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New research or academic articles of note to the D&D community.

New Book on How Law Supports D&D in Europe

My Google News Alert for “dialogue AND deliberation” informed me about an interesting new book about laws in the European Union are supporting the creation of new governance structures that encourage public dialogue, deliberation, and stakeholder participation. The book, entitled “Laws Practical Wisdom” can be purchased for 97 Euros (yikes!), and you can order it or read more about it at www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c47124. (continue)

Western Justice Center Hosts Symposium on Community-Police Relations

Najeeba Syeed Miller from the Western Justice Center Foundation just sent us a news report WJCF’s most recent success. WJCF hosted a symposium on community/police relations and the use of dialogue and mediation to resolve disputes in this arena. To read the article that ran in the Pasadena Star-News click: www.pasadenastarnews.com/search/ci_4759645. (continue)

New Book From the Harvard Negotiation Project

Don’t miss Beyond Reason, the new bestseller from the Harvard Negotiation Project. World renowned negotiators Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro wrote Beyond Reason to address the complicated types of issues that those in the human rights world deal with all the time. Beyond Reason offers straightforward, powerful advice for dealing with emotions in even the toughest negotiations, whether with a difficult colleague or with an angry spouse. The book covers five “core concerns” that lie at the heart of most emotional challenges. Beyond Reason includes […] (continue)

New Article on How to Use Study Circles in Schools

Study Circles Resource Center recently published an article on how school principals can use study circles to address challenges and change in their communities. Growing numbers of school districts across North America are using study circles to build community-wide coalitions that make schools work better for everyone. To read the article, visit www.studycircles.org/en/Article.480.aspx. (continue)

Peacework Magazine Seeking Film & Video Suggestions

Sam Diener, Co-editor of Peacework Magazine (www.peaceworkmagazine.org) sent us a message recently looking for suggestions of films that will inspire activism and organizing. Suggestions should follow the format, “If I could show one under-appreciated film or video to a room full of potential organizers, I’d show x, because ….” Sam is looking for brief answers of 200-300 words that describe how you have used the film to fuel activism and are also creative about how one might use the video productively. The article is scheduled […] (continue)

IJP2 Seeking Manuscript Sumbissions

The inaugural issue of the International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2) is scheduled to appear in March 2007. IJP2 aims to be a forum for practitioners and scholars who wish to share their knowledge with a wider audience. This new, peer-reviewed (for scholarly contributions), on-line quarterly, is sure to draw interest from a broad and diverse audience, including persons whose work focuses on deliberation, dialogue, public policy dispute resolution, and collaborative decision-making as well as on public participation generally. The editors are accepting manuscripts over […] (continue)

CPRN Embarks on Youth Civic Engagement Research

Canadian Policy Research Networks (http://cprn.org) begins a new research project this month designed to help shape new directions for youth participation in Canada. It will build on the results of CPRN’s Youth Dialogue conducted last fall. The project, led by Director Mary Pat MacKinnon, begins with three research papers: Political and Civic Participation of Young People in Canada – Indifferent or Just Different? The author, Brenda O’Neill of the University of Calgary, will examine how young people engage in civic and political activities and what […] (continue)

Case Foundation Puts "Citizens at the Center"

Senior staff at the Case Foundation, under the guidance of consultant Cynthia Gibson, recently authored the 31-page white paper “Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement.” The central claims of the paper are that public “service” is a more powerful frame around which to rally Americans for democratic renewal than “civic engagement,” and the encouragement of public deliberation should be at the center of renewal efforts.  Scholar Peter Levine of the University of Maryland has written that he considers the paper a breakthrough. “It may,” […] (continue)

Saguaro Publishes New Resources Online

The Saguaro Seminar is an ongoing initiative of Professor Robert D. Putnam at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. They have recently updated their website with a bunch of resources including a new civic report from National Conference on Citizenship called “America’s Civic Health Index: Broken Engagement,” and news stories related to this and other research on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To find out what’s new at Saguaro, visit their website: www.ksg.harvard.edu/saguaro. (continue)

Survey Reveals Status of Intergroup Relations in U.S.

The legacy of September 11, Hurricane Katrina’s lingering racial tensions, church bombings in Alabama, the Duke University lacrosse team scandal, and the growing debate about undocumented workers in America all underscore the ongoing challenges of intergroup relations in America today. What does it all mean? To answer that and other questions, The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) presents Taking America’s Pulse III (TAP III), the third in its series of large-scale nationwide surveys of American attitudes about intergroup relations. (continue)