapt to the connected age? What new technology tools and practices are on the horizon? How are new technologies democratizing the […] (continue)

Registration and Sponsorship Open for the 2007 International AI Conference

The 2007 International Appreciative Inquiry Conference, from Sept. 16-19 2007, is the first conference in history to bring together a global forum featuring the strength-based organizational and whole systems change approaches of Appreciative Inquiry with state-of-the art insights and tools of Positive Psychology. The conference will feature original plenary sessions with David Cooperrider, the pioneering thought leader and co-creator of Appreciative Inquiry, Martin E.P. Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, Marcus Buckingham, researcher, author and thought leader on Positive Leadership, Jane Watkins, the co-author of […] (continue)

Online Workshop on Reporting Deliberation Results Coming Up March 14

Taylor Willingham, Marla Crocket (a trained National Issues Forums moderator, public radio & TV journalist) and John Doble are putting together a very cool online workshop that aims to develop techniques for reporting the results of deliberative forums. The workshop will take place online on March 14 at 7:00 p.m. The purpose of the workshop is to prepare volunteers to observe and report on NIF forums. This role is distinct from the moderator or recorder, and is the least understood, but (perhaps) the most critical […] (continue)

Appreciative Inquiry Foundations Workshop Coming Up March 12-16

The Corporation for Positive Change is sponsoring its AI Foundations workshop next month in Boulder, CO. Internationally-recognized consultants Amanda Trosten-Bloom and Carolyn Miller (authors of The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, The Nonprofit’s Guide to the Power of Appreciative Inquiry and other leading AI texts) join with Nila Rinehart to teach the theory, resources and tools to start using AI in your organization or community. Learn about and practice introducing and facilitating AI, designing AI initiatives, and applying AI to a broad range of change opportunities. […] (continue)

International Conflict Resolution Conference Coming Up in Russia

The Common Bond Institute (USA) & HARMONY Institute (Russia), in cooperation with the International Humanistic Psychology Association, are sponsoring the 15th annual international conference on conflict resolution May 6-11 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Over 50 presenters and hundreds of participants from across the world will meet for a dynamic program and multicultural community experience. The ICR Conference will explore conflict transformation within diverse contexts, including: arts/creativity, cross-cultural/ethnic, ecology/environment, economics/business, education, gender, global/regional conflict, health/healing arts, human rights, organizational/community, psychotherapy, and transpersonal/spiritual. Focus is on all […] (continue)

Muslim Peacebuilding and Dialogue Conference Calls for Papers

The Second Annual Conerence on Muslim Peacebuilding, Justice, and Interfaith Dialogue (MPJID) is coming up at American University Washington, DC from May 5th-6th 2007. The conference is hosted by the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice (www.salaminstitute.org) and co-sponsored by the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) and the Muslim Network for Peacebuilding, Justice and Interfaith Dialogue. This conference aims to create an opportunity for scholars and practitioners of Islam (and other faiths) to convene to discuss and clarify main concepts and approaches to peacebuilding, […] (continue)

Facilitation Course Coming Up in Dallas Feb 5-8, 2007

Leadership Strategies (www.leadstrat.com) is rolling out their flagship Effective Facilitator 4-day class in Dallas, TX February 5-8, 2007. The course is designed to help meeting leaders transform their sessions, giving them the ability to engage and excite their group. The 4th day of the course includes a videotaping session where course participants will be filmed facilitating. For more information, visit www.leadstrat.com/effectivefacilitator.shtml. Or contact Jamie Kaye at 1-800-824-2850 ext 27. (continue)

Call for Papers on Young People, Technology and Political Engagement

The British Sociological Association’s Youth Study Group in association with the University of Surrey’s Institute of Advanced Studies and The Social Policy Association are calling for papers on the theme of “Young People, New Technologies and Political Engagement” for a conference at the University of Surrey, 24-25 July 2007. The conference intends to contribute to the development of research and theory in this crucial area by providing a forum for scholars from across the world to share the findings of empirical and theoretical work, discuss […] (continue)

Seeking Social Investors for Wise Democracy Conference in April

The Co-Founding a Wise Democracy Conference will be held April 13-15 in Port Townsend, WA. This is a new and unique opportunity to observe Dynamic Facilitation and experience the Wisdom Council! Wise Democracy (www.wisedemocracy.org) is looking for “social investors” who might like to hear more and participate. The conference will allow those interested in supporting Wisdom Councils to witness the process by a) viewing a randomly selected group of citizens choose a hot issue from town and be Dynamically Facilitated to reach “co-sensus.” b) “participating” […] (continue)

2007 Lineup of Dynamic Facilitation Seminars Announced

Deanna Martin just sent us word about several Dynamic Facilitation seminars planned for this year. They include February 27 – March 1, 2007 and September 25-27, 2007 in Port Townsend, WA and a 2-day introduction from May 17-18, 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. Visit www.tobe.net/info/general.html for more information or to register. If you are interested in connecting, sharing, networking, and continuing your learning about Dynamic Facilitation online, you can join a DF webforum and discussion list. You can learn more about the group at: http://groups.google.com/group/DynamicFacilitation. To […] (continue)