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The “exploration” stream of D&D practice is used primarily to encourage people and groups to learn more about themselves, their community, or an issue, and to possibly discover innovative solutions. We consider Bohmian Dialogue, World Café, Conversation Café, Council process, and Open Space to be proven methods for exploration.

Interview on Games & Engagement

As children run through sprinklers and enjoy fireworks (safely, we hope) over the holiday weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to share a post from the Davenport Institute’s Gov 2.0 Watch blog on games and engagement. As we know, civic participation can be fun, too! You can find it below or read the original here. Happy Independence Day, everyone! Last month, Project Information Literacy at the University of Washington Information School published an interview with Eric Gordon, a professor at Emerson College and Executive Director of […] (continue)

From the Idea Incubator: Our Very Best “Hello”

The idea is to create a NCDD event in which everyone with online access has an opportunity offer their best greeting and salutation to one and other. (continue)

The Village Square’s Creative Civic Conversations

We recently read a great piece in the Christian Science Monitor that featured one of NCDD’s organizational members, The Village Square, and we hope you’ll take a few moments to read it. Much like the Albany Roundtable that we just recently featured on the blog, The Village Square is creating a civic infrastructure that brings people together for regular conversations on local politics. The CSM article, titled “Civil Discourse That Doesn’t Taste Like Broccoli”, was penned by NCDD member Liz Joyner, who works for Village Square, and details the history […] (continue)

Learning from the Albany Roundtable

We read a fascinating article that NCDD member John Backman wrote for our partners at CommunityMatters that we think you should read. John writes about an innovative civic experiment that has become an institution called the Albany Roundtable, and we hope you’ll read more about it below or find the original piece here. Appropriately, the idea for a bastion of civic infrastructure in Albany, New York—a luncheon series—arose from a luncheon organization. “I had been attending Kiwanis luncheons downtown since high school,” said Paul Bray. […] (continue)

New EvDem Documentary on Youth Mental Health Dialogue

We hope you will take a moment to read about a great project that our organizational partners at Everyday Democracy are working on with a New Mexico youth organization called Generation Justice. Their new documentary is helping young people have the difficult but needed conversations about mental health in connection with the NCDD-supported Creating Community Solutions initiative. We hope you’ll take a moment to read about their work or find the original post from EvDem here. When the Mask Comes Off, produced by the youth media organization Generation […] (continue)

Featured D&D Story: Class Discussion on Gun Violence

Today we’d like to feature a great example of dialogue and deliberation in action, a class discussion on gun violence from University of Missouri. This mini case study was submitted by NCDD supporting member Sarah Read of the Communications Center, Inc. via NCDD’s new Dialogue Storytelling Tool. Do you have a dialogue story that our network could learn from? Add YOUR dialogue story today!  Title of Project: Class Discussions on Gun Violence Description Last summer I was asked to redesign and teach the Public Policy Dispute […] (continue)

Grassroots Grantmakers Seeks New ED

We recently saw theannouncment that NCDD member Janis Foster Richardson will be stepping down as executive director of a great organization, Grassroots Grantmakers, and that the search is on for a new ED. We wish Janis the best of luck in her transition, but we also hope that other NCDD members will be interested in the ED position, so we encourage you to read the announcement below or find out more at www.grassrootsgrantmakers.org. Greetings to all in the Grassroots Grantmakers network. As you may know, we will […] (continue)

99 Ideas for Making Your Town More Playful from CM

As summer approaches, you may be looking for ways to make your neighborhood, town, or city more fun and engaging. If you are, our friends at CommunityMatters have a ton of ideas for way you can do that! CM recently shared two posts (here and here) with ideas for making your space more engaging and out of the ordinary. So to help give you food for thought for the summer months, we put the lists together below. They also hosted a conference call about it called […] (continue)

7 Lessons in Addressing Racism from Everyday Democracy

Our organizational partners are Everyday Democracy have been working for 25 years to make racial equity a central piece of their work in dialogue and deliberation, and they recently condensed some of the key insights that work has taught them. We learned a lot from ED’s lessons and share their belief addressing racism in our communities is a key to advancing democracy, so we hope you will take a few moments to read and reflect on their piece. You can read it below or find the original here. […] (continue)

April 2014 Confab Call on “Text, Talk, Act”

Last Wednesday, NCDD hosted its April 2014 Confab Call with featured guests Matt Leighninger and Mike Smith talking about the innovative project known as Text Talk Act.  If you missed the confab and are interested in learning more, you can now listen to the entire conversation — or look over the collaborative document participants created during the Confab Call — at the links below. As part of our role in the National Dialogue on Mental Health project Creating Community Solutions, NCDD and our partners have been experimenting with how the fun […] (continue)