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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The TV show, Cheers, ran for eleven seasons during the 80s and early 90s with a tagline that made everyone feel good…‘where everybody knows your name.’ A group of unlikely friends went through some good times and some bad times while making us laugh…and these characters became part of our lives, because we knew their names too! Like most really successful TV shows, it captured some important components of society…so the public could inspect and appreciate them in a user-friendly format. In Cheers, the characters […] (continue)

Comments Sought on Final Draft of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard

Cross-posted from Beth Offenbacker’s PublicDecisions blog… Many folks have been following the development of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard over these last few years.  The final draft of this international standard for stakeholder engagement has been released for review and comment at http://accountabilityaa1000wiki.net/wiki/. According to the project website, the goal of the revision was to move the standard away from being mostly “a CSR process and [to] make it more strategically relevant for engagements across businesses, governments and other organisations. The new AA1000SES needs to […] (continue)

Opportunity for NCDDers to help shape No Labels’ activities

An appeal to NCDD colleagues, from leadership at NCDD and the Public Conversations Project: As some of you will have noticed, No Labels has been the subject of lively discussion on the NCDD listserv in recent weeks.  This month-old effort has Democratic, Republican and Independent leadership and aims to counter what it calls ‘hyper-partisanship” in national, particularly Congressional, politics. The founders’ consistent message has been that they are not about issues but about shifting the “attitudes and behaviors” of elected leaders towards civility and cooperative […] (continue)

RFQ for help creating public engagement policy

I was contacted today by Sonam Shah of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (based in San Francisco, CA), who wanted to share an RFQ with NCDDers.  I think some of you will be very interested in this opportunity to help create a comprehensive district-wide policy and plan for public engagement. Importantly, one of the qualifications they’re seeking is “experience developing and drafting Public Engagement Policies and Plans for public agencies with multi-county jurisdictions and regulatory authority.” This 9-month project (estimated for March through […] (continue)

Hope for the Next Generations

Our young people need some public engagement tools for the really tough decisions that face them. Today I was completing a survey about the future challenges of our children and youth…completing a colleague’s deliberative survey, because she’d already completed mine. My wife and I are very blessed to have six amazing grandchildren — and as I completed the survey about their future, I was picturing them 20 years from now, having to face some hugely complex and troubling public problems. How will they be able […] (continue)

IAP2 seeks Professional Development Manager for 2011

I just heard about this new contract position from Moira Deslandes, executive director of IAP2.  It is anticipated that this role will be equivalent to three days a week for 2011.  Full details can be downloaded here, but here are the basics… IAP2 is a professional association for individuals, groups and businesses working in the field of public participation.  Members exist in over 20 countries and the Association is currently expanding its reach as public participation grows in value through the democratization of decision-making. For […] (continue)

Deliberative Hospitality

Let’s face it…the public is not comfortable with the idea of public engagement. Thanks to numerous, ugly media video clips of angry, out-of-control people at town hall meetings, it’s no wonder that most citizens would rather have a root canal than attend any public gathering to discuss a potentially divisive community issue. This is a troublesome reality for those of us who want to coax our neighbors into community conversations that could actually solve some of our problems. How do we get people to show […] (continue)

Two articles on dialogue and civic involvement in USA Today

Thanks to Bill Potapchuk for alerting the NCDD listserv about this tonight! Community involvement important across demographic lines By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY, December 8, 2010 This article (and video) in USA Today features our friends at the National League of Cities, Connecting with the Community in Longmont, CO, and Portsmouth Listens in Portsmouth, N.H.  http://content.usatoday.com/news/americawants/story/2010/12/Community-involvement-important-across-demographic-lines/41598136 Citizen involvement helps build sense of community By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY, December 8, 2010 This article mentions Portsmouth Listens as well, talks about participatory budgeting and […] (continue)

Does the White House need a democracy strategy?

Will the Obama Administration develop a democracy reform strategy that employs the democratic principles evident in the 2008 campaign? “We were so focused on getting things done that we forgot to change how we get things done,” said the president after the 2010 midterms. “A Vital Moment,” my white paper for the Bertelsmann Foundation, describes the muddled state of the Administration’s thinking about citizenship, and suggests some potential directions for the democracy reform movement. (continue)

GSA looking for input on ExpertNet platform draft concept

Tim Bonnemann shared this important announcement on the main NCDD listserv today… The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) requests input, comment, and ideas from the public on a draft concept for next-generation citizen consultation, namely a government-wide software tool and process to elicit expert public participation (working title “ExpertNet”). ExpertNet would tap the expertise of the public in a manageable and structured format. The goal of ExpertNet is to enable government officials to search for and communicate with citizens who have expertise on a topic, […] (continue)