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League of Extraordinary Trainers offering IAP2 Certificate Training this December

If you work in communications, public relations, public affairs, planning, public outreach and understanding, community development, advocacy, or lobbying, the NEW IAP2 Certificate Training, presented by The League of Extraordinary Trainers (one of our Partners for the 2012 NCDD conference), will help you to increase your skills and to be of even greater value to your employer. This is your chance to join the many thousands of practitioners worldwide who have completed the International Association for Public Participation certificate training. Presented by respected trainer Lewis Michaelson, the […] (continue)

Two new iPhone apps help voters process political ads

I wanted to share a quick post about two new iPhone apps that instantly shed light on political ads (often funded by 501c4 organizations that have loose disclosure requirements) while people are watching them. The apps have some implications for us in the dialogue and deliberation field.  Certainly having a more informed electorate is a value we all share and promote.  I wonder, though, how we can use apps like this to encourage people to take the next step and talk with each other about […] (continue)

“Shaping Our Future” Launch on Sept. 4 in Washington DC

Our friend Harry Boyte, National Coordinator of the American Commonwealth Partnership, wanted NCDDers to be aware of the Shaping Our Future launch event taking place on September 4th in DC. Below is the media advisory that went out this week on the event, which launches a yearlong, nationwide series of citizen dialogues on how higher education could do more, or operate differently, to strengthen America’s economy, culture, and civic participation. The project is being launched by a coalition of nonprofit and educational leaders on Tuesday, […] (continue)

Conflict and the Varied Gifts of Powerful Conversation

The power of conversation is real but not total. People sometimes take an oversimplified perspective of the power of dialogue, deliberation, and choice-creating to deal with tensions between people. EIther they think “just talk” can’t do much to resolve serious conflicts or they think talking can resolve any and every conflict. I think both perspectives fail to appreciate the specific gifts powerful conversation brings to the table in times of conflict. I’ll share here how I think about these potential gifts. It is important to […] (continue)

Engagement 3.0 conference call at 4pm Eastern tomorrow

If you’re serious about engagement, you stopped expecting people to just come to your meetings a long time ago. And if you’re really serious about engagement, you know that even social media and block parties can’t help you reach all the people in your community. The next frontiers in innovative public engagement include a whole range of options, from games to placemaking to diversity training – and critical combinations of strategies old and new. Participate in tomorrow’s CommunityMatters conference call to find out how to take engagement […] (continue)

Book Club Final Week: Constructive Politics as Public Work

Our summer book club on Democratizing Deliberation comes to a close this week, with Harry Boyte’s chapter “Constructive Politics as Public Work: Organizing the Literature.”  Like Harry, this week’s chapter leader, Wendy Willis, is an extraordinary leader in her own right — Wendy is Executive Director of the Policy Consensus Initiative and Deputy Director for Research of the National Policy Consensus Center. Wendy’s first book of poems, Blood Sisters of the Republic, will be released by Press 53 on October 1. Chapter Summary by Wendy Willis… It’s […] (continue)

Davenport Institute’s 2012 grants for CA public engagement

Here are some details about the 2012 Public Engagement Grant Program run by the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine University (formerly Common Sense California). The grant is open to municipalities and civic organizations in California.  This year, the Davenport Institute will be awarding 2-4 grants, with a maximum individual grant amount of $20,000 for a total of around $50,000 in funded consulting services. Prior to beginning their public engagement campaign, grantees will receive training and consultation from the Davenport Institute to build understanding […] (continue)

Fall 2012 IAP2 certificate training events

If you work in communications, public relations, public affairs, planning, public outreach and understanding, community development, advocacy, or lobbying, the IAP2 certificate training given by The League of Extraordinary Trainers will help you to increase your skills and to be of even greater value to your employer. New in 2012: Dues-paying NCDD members receive a 10% discount ($315/training day) on all trainings — and a 20% ($280/training day) discount if you register by the Early Bird Deadline. Upcoming Fall trainings: BOSTON September 17-21, 2012 Trainer: Wendy Green […] (continue)

Check Out this Fantastic Online Deliberation Infographic

Usually we only highlight accompanying graphs or artwork when featuring new books, or teaching tools, or other really great resources, but I want to turn that around and share the following fantastic infographic created by Laura Black and Amy Lee for a recent paper focused on the current state of online deliberation… The graphic accompanies a really interesting Kettering Foundation working paper that we just added to to the NCDD Resource Center,  The Promise and Problems of Online Deliberation by Laura W. Black, an assistant professor […] (continue)

How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want?

In April, the National Issues Forums began encouraging dialogues focused on the role of higher ed in our society centered around their latest issue guide Shaping Our Future: How Should Higher Education Help Us Create the Society We Want? — recently featured in NCDD’s resource center.  Last week they posted more information about future plans for the issue guide and the topic, and are encouraging involvement across the country.  From their latest announcement… Are you concerned about the rising cost of higher education? Are the […] (continue)