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The “exploration” stream of D&D practice is used primarily to encourage people and groups to learn more about themselves, their community, or an issue, and to possibly discover innovative solutions. We consider Bohmian Dialogue, World Café, Conversation Café, Council process, and Open Space to be proven methods for exploration.

Non Violent Communication Conference Coming Up June 30-July 2

A Non Violent Communication (NVC) “Compassion in Action” conference is being organized for June 30 – July 2nd in Oakland, California. This event is geared towards NVC people in the US coming together to support and network with each-other. The gathering costs $350 – $260 per participant to attend 9that includes room & board costs). More information on this event can be found here: www.cnvc.org/usa-community-building-gathering.htm and here: www.baynvc.org/calendar/view_entry.php?id=CD1004&date=20060629. (continue)

Art of Convening Workshop Coming Up in San Francisco

The Presidio Dialogues (www.thepresidiodialogues.org) will be hosting a dialogue about “The Art of Light-Handed Convening” on May 23, 2006 at 7PM. Some of the questions they’ll consider are: What habits do we need to let go of in order to have true dialogue? When does facilitation draw attention to the process or the moderator rather than furthering the inquiry? How does dialogue emerge from among a group of strangers, and what conditions are the most evocative for true inquiry? What role does individual ego play? […] (continue)

Circle of One Gathering Coming Up in July

The Indigenous Issues Forums (IIF) is planning a three day workshop called “Circle of One,” to be held July 6-8 in Rapid City, South Dakota. The workshop will develop and practice circle facilitation skills, will focus on how to work from our strengths as we strive to facilitate difficult dialogues across difference, to restore relationships to wholeness, and to provide safe and respectful spaces to make collective decisions together. The workshop will also feature children’s activities, elder speak, arts, games and reflection. Registration fees are […] (continue)

Compassionate Listening Project Organizing Upcoming Trainings and Delegations

The Compassionate Listenting Project is dedicated to teaching and practicing the art of listening with a “spiritual ear,” to discern and acknowledge the partial truth in everyone – particularly those with whom we disagree. They have just announced their summer and fall lineup of training sessions. Trainings include introductory and advanced courses in compassionate listening, as well as training delegations to Israel/Palestine and South Africa. To learn more about CLP, go to www.compassionatelistening.org. To see a list of upcoming trainings and workshops, including cost and […] (continue)

Systems Sciences 50th Anniversary Conference Coming Up in July

This year the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) will be celebrating its 50th anniversary conference. The conference on the theme of ”Complexity, Democracy & Sustainability” is happening from July 9-14, 2006 at Sonoma State University, 50 miles north of San Francisco. The ISSS is unique among systems-oriented institutions in the breadth of its scope, bringing together scholars and practitioners from academic, business, government, and non-profit communities to explore what Gregory Bateson has called the “pattern that connects.” To submit proposals, or for more […] (continue)

Public Conversations Project Announces 2006 Training Lineup

Public Conversations Project (PCP) organizes high quality conversations on publicly divisive issues. They provide some of the highest-quality trainings in the field of dialogue and deliberation, aimed at mediators, HR managers, educators, therapists, parents, social workers, clergy, students, and anyone else who might like to participate in the work of dialogue facilitation. PCP has just announced its 2006 workshop line-up, with meetings taking place throughout the country staring May 5 through November. To register, call Manda at 888-PCP-TEAM x13 or email training@publicconversations.org. To learn more, […] (continue)

Compassionate Listening Workshop Coming Up in Toronto

Susan Partnow will be in Toronto to present “The Fundamentals of Compassion Listening” on April 27. In Compassionate Listening, the emphasis is on strengthening the influence of the heart through cultivating compassion for ourselves and others, and learning to listen and speak from the heart — even in the heat of conflict. Susan is a consultant in Seattle Washington. She serves on the Steering Committee of National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation, Advisory Board to The Radical Middle Newsletter (a project of the Center for […] (continue)

Harwood Leads Blog Conversation on Convening

Starting Monday April 24, Rich Harwood will be blogging about the important insights and lessons from a recent convening the Harwood Institute led in Las Vegas. He will be joined by three guest bloggers who attended the convening: David Hooker, vice president of community building, Center for Working Families, Inc. (Atlanta, GA); Reggie Lewis, executive vice president for community impact, United Way of Essex and West Hudson (Newark, NJ); and Nancy Wilson, director and associate dean, University College of Citizenship and Public Service, Tufts University […] (continue)

Fetzer Institute Seeking Senior Program Officer for Individual and Community Transformation

The Fetzer Institute (www.fetzer.org) is currently seeking a”Senior Program Officer” position for the area of “Individual and Community Transformation.” Fetzer is looking for someone who will work out of their offices in Kalamazoo, MI. To see an extended discussion of the job responsibilities and expected qualifications, please visit www.fetzer.org/WhatsNew.aspx?PageID=WhatsNew&NavID=1. Applications are due by April 30, 2006, but this date is not firm and submissions will be accepted after that date until the position is filled. Please direct questions to job306@fetzer.org or call Fetzer’s Department of […] (continue)

National Issues Forums Celebrates 25 Years With New Discussion Guide on Democracy

National Issues Forums is celebrating 25 years of convening forums to help put people’s voices back into politics. As part of their celebrations they have extended an open invitation to become part of the National Issues Forums network and to use their newest issue book on “Democracy’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public’s Role.” This book tackles head-on the obstacles and issues people face in a democracy that appears to have nudged its citizens onto the sidelines. Democracy’s Challenge forums encourage citizens to think about what they […] (continue)