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Group Decision Tip: Agenda Setting Access

In principle, if we are a group of relative equals, deciding how we are going to spend our time together should be a group decision, or at least the group should decide the agenda-setting process. Further, every group member should understand the agenda-setting process and have access to it. In many groups, agenda setting is closely guarded by the majority or the chair and is often used to limit opposition. In most political systems, being able to control the agenda is a huge source of […] (continue)

Preston Manning proposes facilitator role for government

There was an interesting article posted on Ottawa, Canada-focused iPolitics today, titled Preston Manning wants government to be a facilitator. Author Don Lenihan (Vice President of Engagement at the Public Policy Forum in Ottawa) reflects on a vision laid out by Canadian conservative politician Preston Manning, of “government as facilitator.” The article begins… “Government as Facilitator” was the theme of a two-day conference in Ottawa this week, where Preston Manning laid out his vision for the modern role of the state. The event attracted senior ministers from […] (continue)

Launch of Washington State’s Community Forums Network!

Congratulations to Carrie Shaw, Executive Director of the just-launched Community Forums Network (an NCDD organizational member) — a new sister organization to the Countywide Community Forums of King County. CFN’s scope no longer pertains solely to county issues but now addresses issues of statewide significance and interest. As Countywide Community Forums’ John Spady commented this morning in the NCDD facebook group, “CFN has created a new framework for expanded civic engagement in the State of Washington that offers all residents the opportunity to weigh in […] (continue)

Learning from Angry Birds for Digital Public Engagement

Digital democracy pioneer Chris Quigley presented yesterday at a digital democracy event in Vancouver that I organized in collaboration with Simon Fraser University, which offers the Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement. Over 30 Vancouverites heard about Chris’ work with Delib, a UK-based online engagement firm with experience working with governments in Canada, the United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Read Chris’ summary of the presentation. One of the most useful takeaways was Chris’ Angry Birds inspired thoughts on how to use the principles of gaming […] (continue)

9 Effective Engagement Tactics Utilized at the DC One City Summit

We were blown away by the usefulness of this post, so we asked post author Joseph Porcelli — who’s the Director of GovDelivery & GovLoop Engagement Services — for permission to cross-post it here on the NCDD blog. Check out his other blog posts at JosephPorcelli.com, where he shares his thoughts, experiences, information and media about citizen and stakeholder engagement in hopes of meeting and enjoying dialogue with others who share his passion. As an engagement strategist still recovering from chronic burnout as a result […] (continue)

Audio and Google doc from NCDD’s February confab call

Last week’s confab call was great, and if you couldn’t join us we highly recommend you listen to the audio recording.  We featured NCDD members Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar, discussing their DDC report “Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public,” engaging callers in their learnings about state and federal public officials’ views on public engagement (or lack thereof) and some of their recommendations for the field going forward. We had 70 participants, many thoughtful comments (during the call and in the Google […] (continue)

Tour of Media Coverage for AmericaSpeaks’ One City Summit

I wanted to share excerpts from a few media pieces about the One City Summit held on February 11th in D.C. by NCDD organizational member AmericaSpeaks.  Most groups in our field work on a smaller scale or run their programs over a longer period of time (which is less media-grabbing), so it’s always interesting to see what the response is from the media and in the blogosphere to AmericaSpeaks’ events. First, a bit of background… 1,700 DC citizens were brought together at the DC Convention […] (continue)

Final reminder about today’s NCDD confab

I’m so excited about today’s Confab call!  You have 2 more hours before the call, so if you want to join us and haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so at www.ncdd.org/community/confabreg-feb2012 to access the call-in details. 75 people are registered, so it promises to be a rich, well-attended call.  We’ll be talking with two impressive ladies in our field, Tina Nabatchi of Syracuse University and Cynthia Farrar of Purple States, about learnings and next steps from their DDC report on public officials’ views on public engagement. The 90-minute call is […] (continue)

Deadline Extended for NIF Conversation on National Debt

The National Issues Forums has announced an extension to the deadline for reporting on local dialogue & deliberative forums on their current, featured issue, the National Debt.  Interested groups can participate in the conversation, adding their voices to the eventual report, by contacting an NIF regional coordinator.  From their announcement… The Congressional Super Committee did not resolve the debt issue, and we believe it will not be resolved any time soon. The national debt is going to be with us for a long time and is […] (continue)

Time to register for next Thursday’s NCDD Confab!

Don’t forget to register for next week’s NCDD Confab Call with Tina Nabatchi and Cynthia Farrar!  The Confab will take place next Thursday, February 23rd from 1:00 to 2:30 Eastern (10-11:30 Pacific). An impressive group of over 20 leaders in our field have already signed up for the call. Tina Nabatchi is an assistant professor of public administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Cynthia Farrar is CEO and Executive Producer at Purple States LLC. NCDD’s “Confab calls” are opportunities for members of the […] (continue)