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New research or academic articles of note to the D&D community.

Saguaro Publishes New Resources Online

The Saguaro Seminar is an ongoing initiative of Professor Robert D. Putnam at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. They have recently updated their website with a bunch of resources including a new civic report from National Conference on Citizenship called “America’s Civic Health Index: Broken Engagement,” and news stories related to this and other research on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To find out what’s new at Saguaro, visit their website: www.ksg.harvard.edu/saguaro. (continue)

Survey Reveals Status of Intergroup Relations in U.S.

The legacy of September 11, Hurricane Katrina’s lingering racial tensions, church bombings in Alabama, the Duke University lacrosse team scandal, and the growing debate about undocumented workers in America all underscore the ongoing challenges of intergroup relations in America today. What does it all mean? To answer that and other questions, The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) presents Taking America’s Pulse III (TAP III), the third in its series of large-scale nationwide surveys of American attitudes about intergroup relations. (continue)

Call for Interdisciplinary Papers on Group Research

John Gastil of the University of Washington asked us to post a notice about the upcoming INGRoup (Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research) Conference. The conference takes place at Michigan State University, in Lansing, Michigan next July 12-14, 2007. The second INGRoup conference is planned to facilitate conversations among group scholars across disciplines, such as communication, education, history, information systems, nursing, organizational behavior, philosophy, psychology, political science, public health, and sociology. In addition to paper and symposia sessions, innovative sessions designed to facilitate interdisciplinary conversation will […] (continue)

Call for Submissions – Case Studies of Civic Engagement in the First Year of College

The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition and The New York Times invite the submission of case studies forCivic Engagement in the First Year of College, a new volume in The First-Year Experience Monograph Series. This publication will describe programs and courses that develop students’ civic literacy and engagement and will offer strategies for designing, implementing, and assessing such initiatives. (continue)

New Book Launched on Large Group Methods

Organizational Development consultants Billie Alban & Barbara Bunker have just launched “The Handbook of Large Group Methods.” The Handbook offers a comprehensive review of cutting-edge Large Group Methods currently being implemented to address twenty-first century challenges in organizations and communities. The book addresses how to work with organizations facing serious business crisis; how to work in community settings with diverse interest groups, how to work with organizations in polarized and politicized environments, and embedding and sustaining new patterns of working together. The Handbook uses real-world […] (continue)

Buy the Book: Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Sandy Schuman just sent me a copy of his new book “Creating a Culture of Collaboration:  The International Association of Facilitators Handbook,” and I suggest you all add this one to your libraries.  This 536-page tome presents chapters written by an international group of practitioners and researchers – from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the U.K., and the U.S. - who provide proven approaches to creating a culture of collaboration within and among groups, organizations, communities, and societies. Collaboration is often viewed as […] (continue)

New Article on Intergroup Dialogue

We’re pleased to spread the news about NCDD member Adrienne Dessel’s new article called “Using Intergroup Dialogue to Promote Social Justice and Change” co-authored with Mary E. Rogge, and Sarah B. Garlington. The article will be published in the journal Social Work this October. It examines intergroup dialogue as a bridging mechanism through which social workers in clinical, other direct practice, organizer, activist, and other roles across the micro–macro practice spectrum can engage with people in conflict to advance advocacy, justice, and social change. The […] (continue)

IAP2 Seeks Editorial Board and Advisory Panel Members

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) is re-launching its online journal later this year, and they just put a call out for volunteers interested in serving on the hands-on Editorial Board and the Advisory Board for the journal. Click below for the full announcement. (continue)

PCI Publishes Report on Changing Role of Legislators

Policy Consensus Initiative’s newest report paints a picture of the changing roles legislators are playing to enable them to work more effectively in the current polarized political environment. Legislators at a Crossroads: Making Choice to Work Differently, describes how some legislators have learned to use the power of their elected office to act as conveners, bringing all sectors to the table to find solutions to public problems that go beyond what any one sector could achieve on its own. In the course of working with […] (continue)

New Article Argues Diversity Improves Discussion & Decision-Making

Science Daily has an article entitled, “Racial Diversity Improves Group Decision Making In Unexpected Ways.” In it they report that Dr Samuel Sommers from Tufts University, who has been researching race and the criminal justice system for many years, published his most recent study. It involved participants on a mock jury to see if juries comprised of all white jurors acted differently than juries comprised of both blacks and whites. To find out the results of this study, read the article here: www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/04/060410162259.htm. (continue)