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AmericaSpeaks launches the American Square

NCDD organizational member AmericaSpeaks just launched a new online social network called The American Square.  It’s an online community rooted in the belief that our country needs to engage in vigorous, honest, and civil political debate to address the enormous challenges we face. You’re all invited to participate!  (Sign up at www.theamericansquare.org.) During AmericaSpeaks’ Our Budget, Our Economy initiative last summer, thousands of participants told the evaluation research team that they deeply appreciated the opportunity to hear from and engage with people who thought differently […] (continue)

Deliberative Agility

[The post below was originally written a couple weeks ago…but it appears to be even more relevant now as Congress edges closer to a vote on raising the debt ceiling. Can we make our deliberative community even more agile and responsive in these times when critical decisions are moving so quickly?] The TV ad said it well, “Life comes at you fast.” Well, these days…politics comes at you fast too! It was just last week that Rep. Paul Ryan debuted his $6 trillion budget plan…and today the House of […] (continue)

Fellowship teaches politicians civility, leadership

Thanks to Lily Cavanaugh for posting this April 23rd article from the Dayton Daily News in the NCDD LinkedIn group… Fellowship teaches politicians civility, leadership Democrats, Republicans learn together in all-expense-paid trips COLUMBUS — State Sen. Shannon Jones, former Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper and Secretary of State Jon Husted are among some 144 political leaders nationally who accepted all-expense-paid trips to places like Aspen, Colo., Beijing, New Delhi and Cairo during the past six years.  In a day and age of acrimony and incendiary […] (continue)

Demo of PMLINK 360 available for NCDDers

I wanted to encourage NCDDers to familiarize yourselves with PMLINK 360’s software, EngagEnterprise — a simple and affordable web-based stakeholder management tool.  PMLINK 360 was one of our All-Star Sponsors for the 2010 NCDD regional events.  We are so grateful to PMLINK 360 for their support, and I think their software would be a wonderful tool for some of you. Steve Artis at PMLINK 360 has created a free account for NCDDers so you can try out an online demo of their software. Learn more […] (continue)

PACE webinar to introduce LikeMinded

I received an announcement from Chris Gates of PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) the other day… next Monday, April 18 (2:00 to 3:00 Eastern), PACE will be holding a webinar featuring “LikeMinded” — the new project of the Craigslist Foundation that “helps community success stories travel better.” Reserve your webinar spot now at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/329646211. Craigslist Foundation’s LikeMinded project began with a simple observation in late 2009: people are doing great work in their local communities, but stories about that work frequently stay local or […] (continue)

Orton’s new must-see Planning Tool Exchange

I just added a resource listing about this bad boy to the NCDD Resource Center, but thought I'd mention it in the main blog as well. The Orton Family Foundation's new Planning Tool Exchange (which they've nicknamed "PlanIt X") is a free, community-driven website designed to help people find and share tools and resources to support community planning and civic engagement. (continue)

Winner of 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize announced

NCDD member Steven Clift sent this to the NCDD Discussion list this morning… (Note: I blogged about the amazing videos associated with this prize a few weeks ago here.) Over the past four weeks, 11,600 citizens in Germany were invited to select the winner for the Reinhard Mohn Prize 2011 out of the seven finalists. Voting is now over and the winner has been selected. In view of this year’s subject – democracy and participation – the Board of the Bertelsmann Stiftung decided that the […] (continue)

Will powerful conversations solve state and local budget crises?

What would happen if professional organizers and facilitators of dialogue and deliberation decisively and publicly demonstrated their capacity to help cities and states solve their biggest problem -- collapsing budgets -- and then broadly promoted that fact? (continue)

Participatory Budgeting Practices, Places, Games and Resources

A sampling of participatory budgeting info, in relatively raw form. Most of this material is about online public budgeting exercises, but some of it also describes the kind of face-to-face, seriously empowered mass-participatory civic budgeting processes developed in Brazil which have spread widely in the last decade or so. (continue)

Wonderful new videos from the Bertelsmann Foundation

A few days ago, the Bertelsmann Stiftung (Bertelsmann Foundation in the U.S.) added a bunch of new videos to its YouTube channel.  They really are must-see videos for people in our field; they’re very well-made videos (about 4 minutes long each) that feature the finalists in the 2011 Reinhard Mohn Prize.  I can see the videos being used in the classroom, in workshops, as part of presentations to local government, and so much more. I just added them to my dialogue & deliberation playlists on […] (continue)