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New research or academic articles of note to the D&D community.

Social Signal Publishes Articles on the Internet, Non-Profits and Community

Social Signal.com, a firm devoted to helping non-profits use the Internet to build their communities, has two interesting articles in its most recent newsletter. In “Shaping the Soul of the Internet” CEO Alexandra Samuel poses the question: “If you believed the soul of the Internet was crucial to the future of our planet, how would that affect the way you spend your time online? What principles guide your use of the Internet — and what principles would you suggest for others?” She argues that the […] (continue)

Steven Clift Publishes Article on the Internet and Democracy

NCDD member Steven Clift wrote to us recently to let us know about his recently-published article on government, the Internet, and democracy — part of a 47 page collection to be published online shortly by the U.S. federal government. For the short and long versions, a link to the General Service Administration’s newsletters, or to be notified via DoWire.Org about the GSA’s online release of the full collection, see: http://www.dowire.org/notes/?p=383. To see a summary of Steven’s article “Ten Practical Online Steps for Government Support of […] (continue)

DDC Publishes Draft Report on Four Years of Research

Our friends and colleagues over at the Deliberative Democracy Consortium (www.deliberative-democracy.net) have just annnounced a draft report on the first four years of research on deliberation. The report “Where is Democracy Headed? Four years of DDC research and practice” is coauthored by Peter Levine and Lars Hasselblad Torres who describe the findings, publications, and other products of the 2003 and 2005 DDC Researcher and Practitioner meetings, and incorporated those ideas in an insightful essay on the future of deliberative democracy. They make twelve key observations […] (continue)

Latest Utne Publishes Two Articles on Dialogue

The Utne Reader (www.utne.com) has two articles in its latest issue on promoting dialogue across social divides. One article titled The Great Divide interviews Stephen Miller, author of Conversation: A History of a Declining Art (Yale University Press, 2006). The interview covers Miller’s argument about why conversation has declined, and what we can do to revive this lost art around the dinner table and in public. A second article titled Dish it Up interviews the hosts of Minneapolis community dinner events that are designed to […] (continue)

Griswold's Book Forgiveness Now in Paperback

Charles Griswold, Professor of Philosophy at Boston University, wrote to us to tell us that his book Forgiveness has just been published in paperback. It sounds like a fascinating read for anyone interested in conflict transformation. Here’s how the publishers describe the book: Nearly everyone has wronged another. Who among us has not longed to be forgiven? Who has not struggled to forgive? Charles Griswold has written the first comprehensive philosophical book on forgiveness in both its interpersonal and political contexts, as well as its […] (continue)

William T. Grant Distinguished Fellows Program to Support Youth Research

Here’s a good grant opportunity for those working or studying D & D and youth: The William T. Grant Foundation (http://wtgrantfoundation.org/) has announced a new Request for Proposals for its Distinguished Fellows Program for mid-career researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. The goal of the Distinguished Fellows Program is to increase the supply of, demand for, and use of high-quality research in the service of improved youth outcomes. The program is intended to help researchers strengthen the ways in which their work reflects an understanding of […] (continue)

CIRCLE Announces Report on Youth Political Engagement

Next week, CIRCLE (www.civicyouth.org) will release a major report entitled “Millennials Talk Politics: A Study of College Student Political Engagement.” Commissioned by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, this report is based on 47 focus groups conducted by CIRCLE on 12 college and university campuses in 2006 and 2007. This report is the most detailed current examination of college students’ political and civic attitudes and experiences. The study has compelling implications for higher education, national policymakers, and the news media, among others. On Nov. 7th, CIRCLE […] (continue)

HD Centre Publishes Report on Conflict Resolution Trends

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) has just launched a new pilot publication, Charting the roads to peace – Facts, figures and trends in conflict resolution, a statistical overview of peace process trends which provides data and analysis on past and current peace processes. The report focuses on three areas: historical and recent trends in mediation; trends in justice and weapons control, and the status of peace processes in various armed conflicts in 2006 as well as the problem of terrorist lists. Produced in […] (continue)

Global Awakening Press Offering Free Research Report on American Values

Positive Future Consulting (www.pfcn.net) and Global Awakening Press (www.ffga.org) are offering free copies of their latest book – “A New America, An Awakened Future On Our Horizon.” This book is aimed at everyone concerned about the state of the society and interested in doing something about it. The book reports on the results of a unique survey of Americans, which asked about their leading concerns and approaches to mental and physical wellness. It should be of interest to community and political leaders and those interested […] (continue)

Journal Addresses Organizational Change & Sustainable Development

NCDD member Juli Fellows sent us word of a forthcoming special edition of the respected peer-reviewed journal that might be of interest to others in our network. “Organisations & People” is the journal of the UK-based Association of Management Education and Development (AMED – www.amed.org.uk). The special edition contains new papers on sustainable development and organizational change. This special edition has been guest edited by members of AMED’s Sustainable Development Network – Jim Hopwood, Tony Emerson and Penny Walker. The papers explore aspects of these […] (continue)