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Request your free copy of David Mathews’ new book The Ecology of Democracy

Our friends at the Kettering Foundation are offering to send complimentary copies of David Mathews’ new book out to anyone in the NCDD community who requests one. As you may know, David Mathews is president of the Kettering Foundation and former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in the Ford administration. I know him personally, and he’s an extremely kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and humble guy. The Ecology of Democracy: Finding Ways to Have a Stronger Hand in Shaping Our Future is for people who care […] (continue)

Beyond the Polls on Americans’ Feelings on Gov’t

This post comes from Beyond the Polls, a joint blogging initiative from Public Agenda, the National Issues Forums Institute, and the Kettering Foundation – all of which are NCDD organizational partners. We hope you’ll take moment to read about the latest insights they’ve gained from recent polls on opinions about government, which you can read below or find here. Do Americans Really Loathe The Federal Government? What does it mean when fewer than 1 in 5 Americans say they are satisfied with the federal government? Over […] (continue)

New Medicaid/Medicare Issue Guide from NIFI

In case you missed it, we wanted to make sure to let you know that our partners at the National Issues Forums Institute released a new issue guide last month on Medicaid & Medicare. The health care issues our nation faces require serious deliberation, and we know this new guide will help guide good conversations around real solutions. You can read more from NIFI on the guide below or find their original post on the guide here. This issue guide was prepared for the National Issues Forums Institute in collaboration […] (continue)

NIFI Announces New “Linked Futures” Deliberations

We wanted to make sure that NCDD members, especially those in higher ed, saw the most recent edition of Higher Education Engagement News, the periodic update on the American Commonwealth Partnership from Harry C. Boyte. This edition announces a new stage of the collaboration between the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute – both NCDD organizational members – that builds on the Shaping Our Futures initiative. You can read the newsletter below or find it at the NIFI blog by clicking here. Make […] (continue)

Kettering Research Assistant Positions Now Open

We want to give a heads up to our NCDD members, especially student and researcher members: It’s the time of the year when our organizational partners at the Kettering Foundation are taking applications for full-time Research Assistants for the next year.  This is a great opportunity that some of you may certainly want to apply for. Applications are due by March 15, so don’t make sure to get started soon! Here’s a little snippet of how Kettering describes itself and the position: (continue)

Betty Knighton Interview from Kettering

Our friends at the Kettering Foundation, a long-time NCDD organizational member, recently shared a great interview on their blog with Betty Knighton (also a member) that we found to be quite insightful. Betty is an accomplished public engagement professional in W. Virginia whose experience we can all learn from, so we encourage you to read the interview below, or find the original post at www.kettering.org/kfnews/betty-knighton. You can learn a lot about an organization by who they learn from. One of the folks Kettering has learned the most […] (continue)

Community Educators Youth Development Webinar Series

We are pleased to announce an exciting series of webinars created by the good people at Friends for Youth in collaboration with our organizational partners at the Kettering Foundation. The webinars are aimed at raising awareness of the importance of educating the whole child, which requires a broader community effort both inside and outside our schools. We highly encourage NCDD members to find out more about the webinars below or on the FfY website and register for the first webinar on Feb. 19th. It Takes All of […] (continue)

Improving Deliberation on Health Care

We wanted to share this thought-provoking commentary on a recent study on health care opinions conducted by our friends and partners at Public Agenda and the Kettering Foundation. As our nation continues to grapple with reforming our health care system, we in the engagement community have a special role to play in helping our communities decide how to tackle the big questions of reform. We hope you’ll take a moment to read the commentary below or find the original PA blog post here. As is evident […] (continue)

Nelson Mandela: His Legacy to Democracy

We recently read an inspiring piece from the Kettering Foundation, an NCDD member organization, that we hope you will take a moment to read. It is a heartfelt tribute to the amazing legacy of the late Nelson Mandela, written by KF Interntional Resident and graduate student at the the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, Jaco Roets. You can read it below or find the original here. Mandela’s work in national reconciliation after his release from prison is perhaps one of the most significant examples in […] (continue)

Public Agenda’s New “Beyond the Polls” Project

We are excited to share about a great new initiative from our partners at Public Agenda, in collaboration with the National Issues Forums and the Kettering Foundation. Together, they are launching Beyond the Polls, a new regular commentary on public opinion issues. We encourage everyone to check out the initial announcement about the project below, or find the original announcement here. Welcome to Beyond the Polls, our regular commentary on what Americans are thinking about pivotal issues our country and communities face. Each month, we […] (continue)