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Jane’s Walk: Celebrating The Legacy of Jane Jacobs

As planners, architects, and passionate urbanists, we regularly ponder new ways to engage the public and get them motivated to be involved in planning projects. Besides the new tools for public engagement available today, we believe it is important to keep hands-on approaches to public engagement as part of the mix. Similarly, we are passionate about sharing with our readers success stories and insights from thought leaders within the planning industry, such as that of the legendary grassroots urbanist Jane Jacobs, which might inspire them to make their communities more livable, or shall we say, “walkable”. (continue)

Report on White House’s July 22nd OGP Meeting

As posted here on the 20th, NCDD was invited to send 2 reps to Friday's meeting with White House officials and other open gov stakeholder groups, and we sent NCDD Board member Lucas Cioffi and Wayne Burke of the Open Forum Foundation (an NCDD organizational member). This is Lucas' report on the meeting on the Open Government Partnership. (continue)

Meeting with White House officials this Friday

I was invited by Nicholas Fraser of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to have two NCDD representatives attend a one-hour discussion in DC this Friday with White House officials and 6 or 7 additional stakeholder groups.  The invitation described the meeting as an opportunity for White House officials “to hear your thoughts on a proposed US National Plan per the Open Government Partnership.” OGP is a new global, multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, […] (continue)

Libraries and civic engagement survey from the ALA Center for Civic Life

Libraries and Civic Engagement Survey–Help the American Library Association Center for Civic Life Learn More About Your Library’s Activities (continue)

Governor signs historical Citizens’ Initiative Review bill into law!

Our friends at Healthy Democracy Oregon posted this on the NCDD Facebook page earlier tonight.  Governor Kitzhaber signed the Citizens’ Initiative Review Bill today, which is a huge step for deliberative democracy in the U.S.! Way to go, Elliot and Ty, and everyone else involved!! Governor Signs Historical Citizens’ Initiative Review Bill into law! | Healthy Democracy Oregon healthydemocracyoregon.org Bipartisan legislation continuing the Citizens’ Initiative Review has been signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber, making Oregon the first state in the nation to pass such […] (continue)

Linkedin group on online community engagement launched

Announcing a new group on LinkedIn to talk about online community engagement to bring together people with backgrounds in the diverse sectors of traditional f2f community engagement, social media marketing, and technology development to talk to and learn from each other. (continue)

United? Let’s act like it.

Osama Bin Laden has been brought to justice nearly 10 years after the worst terrorist attack on American soil in our history. I remember well how united we felt as Americans after September 11, 2001. I'm sure every President has called for a "United America" at one time or another -- Clinton had a "One America" initiative focused on uniting Americans across racial lines; Bush focused on the need for a "strong and united" America after 9-11, and Obama talks about the importance of working together across partisan lines in almost every speech. (continue)

Three new blogs from the Davenport Institute

Pete Peterson asked me to share some news about his organization, the Davenport Institute, with NCDDers.  Many of you know Pete as the Executive Director of Common Sense California, and remember him from the popular “conservatives panel” we held at the 2008 NCDD national conference in Austin.  As we announced last July, Common Sense CA has changed homes and morphed into the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership at Pepperdine University. Pete wanted me to let you know that the Institute’s new website […] (continue)

AmericaSpeaks launches the American Square

NCDD organizational member AmericaSpeaks just launched a new online social network called The American Square.  It’s an online community rooted in the belief that our country needs to engage in vigorous, honest, and civil political debate to address the enormous challenges we face. You’re all invited to participate!  (Sign up at www.theamericansquare.org.) During AmericaSpeaks’ Our Budget, Our Economy initiative last summer, thousands of participants told the evaluation research team that they deeply appreciated the opportunity to hear from and engage with people who thought differently […] (continue)

Deliberative Agility

[The post below was originally written a couple weeks ago…but it appears to be even more relevant now as Congress edges closer to a vote on raising the debt ceiling. Can we make our deliberative community even more agile and responsive in these times when critical decisions are moving so quickly?] The TV ad said it well, “Life comes at you fast.” Well, these days…politics comes at you fast too! It was just last week that Rep. Paul Ryan debuted his $6 trillion budget plan…and today the House of […] (continue)