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Facing Up to the Nation's Finances Engages Policymakers in Dialogue

Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances (www.FacingUp.org) is a nonpartisan initiative that is working to enable more Americans to confront and work through realistic choices for addressing the nation’s long-term financial condition. The Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances initiative aims to move the conversation about the federal budget challenge away from individual spending bills and discretionary spending and toward a larger discussion of how to address entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare that will explode as baby boomers retire in the coming years, […] (continue)

New Publications About Public Engagement on Nanotechnologies Available Online

On 26 June two new publications about public engagement on nanotechnologies were launched at a conference in London. The conference was cohosted by Involve, Demos and the Science and Democracy Network. (For commentaries from the launch, see Nature, vol 448, Issue 7149 or Professor Richard Jones’ blog). To read synopses of these two new publications, read on! (continue)

Mobilize.org launches applications for the Party for the Presidency

Mobilize.org‘s Party for the Presidency Conference is coming up in Hollywood, CA on December 29 – 31, 2007. The Party for the Presidency is a leadership development conference that will bring together the 435 individuals (one from each Congressional district) to learn from one another and unite behind a common vision – Democracy 2.0. Each individual will be nominated as a top young activist demonstrating a citizen-centered approach to engagement in their community. They will be given the opportunity to present their best practices, learn […] (continue)

IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter Training Workshops Set for Aug. 13-14

On August 13 and 14th the Great Lakes Chapter of the International Association for Public Participation is offering two full days of training in Madison, Wisconsin. On August 13, the Chapter presents “Using Online Tools to Support Public Participation” and on August 14th, the Chapter presents “Affirmative Design – Inclusive Public Participation in Diverse Communities.” Each training is $175 each or $325 for both days. Training Location: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St. Madison, WI 53706. For more information and registration, visit http://www.iap2.org/cde.cfm?event=173523. Or read on […] (continue)

UN Publishes Book on Participatory Dialogue

NCDD Member Juli Fellows just sent us word about a new book published by the United Nations called Participatory Dialogue: Toward a Stable, Safe and Just Society for All. According to the UN’s summary, the book “offers an overview of social integration and related concepts, explores the role and principles of participatory dialogue in creating more socially cohesive societies, and provides practical examples of dialogue use and dialogic tools…[It] also reviews global trends influencing social integration dynamics, and examines what elements are essential to creating […] (continue)

St. Louis Launches Community Conversations

On July 10, FOCUS St. Louis officially launched its online Community Conversations Forum featuring insights from key regional leaders regarding critical issues. The program is an opportunity for everyone in the region to have a conversation with leadership and with each other. The idea behind this is to bridge divides (e.g., geographic, cultural, social) and build understanding about complex issues. Conversational threads focusing on priority regional issue areas have been started by the following regional leaders: St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay (Regional Stewardship), Missouri […] (continue)

OpenCongress Launches Online Tools

OpenCongress is a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource that aims to make Congress more transparent and to encourage civic engagement. They have just launched a new “Tools” section at www.opencongress.org/tools. Some of these tools use open-source code to make it easier to share info about Congress, and some are useful new resources for greater government transparency. Here’s what you’ll find there: 1. OpenCongress Syndication Panel: an easy way to display info from OpenCongress on your website. Simply choose what you’d like to show: […] (continue)

By the People Kicks off Preparations for 2007 Dialogues

This year’s major By the People initiative is “Dialogues in Democracy: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Conducted in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, it will involve a range of events, designed to remind citizens that the American experience is built on their shared ownership of the democratic values of the founders. In late October, By the People—through its local public television and community organization partners– will host Citizen Deliberations in 11 communities around the country focused on the rights and responsibilities of […] (continue)

CaliforniaSpeaks Event Seeking Facilitators

As some of you may know, AmericaSpeaks (www.americaspeaks.org) is convening CaliforniaSpeaks this August in California. CaliforniaSpeaks is a non-partisan discussion that will present to the public the major reforms that have been proposed by political leaders. Californians will learn about the different options and make choices about what the state should do. The product of the discussions will be presented to the Governor and legislative leadership to influence legislation that is being considered in Sacramento. For more information about CaliforniaSpeaks visit: www.californiaspeaks.org. They are recruiting […] (continue)

Announcing the CitizenPost Blog

Last summer the Case Foundation published Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement. The publication generated so much discussion and debate that the authors decided to launch CitizenPost blog (www.citizenpost.blogspot.com) to continue the discussion. Focused on all things “citizen-centered,” the blog attempts to dig down into how to make civic engagement, civic discourse, political involvement, volunteering, and other good practices part and parcel of everyday life rather than something people do in their spare time or occasionally. The blog is full of […] (continue)