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GSA looking for input on ExpertNet platform draft concept

Tim Bonnemann shared this important announcement on the main NCDD listserv today… The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) requests input, comment, and ideas from the public on a draft concept for next-generation citizen consultation, namely a government-wide software tool and process to elicit expert public participation (working title “ExpertNet”). ExpertNet would tap the expertise of the public in a manageable and structured format. The goal of ExpertNet is to enable government officials to search for and communicate with citizens who have expertise on a topic, […] (continue)

‘Build a Great Community…Together’…But How?

It’s not enough to just survive! That’s why this simple mission statement for communities is so powerful…and why it can become a pervasive public engagement effort in many places across the country: ‘Build a great community…together’ (BAGCT). It’s a bold statement…open-ended enough to be meaningful in many unique settings, yet action-oriented and totally inclusive. BAGCT can be the focus of projects by city and county governments, non-profit coalitions, dialogue and deliberation practitioners, community organizers, religious organizations, foundations and ad hoc neighborhood organizations. Let’s decide first […] (continue)

10 tips from Greg Keidan on engaging residents in regional community planning

Here’s a great list of tips from Greg Keidan‘s 11/18/10 post on the new AmericaSpeaks blog.  Greg works with Terry Amsler at the Institute for Local Government’s Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance Program. Greg is currently researching strategies for involving residents in regional sustainable community planning, which is a hot topic right now in California.  He outlines a few of the challenges local and regional government agencies are facing as they seek to engage residents in this issue (including the fact that “regional sustainable community […] (continue)

IJP2 folded into JPD

More big news from IAP2… IAP2’s International Journal for Public Participation (IJP2) has “joined” the DDC’s Journal of Public Deliberation (JPD). The post “IAP2 Joins Journal of Public Deliberation” is online at http://iap2usa.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/iap2-joins-journal-of-public-deliberation/.  Lyn Carson is the essay editor and the main contacts (co-editors) for the JPD are David Procter and Timothy Steffensmeier of Kansas State University’s Institute for Civic Discousrse and Democracy. Carson, David and Timothy are all NCDD members, so you can click on their names to learn more about them in the […] (continue)

U.S. affiliate of IAP2 launched

I thought some NCDDers would be interested to know that the Board of Directors of IAP2 (the International Association of Public Participation) announced on the 17th the approval of a new U.S. affiliate. IAP2 has been transitioning to a new “federation model” for the past 6 months or so, and an official U.S. affiliate (IAP2 USA) is an important step in that process. A number of NCDD members who are also involved in IAP2 have been working on the affiliate application, including Tim Bonnemann, Nancy […] (continue)

NCDDers are invited to upcoming GovLoop/GSA events

Steve Ressler (GovLoop Founder and President) and I have a little arrangement.  He recently featured our 5 upcoming regional events on GovLoop, and I want to make sure NCDDers know about the GovUp events. In conjunction with GSA, GovLoop has been doing a nationwide (12) city GovUp tour this fall. GovUps are free “MeetUp-style” evening networking events of fed/state/local/university govies (and future govies) with a great speaker (such as NYC Deputy Mayor, San Fran CIO).  They’re a great way to network and meet government practitioners. […] (continue)

New Resource on Legislation Supporting Citizen Participation

Just wanted to point your attention to a resource I added to the NCDD Resource Center yesterday on legal frameworks / legislation that supports dialogue, deliberation and public engagement work. The new listing at http://ncdd.org/rc/item/4341 describes and links to 3 resources to help you get a sense of the kinds of legislation that can and do support citizen engagement in governance and decision-making–-an NCDD listserv compilation, an amazing article by Lisa Bingham, and a 2003 global compilation by LogoLink. (continue)

Portland City Council adopts Public Involvement Principles

Below is an August 16, 2010 news release from our friends at the Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Portland is pretty ahead of the curve, in my opinion… On August 4th, the Portland City Council unanimously adopted public involvement principles to guide the City’s public involvement processes on August 4.  The principles are designed to explain what the public can expect from City government.  Principles include partnership, early involvement, building relationships and community capacity, inclusiveness and equity, good quality process design and implementation, transparency, and […] (continue)

An Experiment in Blending Dialogue Media

What’s working in our political system? What isn’t? Our company is OnlineTownhalls and we are passionate about improving the quality of our national dialogue. We recently joined the Open Model for Citizen Engagement Working Group here in Washington, DC which inspired us to give this a shot. From June 23-27, 2010 we are conducting an experiment called the American Townhall on National Politics. Our mission is to find deeper ways to discuss critical issues facing our democracy combining tools for discussion online, in-person, and over […] (continue)

New report by Barnett & Kim Pearce on public managers' views of public engagement

The February 2010 report to the Kettering Foundation, “Aligning the Work of Government to Strengthen the Work of Citizens: A Study of Public Administrators in Local and Regional Government,” was written by my friends (and NCDD members) Barnett Pearce (pictured here) and Kimberly A. Pearce. The Pearces’ report surveys California administrative leaders from cities and counties, noting their changing views of “public engagement.” The main research question for the study was “What do public administrators need to know and to do in order to promote […] (continue)