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NCoC’s Call for Civic Health Partners

The National Conference on Citizenship’s civic health initiatives are, according to their mission, “efforts to explore America’s civic life and motivate citizens, leaders, and policymakers to strengthen it.  Through analysis and initiatives, we call attention to what we learn, make it applicable to our action planning, and help take an evidence-based approach to helping our communities and country thrive.” Believing that information about communities is essential for dialogue and encouraging participation, the NCoC wants to “call attention to what we learn, make it applicable to […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: In-front-of Messaging

In principle, when I talk in front of a group, even if my words are directed to an individual, I am sending multiple messages. Leaders, politicians especially, are acutely aware of who they are speaking in front of and often deliver messages designed to impact multiple groups and influence multiple issues. When I look toward the back seat and ask my teenage daughter a question in front of her friends, I know that the answer she gives is mostly a message to her friends. When […] (continue)

New training discount added for NCDDers: League of Extraordinary Trainers

We just added a new set of trainings to our ever-growing list of great discounts for NCDD members who opt to pay dues.  The League of Extraordinary Trainers — eight highly seasoned practitioners and trainers who are now working together to offer the IAP2 certificate course and other trainings — are reaching out to NCDDers by offering discounted rates on all their programs. Visit www.ncdd.org/discounts to see all the discounts we’ve negotiated for our dues-paying members, and to learn more about the League of Extraordinary […] (continue)

Facilitators Needed for DC “One City Summit” Event

There’s an upcoming AmericaSpeaks event in DC that their outreach coordinator asked me to share.  Details from their recent announcement can be found below… AmericaSpeaks begins 2012 with an exciting project, the One City Summit, bringing together 1,000 residents from all eight wards of the District of Columbia for a frank and open conversation about what it means for Washington to become a more livable, vibrant, inclusive “One City.” Skilled, neutral table facilitation will be a critical element at this meeting, so we hope you will […] (continue)

NCDD to co-sponsor the Intl Conference on Participatory Budgeting

It looks like NCDD will be a proud co-sponsor of the first International Conference on Participatory Budgeting in the US and Canada, which will take place March 30-31, 2012, in New York City!  We’re happy to play a role in supporting this event, as participatory budgeting is one of the fastest-growing forms of public engagement in the U.S., and we’d like to see more NCDD members stepping into this work. I heard from Josh Lerner yesterday that workshop slots are filling up quite fast, so […] (continue)

Input from NCDD and DDC for Open Gov Action Plan

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) and the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC) submitted a joint statement to Aneesh Chopra, US Chief Technology Officer, on January 2nd–and we’d like to invite you to show your support of the submission if you’re interested. As we previously announced, Chopra posted a request on the White House website on December 6th seeking input and recommendations on how to help improve, facilitate, and evaluate public participation in government for the U.S. Open Government National Action Plan. Despite the brief […] (continue)

It’s Time for ALL of Us to Focus on Electoral Reform

Robert Steele of the We the People Reform Coalition thinks NCDDers should focus their efforts on the issue of electoral reform? What do you think? Comment here or email Robert with your thoughts. (continue)

A Greater Platform

Here’s an Idea Incubator post from Jon Denn of organizational member A Greater Publishing… Common-sense supermajority-supported answers, to many of our most pressing problems, abound. But they cannot be easily found and honed because of the hyperpartisan smokescreen. www.aGREATER.US is the only place I know of where these ideas can be aggregated. Then rated and ranked. But the final step in honing them into a platform requires the expertise of NCDDers. I’m looking for NCDDers to adopt a topic (existing or new) and set up […] (continue)

New book on online consultation in U.S. and Europe

Supporting member Peter Shane (visiting professor of law at Harvard Law School) shared this announcement on the NCDD Discussion List yesterday… I am thrilled to announce the publication by MIT Press of, “Connecting Democracy:  Online Consultation and the Flow of Political Communication,” edited by Stephen Coleman and me.  The book is a collaborative project of 19 researchers investigating the experience and potential of online consultation in the United States and Europe. The following paragraph from the introductory chapter gives a flavor of our framework:  “A […] (continue)

Check out the new & improved Participedia.net

The new and improved beta version of Participedia is up and running at www.participedia.net.  Participedia is a collaborative online repository of case studies, organizations, and methods in the field of democratic innovation and public engagement. If you added content to the old wiki version, our friends at Participedia suggest you log in (your old login and password should work), update your user profile, and check on your earlier submissions to see if updates are in order. Some of the features new features of this version […] (continue)