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News from outside the U.S.

Call for Papers for Journal of Dialogue Studies 2:2

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the post below about a great opportunity, which came from NCDD member Frances Sleap of Dialogue Society via our Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! In November this blog (to the delight of its editorial team here at the Dialogue Society) announced the launch of the Journal of Dialogue Studies. The Journal aims to promote in-depth academic exploration and evaluation of the theory […] (continue)

Montreal Symposium on Professionalizing Our Field

We recently heard about an exciting conference happening in Montreal this July that we want to make sure our NCDD members know about. The conference, hosted by the Canadian Institut du Nouveau Monde, takes place during the IPSA’s annual gathering, and is part of the important conversation about the professional future of our field. Check out the announcement below or find out more at the IPSA’s conference website here. The Institut du Nouveau Monde, a Canadian nongovernmental organization dedicated to public participation, is pleased to invite […] (continue)

2014 Public Participation Interviews: John Lewis on Outreach

We recently started reading a terrific interview series from the talented team at Collaborative Services on public participation lessons they have learned in the last year, and we wanted to share their insights with the NCDD community. The third interview in the series features the reflections of John Lewis of Intelligent Futures, who shares insights gained from the award-winning ourWascana engagement endeavor in Canada last year. You can read the interview below, or find the original on Collaborative Services’ blog by clicking here. Multiple Entry Points into the Conversation Create Multiple […] (continue)

Earning Trust in Public Institutions

We recently read an interesting post on the inCommon blog run by our partners at the Davenport Institute – an NCDD organizational member – about trust’s relationship to engagement. You can read the post below or find the original here, and we also recommend you take a look at the study on trust the post refers to. The Rand Europe Spotlight on 2013 is a bit broad, but the theme, “Building Trust in Policymaking,” is certainly relevant to civic engagement: The relationship between citizens and public bodies […] (continue)

League of Extraordinary Trainers Spring Trainings

We are pleased to share the announcement below from the League of Extraordinary Trainers (LET), an NCDD Organizational Member, about three great trainings they are offering this Spring. Make sure to note that dues-paying NCDD members can receive a 10-20% discount on all LET trainings – just one of the many great benefits that you get from becoming an NCDD member! 2014 IAP2 Training Events, presented by The League of Extraordinary Trainers If you work in communications, public relations, public affairs, planning, public outreach and understanding, […] (continue)

Looking Ahead at Global Democracy in 2014

We have previously highlighted the Challenges to Democracy blog from Harvard’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, and we wanted to share one of their latest pieces on the year ahead for democracy around the world. You can read the article below or find the original piece here.  Looking ahead, 2014 is going to be a big year for democracy. According to The Economist, around 40 countries representing over 40% of the world’s population, and more than 50% of global GDP, will participate in elections this year. Yet the […] (continue)

Awesome Interview of World Café’s Amy Lenzo

We recently started reading a terrific interview series from the talented team at Collaborative Services on public participation lessons they have learned in the last year, and we wanted to share their insights with the NCDD community. The first interview in the series features the reflections of NCDD supporting member Amy Lenzo of the World Café - an organization whose founders are also NCDD founding members. You can read the interview below, or find the original on Collaborative Services’ blog by clicking here. The World Café: We Are Wiser Together […] (continue)

Apply for the “Best Practices in Citizen Participation” Distinction

We want to make sure that NCDD members and member organizations hear about an exciting award you might be eligible for – the 8th “Best Practices in Citizen Participation” Distinction. The initiative for the award comes from The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy (OIDP or IOPD for short – their interchangeable, multi-lingual acronym), an important international body that NCDD belongs to as a member. The awarding of the “Best Practices in Citizen Participation” distinction …is meant to provide incentive for those who wish to initiate innovative experiences at […] (continue)

Art of Hosting: Beyond the Basics Retreat

We are excited to tell you about the inaugural Art of Hosting: Beyond the Basics retreat – a great opportunity coming up this April 4th – 6th to deepen your skills as a convener. This amazing retreat will be hosted in Ohio first, but will also be replicated three more times in Canada and Mexico, so you have multiple chances to participate. The Art of Hosting team describes the event as: …a 3-day immersion into advanced Art of Hosting and facilitation practice. In this intensive retreat, we […] (continue)

Deliberative Forums on Thailand’s Future

We wanted to share an interesting post from out friends at the National Issues Forums Institute that showed that, even amid the recent political turmoil that has gripped Thailand over the last few months, there have been encouraging steps taken toward fostering deliberation about the country’s future. You can read more about the project below, or find the original post (with more pictures) by clicking here. King Prajadhipok’s Institute (KPI) has organized Public Deliberative Forums on Thailand Future in many provinces all over Thailand since 2011. The […] (continue)