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The “exploration” stream of D&D practice is used primarily to encourage people and groups to learn more about themselves, their community, or an issue, and to possibly discover innovative solutions. We consider Bohmian Dialogue, World Café, Conversation Café, Council process, and Open Space to be proven methods for exploration.

Register for NCDD Conference Input Call Tomorrow, 4/28!

As we announced last week, NCDD is hosting a special conference call on Thursday, April 28th from 3-4pm Eastern to collect more of the field’s ideas and input for our 2016 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation. What we cover at our conferences, and how we cover it, is important for this ever-growing, ever-changing field, so don’t miss this chance to help shape its direction!  NCDD’s leadership is hosting this conversation to hear how our field answers the question, “What would you like to see happen at NCDD 2016?”  We are […] (continue)

Using Ground Rules to Create “Safe-Enough” Spaces

We learned a lot from the article below written by a team from the Public Conversations Project, one of our NCDD member organizations. The piece uses story and art to offer a valuable lessons about how ground rules in dialogues can temper the impacts that power and privilege frequently have on tense discussions and help everyone be heard, even when emotions run high. We encourage you to read the PCP article, cross-posted below, or find the original here. No, We Won’t Calm Down: Emotion and Reason in Dialogue? A recent […] (continue)

Leading Groups to their Potential through Listening

A critical part of D&D work is listening, but listening is a skill that doesn’t always come naturally. That’s why we encourage you to read the piece below by NCDD Sustaining Member Beth Tener of New Directions Collaborative that features some important tips and insights about the kind of listening that help us lead and generate new possibilities. You can read Beth’s piece below or find the original here. Listening that Enables Emerging Possibilities I recently participated in an on-line course presented by MIT and Otto […] (continue)

Join D&D Climate Action Network Call on Networks, 4/19

We encourage our NCDD members to save the date for the next D&D Climate Action Network (D&D CAN) conference call coming up on Tuesday, April 19th from 5-7pm Eastern / 2-4pm Pacific! D&D CAN is a network led by NCDD supporting member Linda Ellinor of the Dialogue Group that is working to foster shared learning, networking and collaboration among those seeking to use dialogue, deliberation, and other process skills to address climate change. The monthly D&D CAN conference calls are a great way to connect with the network, and you can register to save your spot by clicking […] (continue)

Integral Facilitator & Meridian Univ. Collaboration Advances Facilitative Leadership

We are happy to share the announcement below about a new facilitation training opportunity in California from NCDD Sustaining Member Rebecca Colwell of Ten Directions. Rebecca shared this announcement via our great Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! Ten Directions & Meridian University Collaboration We are pleased to announce an innovative professional training and development collaboration between Ten Directions and Meridian University, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Ten Directions […] (continue)

Registration Open for Frontiers of Democracy, Jun. 23-25

In addition to our upcoming 2016 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation, we want our members to remember that the 2016 Frontiers of Democracy conference is coming up later this year. Frontiers has become a staple gathering of our field, and it is taking place this year from June 23rd – 25th at Tufts University in Boston. Registration is now open, and the regular rate is $250 (but it’s free if you’re an alum of the Civic Studies Institute), but space is limited so make sure to register soon! […] (continue)

Register for D&D Climate Action Call using QiqoChat, 3/15

We want to remind our NCDD members to be sure to register for the next D&D Climate Action Network (D&D CAN) conference call this Tuesday, March 15th from 5-7pm Eastern / 2-4pm Pacific. D&D CAN is being led by NCDD supporting member Linda Ellinor of the Dialogue Group and is working to build a community of practice that fosters mutual learning, sharing, and inspires collaboration around the complexities of climate change, and their monthly conference calls are a great way to connect with others in the field working to use dialogue and deliberation to address […] (continue)

Technology & Democracy Video Project Seeks Submissions

Here’s a fun-but-relevant thing happening out there: the collaborative team at hitRECord is partnering with the ACLU to crowd source a series of short films on the theme of how technology has impacted democracy. They’re asking folks to submit videos of themselves speaking on the subject, and we know many of our NCDD members have great thoughts to share on the topic! Read more about the project below or find hitRECord’s original post along with their introductory video by clicking here. Are you there, Democracy? It’s me, […] (continue)

Gloucester Shows How to Build a Culture of Dialogue

Our friends at with Public Conversations Project recently posted the story of a wonderful community dialogue project from Gloucester, MA, and we wanted to repost it here. The piece by Kathy Eckles shares some great history and reflections about the founding members of Gloucester Conversations’ efforts to build a culture of dialogue in their town, and there’s lots to learn from it. We encourage you to read Kathy’s piece below or find the original version here. We are Creating a Culture of Dialogue And So […] (continue)

Join D&D CAN Call on Faith-based Climate Dialogue, 2/16

Since last year, NCDD has been supporting an important new initiative called the D&D Climate Action Network (D&D CAN) that is being led by NCDD supporting member Linda Ellinor of the Dialogue Group. The Network’s purpose is build a community of practice that fosters mutual learning, sharing, and inspires collaboration around the complexities of climate change, and it has been doing great work since it’s launch. We highly encourage our NCDD members to get involved in D&D CAN, and one of the best ways to to do that is to […] (continue)