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Herb Block Foundation Invites Letters of Inquiry for Encouraging Citizen Involvement Grant Program

The Herb Block Foundation (www.herbblockfoundation.org)is committed to defending the basic freedoms guaranteed all Americans, combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and improving the conditions of the poor and underprivileged through the creation or support of charitable and educational programs with the same goals. Through its Encouraging Citizen Involvement grant program, the foundation seeks to help ensure a responsible, responsive democratic government through citizen involvement. Proposals for this program may focus on citizen education, greater voter participation in the electoral process, or citizen oversight of […] (continue)

HAVIDS Niger Delta News Center Seeks Collaborators for International Day for Peace

The HAVIDS Niger Delta News Centre for Environment & Development, a Nigeria-based organizational member of NCDD, has just sent out an important communique on the organization of the 2006 International Day for Peace in Niger Delta. The Day for Peace is being organized for November 2006. They are seeking feedback and collaborators as they organize this event. If you are interested in being involved in the 2006 International Day for Peace in the Niger Delta, or if you have feedback or ideas for HAVIDS, email […] (continue)

Paid Internship Opportunity with Direct Action Research and Training Center

The Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART) is currently offering a paid community organizing training program for anyone interested in launching a career organizing around common issues affecting low-moderate income communities like affordable housing, quality public education, living wage, youth services, crime, etc. The DART Center has been conducting a paid community organizer training program for the last four years, and has enabled dozens of people to launch permanent salaried positions in the field. It’s an excellent opportunity for people interested in grassroots, community […] (continue)

New Article on Participatory Budgeting In Canada Available Online

The Transnational Institute just published online a paper by Estair Van Wagner and Josh Lerner: “Participatory Budgeting in Canada: Democratic Innovations in Strategic Spaces.” (www.tni.org/newpol-docs/pbcanada.htm) The paper assesses the initial participatory budgeting experiences in Canada – the only ones in North America. In Canada, PB has been used with budgets in public housing, neighborhood groups, a municipality, and a school. (continue)

Proposals Sought for Pilot Public Consultation on Genes and Environment

The National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health has just issued a Request for Applications (RFA), “Public Consultation to Inform the Design of Possible Large Scale Studies of Genes and Environment in Common Disease.” (See http://grants2.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-HG-06-008.html). The purpose of this RFA is to provide support for a specialized center to conduct a pilot public consultation study to obtain wide societal input to inform the design of a possible large U.S.-based longitudinal cohort study of the role of genes and environment in […] (continue)

Particpatory Budgeting Event Coming Up in NY

Participatory budgeting (PB) is a year-long process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary city residents decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public budget. PB first emerged in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre where it has over the last two decades increased political participation, decreased economic inequality and corruption and developed citizen capacities that have spurred further organizing and activism. Since then PB has spread to hundreds of cities in Latin America and other continents. A panel will discuss Participatory […] (continue)

Perspectives Group to Offer IAP2 Certified Training

The Perspectives Group will offer a five-day IAP2 Certificate Program in Public Participation six times in 2006. This training is designed for professionals working in the fields of community development, nonprofit and government public services, and public understanding and outreach. It is also designed for industry communications and public affairs or public relations, advocacy and lobbying organizations, private and government groups, and any individual/organization required to deal with the public about complex or potentially contentious issues. Upon completion of the full week of training, participants […] (continue)

IAP2 Seeks Editor for Online Journal

The International Association for Public Participation is re-launching its journal in 2006. The journal will be an online, partially-peer reviewed, multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of information among researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and citizens about the impact and practice of public participation around the world. They are currently seeking an Editor-n-Chief who will be responsible for the management, production, and editing of this online journal. A statement of wor (including pay) is posted at www.iap2.org/associations/4748/files/JournalEditorSOW.pdf. (continue)

AmericaSpeaks Seeking Facilitators and Participants for California Dialogues

NCDD member Lars Torres sent the following message to the NCDD discussion list asking for volunteers. AmericaSpeaks is organizing and facilitating a series of meetings this spring on health care policy for the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group (www.citizenshealthcare.gov). The recommendations that result from the citizen engagement process will be presented to Congress and the President, whose response is required by law. For more information on this initiative and AmericaSpeaks’ role, please visit www.americaspeaks.org/spotlight/?p=28 The first community meeting will take place in Los Angeles, California […] (continue)

IAP2 Calls for Conference Session Proposals

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) has just sent out the call for session proposals for its 2006 Conference, to be held this November in Montreal, Quebec. The IAP2 welcomes a variety of approaches to conference sessions, but place particular emphasis on sessions that include PARTICIPATION. In particular, IAP2 is looking for conference session proposals that reflect the following approaches: * Can you showcase a new methodology or technique for attendees to learn or practice? * Can you share a case study or project […] (continue)