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Maracot Drummers in Flickr!

Originally posted by Beth Kanter for the 2006 NCDD Conference… Here’s a quick flickr set! Some words spoken by the drum leader … Drumming is an ancient form of communication. The style is called “Maracot” and a northeastern cousin of Samba music. Songs are songs to the gods. The first song was to the god of crossroads who comes to guide you down a path. He’s a trickster, appears in different forms. The second song was a tribute to the African Goddess of Love! Share the love! […] (continue)

Opening/How Did We Get Here

Originally posted by Loretta Donavan for the 2006 NCDD Conference… The room is filled with the rhythm of drums of Maracats  . . . enraptured, the participants are focused on the sound, glitter and motion at center stage.  Sounds get louder. Symbolically, the lights dim around the room, then come up again in the room and dim on the stage . . .  the focus is on the whole space . . . the participants are where the energy is at. Cheers and hoots as […] (continue)

NCDD 2006 Opening Session

Originally posted by Dale Ironson for the 2006 NCDD Conference… The 2006 NCDD conference started off with a bang – literally. After a wonderful buffet breakfast of fruit and pastries we were ushered into the main meeting room by the energizing drumming of the Maracat Drummers. The vibrant pulsating rhythms of Samba like music were stirring and energizing setting an exciting tone for the conference. After the procession of dancing drummers dressed in dazzling colored costumes well over 320 of us took our seats in […] (continue)

All About the BrainJam…

Ready for a BrainJam? Originally posted by Chris Heuer for the 2006 NCDD Conference… So here we are on the eve of our NCDD BrainJam and I am finally getting a chance to write you about what we have planned for tomorrow. I am writing this from the backseat of my car as Kristie drives myself and Tom Foremski to a meeting south of the airport – which is where I suspect a few of you might be at this very moment. The past few weeks have been extremely hectic, […] (continue)

The Art of Live Blogging

Originally posted by Beth Kanter for the 2006 NCDD Conference… I’m gearing up to do some live blogging at the NCDD. Live blogging is basically taking notes, photos, or recordings at lectures, conferences, and presentations of what was said and posting it to your blog. I ended up doing live blogging because I think through fingers anyway, so why not share it with others on my blog? So, here are some pointers: First of all, live blogging takes a certain chutzpah.    Someone said that live bloggers […] (continue)

How can social media and social networking tools help the tooth fairy?

Originally posted by Beth Kanter for the 2006 NCDD Conference…  I recently discovered a blog by a colleague, Allison Fine, called A. Fine Blog. Her focus is on “the ways that digital tools, particularly social media, are enhancing our connectedness to one another and our ability and willingness to work for the collective social good.” Her forthcoming book Momentum: IgnitingSocial Change in the Connected Age takes an indepth look at the topic. One of her entries, “The Softer Side of Social Media” shares the story of how a friend […] (continue)

What Brings Me to NCDD

Originally posted by Kai Degner for the 2006 NCDD Conference… Greetings, Since I’m one of the ”new practioners” represented at the NCDD this year, I thought I might share a mini-version of how I got involved with this wonderful crowd.  I hope to convey to any readers the opportunity I feel exists for involving hundreds of thousands of people into more regular conversation about things important to them. This will also set the stage for the title of my Friday showcase titled “OrangeBand: A Gateway to D&D.” In 2003, I was a senior undergraduate student […] (continue)