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New research or academic articles of note to the D&D community.

Innovative Journalism Can Take Public Conversation to Scale

We have barely begun to use major media and journalism – both old and new forms – to scale up the impact of powerful public conversations about public issues beyond the rooms and online forums where those conversations take place. Our societies urgently need innovations and development in the area of public conversation journalism in order to bring collective intelligence and community wisdom into our policy-making and into the everyday activities of ordinary citizens and organizations. In this post I want to highlight the most […] (continue)

Beyond the Polls on Americans’ Feelings on Gov’t

This post comes from Beyond the Polls, a joint blogging initiative from Public Agenda, the National Issues Forums Institute, and the Kettering Foundation – all of which are NCDD organizational partners. We hope you’ll take moment to read about the latest insights they’ve gained from recent polls on opinions about government, which you can read below or find here. Do Americans Really Loathe The Federal Government? What does it mean when fewer than 1 in 5 Americans say they are satisfied with the federal government? Over […] (continue)

PAGE Fellowship Opportunity for Grad Students

We recently heard about a great opportunity for our grad student members from NCDD supporting member Steven Kull, and we wanted to make sure to share it with you. The Imagining America initiative is a great venue for scholars to integrate civic engagement into their work , and we encourage you to learn more about their PAGE network below or by clicking here.  Publicly Active Graduate Education (PAGE) is Imagining America’s network for publicly engaged graduate students in humanities, arts, and design. PAGE enhances the theoretical and practical […] (continue)

Review of Rosa Zubizarreta’s New Book, “From Conflict to Creative Collaboration”

We are happy to share the post below from NCDD organizational member Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute, which came via our great Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! I just finished reading NCDD member Rosa Zubizarreta’s new book From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User’s Guide to Dynamic Facilitation. I’m quite excited. I’ve known about “DF” for fifteen years, and I’ve never seen it described as clearly and compellingly […] (continue)

Call for Papers for Journal of Dialogue Studies 2:2

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the post below about a great opportunity, which came from NCDD member Frances Sleap of Dialogue Society via our Submit-to-Blog Form. Do you have news you want to share with the NCDD network? Just click here to submit your news post for the NCDD Blog! In November this blog (to the delight of its editorial team here at the Dialogue Society) announced the launch of the Journal of Dialogue Studies. The Journal aims to promote in-depth academic exploration and evaluation of the theory […] (continue)

ICMA’s State of the Profession Survey Results

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) recently released the results of its 2012 State of the Profession survey, and we think that the results make good food for thought. From feelings about the purposes of public engagement to the state of civic discourse, the survey provides insights on where we are and where we might go from here. You can read the ICMA write up on the report below or find the original at www.icma.org/en/press/pm_magazine/article/104159. The Extent of Public Participation by Robert Vogel, Evelina Moulder, and […] (continue)

New Pew Study Maps Twitter Conversations

We saw an intriguing article last month over at the PewResearch Internet Project that we thought might interest some of our social media- and tech-oriented members. Pew has compiled some very impressive amounts of data on the patterns that we can find in political conversation on Twitter that may hold insights for us as practitioners. The results are fascinating. It’s not news to us at NCDD that social media has become an important part of our public life: Social media is increasingly home to civil society, […] (continue)

NIFI Announces New “Linked Futures” Deliberations

We wanted to make sure that NCDD members, especially those in higher ed, saw the most recent edition of Higher Education Engagement News, the periodic update on the American Commonwealth Partnership from Harry C. Boyte. This edition announces a new stage of the collaboration between the Kettering Foundation and the National Issues Forums Institute – both NCDD organizational members – that builds on the Shaping Our Futures initiative. You can read the newsletter below or find it at the NIFI blog by clicking here. Make […] (continue)

NCDD Member is New ED at Journalism that Matters

We are so pleased to announce that our friends at Journalism that Matters have selected a new Executive Director from NCDD’s ranks. Peggy Holman is a long-time NCDD member and friend, and we’re proud of her and all she’s accomplished. We look forward to continuing to work with her at Journalism That Matters. You can read the announcement below or read the original on JTM’s website here. Journalism that Matters is excited to announce that Peggy Holman, a JTM co-founder and long-time board member is now serving as […] (continue)

Update to Civic Tech Business & Investment Study

Back in December, we posted about a new study that the Knight Foundation had just released about trends in “civic tech” business, and at the time, they were looking for more feedback from professionals in our field to bolster the analysis. Well they recently released an update to their study including the info from new contributors. We encourage you to read about the update below or find the original announcement here. You spoke, we responded. In December 2013, Knight Foundation released an analysis of activity […] (continue)