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CIVICUS Seeking Administrative Officer

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation (www.civicus.org) is an international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world, especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens’ freedom of association are threatened. Established in 1993 and originally based in Washington, DC, CIVICUS is now based in Johannesburg, South Africa. CIVICUS is recruiting an MDG Administrative Officer who will report directly to the MDG Campaign Manager, and liaising closely with other Campaign staff. The MDG Administrative Officer is responsible for providing high-quality overall […] (continue)

New Article on Maine Tough Choices Focuses on Citizen Engagement

[via AmericaSpeaks Network News] AmericaSpeaks partnered in May 2005 with Maine Governor Baldacci to convene Maine Tough Choices, a 21st Century Town Meeting on health care policy that took place at two sites in Maine linked by teleconference technology. A new article about this process titled “Using Public Engagement to Inform the Future of Health Care in Maine: Talking About ‘Tough Choices’” recently appeared in the Winter 2005 issue of the Maine Policy Review. The article was written by Ronald E. Beard and Tish Tanski, […] (continue)

Perspectives Group Announces IAP2 Certificate Training Dates for 2006

The Perspectives Group (www.theperspectivesgroup.com) will be offering four more opportunities to take the IAP2 5-day Public Participation Certificate training this year. This training is designed for professionals working in the fields of community development, nonprofit and government public services, and public understanding and outreach. It is also designed for industry communications and public affairs or public relations, advocacy and lobbying organizations, private and government groups, and any individual/organization required to deal with the public about complex or potentially contentious issues. Upon completion of the full […] (continue)

AmericaSpeaks Hosts Health Care Meetings in Los Angeles and Albuquerque

AmericaSpeaks convened two meetings on national health care policy in March on behalf of the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group. On Saturday, March 4, we brought together more than 500 participants in Los Angeles for the day-long meeting. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa welcomed participants and shared his perspective on health care in America. Throughout the day participants identified the values they associate with health care and weighed in on suggested improvements to our health care system. Topics included preferred models of health care coverage […] (continue)

National Online Discussion about Health Care from March 22-April 5

Go national with your opinions about health care in America by visiting www.AmericansDiscussHealth.org from March 22 to April 5. Join citizens from around the country and post your opinions in a personal blog, explore your ideas in the discussion forums and get vocal about health care. This web-based public forum is a part of more than thirty meetings of varying sizes being convened across the United States by the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group (www.citizenshealthcare.gov). The purpose of the meetings and the online dialogue is […] (continue)

AmericaSpeaks Seeking Agency Managers for Dialogue on Public Participation

AmericaSpeaks is looking to bring together agency managers who have been working to improve the level and quality of public participation within federal government. They are looking to put together a list of agency managers who can contribute their experiences and insights during a working “retreat” style meeting headed by Carolyn Lukensmeyer sometime in late May or early June. The goal of the meeting is to develop a compelling set of instructive stories from participants’ experiences, develop a set of recommendations for embedding high-quality citizen […] (continue)

PhD Position Available in Urban Planning

The Program in Urban Affairs and Planning, School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech has an open position in “Improving Collaborative Decision-making Through Learning Networks.” Faculty in the Program in Urban Affairs and Planning and in the College of Natural Resources at Virginia Tech are seeking qualified doctoral applicants for the PhD in Environmental Design and Planning program who are interested in pursuing research on learning networks, an innovative collaborative approach to restoring ecological health at the landscape scale. Specifically, we are partnering […] (continue)

Vermont Public Radio Features Documentary on Town Meeting

[From vpr.net via Deliberative-Democracy.net] More than a century ago, lawmakers designated the first Tuesday in March as a day for a town meeting. However, changing times are threatening the health of this democratic institution. On March 1, 2006, Vermont Public Radio presented an hour-long documentary exploring the tradition of Town Meeting Day, its importance to Vermont life, and the challenges to grassroots democracy during changing times. With stories and comments from voters, moderators, clerks, the governor, the secretary of state, the legislature, and the political […] (continue)

CDC Wraps Up Deliberative Consultation on Pandemic Flu

[From keystone.org via Deliberative-Democracy.net] In one of the most exemplary recent US government efforts to engage the public around an urgent issue, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) convened a series of public consultations on pandemic flu in the last quarter of 2005. According to one of the project’s sponsors, “To conduct this public consultation, the sponsors engaged stakeholders from various organizations with an interest in pandemic influenza (the National Stakeholder Group), and individual citizens-at-large from the four principal regions of the […] (continue)

Food For Dialogue Coming Up on HBO

On March 18, HBO will feature the movie “Walkout”. The movie is about the East Los Angeles Chicano student demonstrations in 1968. A young Mexican American high school teacher, Sal Castro, mentored a group of students in East Los Angeles and supported them when the students decided to stage a peaceful walkout to protest the injustices of the public school system. Tired of being treated unequally, students at five East Los Angeles high schools staged a walkout to protest educational conditions and anti-Mexican educational bias. […] (continue)