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Posts related to online dialogue and deliberation, social media, and technology used for face-to-face engagement.

Tom Atlee Writes About Use of Hi-Tech Games to Help Citizens Deliberate

In a February 6, 2004 message to his email list, Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute wrote about how citizens can use games – computer simulations and other scenario-based games – to learn about the trade-offs involved in making decisions about public issues. When combined with deliberation, he says, this can greatly improve the sophistication of citizen recommendations and the level of public buy-in for whatever fair policies are approved. (continue)

Get involved in NewzCrew

Do you work with high school-aged youth? Are you looking for online projects to help them learn about current events, improve communication skills, think about global issues, and spend time online? Then maybe NewzCrew (www.NewzCrew.org) is the project for you, where today’s youth discuss tomorrow’s news. For those who would like to see what a NewzCrew dialogue will look like, check out “Everything After 9.11” at www.ea911.org and go to the section called FEATURED DISCUSSIONS. (continue)

New Resource on Media Coverage of the War in Iraq

The Institute for Philosophy & Public Policy publishes a quarterly journal to stimulate and inform debate about important current issues. Members of the Institute recently created a special website (www.puaf.umd.edu/IPPP/iraq/) about one particular issue of major international importance: media coverage of the war in Iraq. The website poses fundamental questions about the role of the press in wartime. As background, it collects and organizes some of the best relevant writing from philosophy, political science, and journalism. It also provides an opportunity for you to speak […] (continue)