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Civilizing Online Discourse by Expanding “Like” Button Options?

If you were wondering with us recently about how online comments sections can be made more civil, we encourage you to check out a savvy new tool that our organizational partners at Public Agenda are experimenting with. PA has embedded a “reader reaction button” – an evolutionary leap forward from Facebook’s “like” button – into their site that allows readers to react in multiple, nuanced ways to almost any part of an article or comment. With reactions such as “respectfully disagree” and “not the whole […] (continue)

CM Call on Sustaining Neighborhoods this Thurs.

Our organizational partners at CommunityMatters are hosting another one of their great capacity building calls this Thursday, April 10th, from 4-5pm EST. NCDD is a partner in the CommunityMatters collaboration, and we encourage you to hop on the call and learn with us. This month, the call is focused on Building and Sustaining Vital Neighborhoods. This month’s call will feature insights about neighborhood building from Felisa Conner, manager Garland, Texas’ Office of Neighborhood Vitality and Scott LeMay, Councilman in Garland, Texas and Former President of the Camelot Neighborhood Association. CM describes the call […] (continue)

Thoughts on “Place” from Pete Peterson

We wanted to share a thoughtful note that Pete Peterson sent to our transpartisan listserv the other day. Pete is not only the executive director of the Davenport Institute and an NCDD organizational member, but he’s also running for Secretary of State in CA, and he has some great insights to share on “place” from a newly released book… All, I thought you might be interested in knowing about a new book project on the subject of “Place” and its relationship to civic engagement… Why Place Matters: […] (continue)

Does Identity Trump Facts? (reflections from Greg Ranstrom)

We are happy to share the reflective piece below from NCDD organizational member Greg Ranstrom of CivilSay, which came via our great Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! Here’s a great example from the public health sphere about how hard it can be to arrive at shared facts: an NPR segment on vaccines and public opinion. The reporting suggests that the right information is not enough – people must reconcile […] (continue)

2014 Public Participation Interviews: Tyrone Reitman

Earlier this year, we started reading a wonderful interview series from the talented team at Collaborative Services on public participation lessons they have learned in the last year, and we wanted to share their insights with the NCDD community. The fourth and final interview in the series features the reflections of Tyrone Reitman of Healthy Democracy Oregon (an org member of NCDD), who shares his insights on the award-winning Citizens’ Initiative Review. You can read the interview below, or find the original on Collaborative Services’ blog by clicking here. For the People By […] (continue)

Defining Public Innovation

We saw yet another great piece recently from our friends at the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, an NCDD organizational member – this time reflecting on the meaning of “public innovation”. We encourage you to read the piece below or find the original here. This post was written by Rich Harwood, president and founder of the Harwood Institute. Recently, I was on the public radio program “Innovation Trail” in Rochester, N.Y. to talk about “public innovation.” The station posted the following statement on its website about my appearance: […] (continue)

Peace Education Center in MI holds community dialogues on Poverty and Wealth in April

We are pleased to highlight the post below about two great events this week and next week in Michigan, which came from NCDD Sustaining Member and 2012 NCDD Catalyst Award winner John Spady of the National Dialogue Network. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! From John: Here is an exciting message from Terry Link in Lansing, Michigan, to the National Dialogue Network (NDN) which describes upcoming community events at Michigan State University […] (continue)

Deal for NCDDers on Tamarack’s Evaluating Community Impact workshops

Many of us in the NCDD network are part of community-based initiatives for creating change, in local government, healthcare, poverty, education, and numerous other arenas. And while we know it is important to stand back and evaluate the impact we are making on these issues and how to do things better, we often don’t know how to evaluate the effects of our work in meaningful ways. That is why we are pleased to invite NCDD members to participate in a great program run by our friends […] (continue)

Innovation Readiness Over Capacity Building

We wanted to share a great piece we found on the tension between merely improving capacity and being ready to innovate – even when it means making radical changes – at NCDD organizational member Rich Harwood’s blog. We are developing a partnership with the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation that we hope will contribute to building our own innovation readiness here at NCDD, so stay tuned for more details. You can read Rich’s piece below or find the original post here. One of the key obstacles in bringing about change […] (continue)

ICMA’s State of the Profession Survey Results

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) recently released the results of its 2012 State of the Profession survey, and we think that the results make good food for thought. From feelings about the purposes of public engagement to the state of civic discourse, the survey provides insights on where we are and where we might go from here. You can read the ICMA write up on the report below or find the original at www.icma.org/en/press/pm_magazine/article/104159. The Extent of Public Participation by Robert Vogel, Evelina Moulder, and […] (continue)