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New Post by Noelle McAfee on Town Hall Democracy

Noelle McAfee posted to her blog, GonePublic, yesterday about the need for more deliberative town halls. Noelle is a professor at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. View Town Hall Democracy on Noelle’s site, or read over the re-post here. You can see a list of other articles, posts, etc. people in our field have published in response to the recent health care town halls at www.ncdd.org/1644. Noelle concludes her post with: We need to find ways to start deliberating […] (continue)

Must-Read NY Times Article on Civic Participation, Open Gov't and Social Media

There was a fantastic article (‘Athens’ on the Net) by Anand Giridharadas in Sunday’s New York Times, on the relationship between civic participation, open government and social media.  This is a must-read for everyone involved in public dialogue and deliberation.  (Congratulations NCDD member Jim Fishkin, who is quoted several times in the article!) Part of the article is below; read the full article at www.nytimes.com/2009/09/13/weekinreview/13giridharadas.html?_r=1. ‘Athens’ on the Net September 13, 2009, New York Times By ANAND GIRIDHARADAS Perhaps the biggest big idea to gather […] (continue)

Free Nat'l Civic Review issue on decision-making in local government

I received the following announcement from PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) a few days ago.  A special issue of the National Civic Review (the National Civic League‘s quarterly journal) was just released that focuses on cutting edge forms of dialogue, deliberation and public decision-making at the local government level.  NCL teamed up with PACE to create this special issue, which is based on the recent PACE white paper by Mike McGrath, “The New Laboratories of Democracy: How Local Government is Reinventing Civic Engagement.” To […] (continue)

Town Hall Op-Ed in Manhattan Mercury

Here’s a good example of an adaptation and elaboration of the NCDD Upgrading the Way We Do Politics article. The following article, prepared by the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at Kansas State University, appeared as a column in The Manhattan Mercury on Sunday, August 23, and it has been submitted to several other papers across Kansas… Town hall meetings held on healthcare legislation across the country are exploding with emotion, frustration, and conflict.  Citizens are showing up in throngs to protest and shout […] (continue)

Take Part in a CDC Online Dialogue on the H1N1 Flu Virus Vaccination Program

The CDC is seeking public input on its H1N1 flu virus vaccination program, and the organizers wanted to extend a special invitation to NCDDers (though to be clear, everyone is welcome to participate!).  The first dialogue begins this Wednesday and the second will begin a week from Monday (Aug 31). Voice your Opinions:  Public Engagement Dialogue on the H1N1 Vaccination Program The public is invited to participate in a two-day WebDialogue to give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) input on its voluntary […] (continue)

Holding Better Town Hall Meetings on Healthcare: 3 Articles You Are Welcome to Use

NCDD members have been sharing insights and tips–on our listservs and in various op-eds, blog posts, and more–on how legislators can engage citizens in ways that are more participatory and more productive than what we’ve seen in the news lately. In addition to a colorful one-page handout we created for you to print and share with public officials and other leaders in your community, here are three articles we hope you’ll share widely: 1.  My full article (about 2.5 pages long in Word), titled “Upgrading […] (continue)

Members of the D&D Community Respond to Health Care Town Halls on Blogs, Radio Programs & More

Here is a compilation of some of the best thinking and writing that has come out of our field in the past couple of weeks in response to the volatile town hall meetings on health care being held across the country. Please add a comment if you notice we’ve missed something important! Upgrading the Way We Do Politics: Article by Sandy Heierbacher Based on many of the items listed below (especially the recent conversation on this topic on the NCDD listserv), NCDD has put together […] (continue)

Larry Susskind's Advice for Officials Holding Town Hall Meetings on Health Care Reform

Below is part of Larry Susskind’s most recent post on his blog, The Consensus Building Approach. Larry provides some practical advice Congresspeople can easily follow for town hall meetings they’re holding now, based on decades of experience facilitating public dialogue in politically charged situations: 1. Begin by saying that you want to hear what the audience has to say. Ask 5 volunteers to come up on the stage to ask whatever questions or make whatever statements they think are important. Invite them up. Make it […] (continue)

Dealing With High Emotion and 'Staged Anger': Tips for Legislators

We’re in the midst of a great conversation on the main NCDD listserv about the violence and mayhem at town hall meetings on health care legislation, and what our community of practice can/should do to help ensure future political events are more democratic and productive.  A lot of thoughtful posts have been added by people you may have heard of like Pete Peterson, Barnett Pearce, Kenoli Oleari, John Godec and a number of others.  Here’s the latest post, from Martin Carcasson, Director of Colorado State […] (continue)

Public Input Sought on How to Bring Broadband to All Americans

I received this announcement today from both Beth Noveck and Greg Nelson…  Please share widely! Kudos to the FCC for finding innovative ways to engage the public in an on-going dialogue about a National Broadband Plan to bring broadband to all Americans.  I attended this morning’s opening workshop – the first of more than 20 such workshops at the FCC.  If you weren’t there live, you could have watched it on the web or participated in Second Life.  And if you missed it, you can […] (continue)