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Citizens’ Initiative Review (Featured D&D Story)

If you haven’t heard of the Citizens’ Initiative Review before, you should have!  We’ve featured it at two of our conferences, and spent a day introducing NCDDers to Healthy Democracy Oregon’s work back in August 2010. Healthy Democracy just won TWO of the core values awards presented at the IAP2 conference in Salt Lake, so their success is certainly no secret. This mini case study was submitted by Lucy Palmersheim via NCDD’s new Dialogue Storytelling Tool, which we recently launched to collect stories about innovations in D&D. Add […] (continue)

International public engagement news & domestic learning opportunities

This post was submitted by Rosa Zubizarreta of DiaPraxis via our Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have field news you want to share with the rest of us? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! Hi all! I’ve begun translating some articles from the news media in Austria about their growing public participation efforts. This first article is called “Developing Self-Efficacy” by Selbst Wirksam Werden and was published in Biorama, an Austrian online magazine on sustainability. The English version can be found here, and here is […] (continue)

Featured D&D Story: Collaborative Master Planning

Today we’d like to feature another great example of dialogue and deliberation in action, Collaborative Master Planning. This mini case study was submitted by Karen Wianecki via NCDD’s new Dialogue Storytelling Tool, which we recently launched to collect stories from our members about their work. We know that there are plenty of other stories from our NCDD members out there that can teach key insights about working in dialogue, deliberation, and engagement. We want to hear them! Please add YOUR dialogue story today, and let us learn from you! Title of […] (continue)

Poverty & Wealth in America: the National Dialogue Network begins coordinated conversations

This post was submitted by John Spady of the National Dialogue Network via our Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have field news you want to share with the rest of us? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! NCDD member John Spady, who received our 2012 Catalyst Award for Civic Infrastructure, has announced that the National Dialogue Network achieved a major milestone on September 18 when it released its public Conversation Kit on the topic of Poverty & Wealth in America for voluntary and coordinated national conversations. To remember why NDN decided on […] (continue)

Making Municipal Laws More Accessible

We were quite impressed with the updated version of an innovative tool that our friends at the OpenGov Foundation have been working on that is called BaltimoreCode.org.  The website is designed to make the laws that govern Baltimore not only open and transparent, but open for comment, criticism, or input from everyday citizens. Today, BaltimoreCode.org doesn’t just give you a Google-level law search engine. It doesn’t just give you a modern, user-friendly experience. Now, you can speak out and comment directly on the laws of Baltimore […] (continue)

Kettering’s David Holwerth on the Question “What is a Citizen?”

Our partners at the Kettering Foundation recently posted about a write-up on their own David Holwerk’s talk at Rhodes University in South Africa on how journalists talk about citizens.  His remarks focused on the question, “What is a citizen?“, and how the answer is related to the role of the press in a democracy. In the U.S. Constitution, the role of the press is given explicit protections, ostensibly because a free press that can cover whatever it wants is an integral part of a well-functioning […] (continue)

Take advantage of your 25% NCDD discount with the Future Search Network!

This post was submitted by Jennifer Neumer of the Future Search Network via our Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have field news you want to share with the rest of us? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! Please join us this December 9 – 11, 2013 for the Future Search Training Workshop with Sandra Janoff. Save 25% off with your NCDD discount! We offer non-profit discounts as well! Managing a Future Search – A Learning Workshop (MFS) is for facilitators, leaders, students […] (continue)

Gathering photos of public meetings for Legal Frameworks project

NCDD is working with the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and National Civic League to “crowdsource” some great photos of public meetings.  What photos do you have that you feel depict what “bad” public meetings look like?  And do you have favorite photos that show what “good” public meetings can look like? Send in your photos this week via email, to NCDD’s Creative Director Andy Fluke (andy@ncdd.org). Send in the highest-quality versions you have, and include a by-line (photographer name, where taken, etc.) and verifies that this […] (continue)

Is Twitter Really the New Town Hall?

Our interest was piqued by two recent posts from the Gov 2.0 Watch blog (one of the blogs of the Davenport Institute, an NCDD org member). They have been posting recently about the ways social media can and is changing the way government interacts with the public, and we wanted to share two posts that provoke real considerations about how we should move forward with integrating social media into civic dialogue and deliberation. First, Gov 2.0 Watch shared the post below on Lessons from Spain to be […] (continue)

All-America City Award to spotlight healthy communities

Our friends at the National Civic League (an NCDD organizational member) recently announced the 2014 All-America City Awards.  This year’s awards will spotlight healthy communities. The year-round program will culminate in a multi-day peer learning forum and competition for civic activists and community problem-solvers to be held June, 2014 in Denver, Colorado.  I’d love to see some of you enter your cities and towns into this year’s competition! On August 20th, the National Civic League (NCL) announced the 2014 All-America City Award will spotlight healthy communities. […] (continue)