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We use the “gems” tag to identify blog posts that are extraordinary in some way. Some have garnered a lot of interesting comments, and others are especially useful or informative posts.

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation a key player in Thursday’s Text Talk Act

We’re excited to announce that Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation is partnering with Creating Community Solutions to promote youth participation in Thursday’s Text Talk Act event! How cool is that? We hope many of you are planning on participating on Thursday. For those of you still on the fence, please join in and hold at least one TTA conversation.  All you need is 3 people, a smartphone, and about an hour, anytime on the 24th.  Anyone can participate, though involving young people is especially […] (continue)

Introducing our fabulous youth organizers for Text Talk Act

Creating Community Solutions is pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Active Minds, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and our other partners (NCDD is one of them) to identify some fantastic young people across the U.S. who will be helping organize Text Talk Act events in their communities. We asked them to send us selfies, and you can check out their brief bios here. Hopefully you already know all about Text Talk Act from our previous postings and recent confab call on the […] (continue)

How we tackled “Civic Infrastructure” at NCDD 2012

I’m preparing a little presentation for our partners at CommunityMatters on how NCDD tackled the concept of civic infrastructure at our last national conference, and thought I’d write about it here on the blog to gather my thoughts. Our convening question (kinda like a theme) for NCDD Seattle was: How can we build a more robust civic infrastructure in our practice, our communities, and our country? In our conference guidebook, we described our challenge to attendees this way: Our hope is that this theme takes […] (continue)

Invitation to join the new Transpartisan Listserv

On behalf of all the founding participants, NCDD is pleased to invite you to join the new Transpartisan Listserv. Our intension for this moderated email discussion list is to provide a simple, safe communication channel where individuals and organizations that are active in this boundary-crossing work can connect and learn from each other. The list is hosted by NCDD through a partnership of NCDD and Mediators Foundation.  The following amazing group of people are co-founding the list: Mark Gerzon, Tom Hast and John Steiner of […] (continue)

Sneak peek of what we’ll cover on March 5th on Slow Democracy

Susan Clark says the idea of comparing local democracy to the Slow Food movement came to her while working in her garden. And, why not? Just as many cooks and food lovers have become more intimately involved in local food production, Susan and co-author Woden Teachout saw an opportunity to help citizens sow and grow a healthier democracy in their own towns and communities. The result was their book, Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home. Susan, an NCDD Sustaining Member, will be […] (continue)

Learning from Chicago’s PB Challenges

Participatory budgeting (“PB” for short) is an innovative form of empowered public engagement that has started proliferating in parts of Chicago, New York and California due to the leadership and hard work of one of our organizational members, the Participatory Budgeting Project. PB is a process through which ordinary residents decide how to allocate government funds. Residents identify possible projects that could be funded, research them and develop them further, and then decide through a popular vote how to allocate the funds. Initially developed in Brazil in the […] (continue)

Messaging, Short and Sweet: Can you help us gather examples of effective communication in dialogue and deliberation?

At the 2012 NCDD Seattle conference a small group of us started a quest. We shared a desire to see dialogue and deliberation (D & D) become more widely understood, experienced, and available. But, we also knew that when many people hear words like “dialogue,” they envision scenes from political talk shows, “open mic” style municipal meetings, or dogmatic speeches from family, friends, and colleagues. The rich possibilities for successful engagement do not seem widely understood. What to do? We decided to create a collection […] (continue)

NCDD’s 2013 Year-in-Numbers

2013 was a banner year for NCDD, and we’ve already summarized our activities, collaborative projects, and new developments in our Year-in-Review post. Please help us increase NCDD’s reach (and celebrate 2013!) by sharing this infographic with all those you think need to know there’s an amazing community of innovators in public engagement and group process work they can tap into or join in with. Andy has created 3 versions of this infographic for NCDD members to use or share: A .png image, which is great for […] (continue)

Sad news to share from AmericaSpeaks

AmericaSpeaks’ executive director, Steve Brigham, added a heartbreaking announcement to the organization’s website this afternoon. AMERICASPEAKS – IN HONOR OF OUR 19 YEAR LEGACY AmericaSpeaks has an unparalleled record of organizing more than 100 major citizen deliberations in all 50 states.  Because of this remarkable history that we’ve had, it makes me very sad to share today that after 19 years of working as an independent, national, nonprofit organization–sustained exclusively by grants and contracts–AmericaSpeaks will close its doors today. AmericaSpeaks has operated without an endowment or a […] (continue)

Raising Democracy from the (Un)Dead: A Year-End Reflection

The end of the year is always a reflective time, and recently, I saw a truly inspiring Bill Moyers interview with cultural critic and scholar Henry A. Giroux, whose insightful critique of the state of democracy and reflections on what is possible for its future remind me why I originally wanted to work in public engagement. Though the book discussed in the interview, Zombie Politics and Culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism, sets up a rather bleak premise, we at NCDD see our own vision and values in […] (continue)