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New research or academic articles of note to the D&D community.

CLI and Kettering Foundation kick off “Race & Violence” Study in Ohio

Civic Life International (www.civiclifeint.org) and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation (www.kettering.org) have entered into a learning agreement to focus on how citizens are engaging the in the Dayton area on the issue of race and violence. This work will consist of public engagement processes involving dialogue and deliberation; learning from reflective journals, facilitator reports, and participant interviews, including quotes describing participant’s experiences, so that other communities across the country can learn from their personal experiences as they attempt to improve race relations and reduce violence […] (continue)

New Book on "Democratic Dilemmas" Outlines Two Divergent Cases

Julie Marsh sent me an email last week about her interesting new book, “Democratic Dilemmas: Joint Work, Education Politics, and Community” (SUNY Press). Drawing on three years of field research and extensive theoretical and empirical literature, Democratic Dilemmas chronicles the day-to-day efforts of educators and laypersons working together to advance student learning in two California school districts. Marsh reveals how power, values, organizational climates, and trust played key roles in these two districts achieving vastly different results. In one district, parents, citizens, teachers, and administrators effectively […] (continue)

New Book on Public Engagement

Sandy just posted a summary of the book Beyond Public Meetings: Connecting Community Engagement with Decision-Making on NCDD’s Learning Exchange. Written by Vivien Twyford, Max Hardy, John Dengate, Stuart Waters and Dr. Vicki Vaartjes and published by Twyford Consulting, 2007, the book challenges myths and assumptions associated with community engagement. It provides organisations, including all layers of government, with a comprehensive guide to why and how communities can be engaged to make better decisions. Written by five internationally recognized experts in the field of community […] (continue)

New UK Report on Future of Democracy

Cynthia Gibson emailed me today about a new report on the future of democracy from the UK Power Commission called “Power to the People.” She noted that “finally – someone’s asking about the system, rather than continually talking about “apathy.” The 175-page report is the result of the work of a politically diverse commission tasked with questions such as: How can democracy survive when we feel politicians don’t listen? How can politics be revived when fewer and fewer of us support political parties? How can […] (continue)

Call for Chapters: The Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy

The Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy aims to provide a cross-sector, interdisciplinary exploration of research on collaboration practices. The handbook will examine structure, organization, technology tools and leadership practices that characterize successful collaboration in and across the fields of education, public policy, and business. The focus of the handbook will be on the strategic, cross-cultural, team and technical skills required to collaborate and achieve organizational synergy in the age of the Internet and a digitally connected 21st century global society. Editors […] (continue)

Int'l Journal of Public Participation Launches

Our good friend Michael Briand emailed me today announcing the inaugural issue of IAP2’s new International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2). The IJP2 is an online, multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of information among researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and citizens about public participation and its impact around the world. It has been created with the specific intention of bridging the arenas of research and practice within the field of public participation. Look over the current issue, or go to the Journal’s home page at www.iap2.org/ijp2. I’m […] (continue)

Sign Up Now for News on Case Foundation's Upcoming Citizen-Centered Grants

You can sign up now for email updates on a grant competition in the works at the Case Foundation.  Case’s “Igniting Civic Engagement” Grants will support citizen-centered approaches to meet community needs, and they plan to send out more details in late spring (eligibility criteria, application guidelines, timelines, etc.). Last year, the Case Foundation released a great article by Cynthia Gibson titled “Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement,” which suggests that getting citizens more involved in the civic life and health of their communities […] (continue)

News From ParticipatoryBudgeting.org

[via the ParticipatoryBudgeting.org discussion list] Three important tidbits from the world of participatory budgeting (PB). First, there will be an international conference on participatory budgeting in Malaga, Spain, March 28-31. See the preliminary details at http://redfal.org/en/node/98. Second, the discussion list announced one more online toolkit for learning how to do PB. Although the site is European, most of the materials are in English: www.kate-stuttgart.org/content/e827/index_ger.html. Finally, Josh Lerner has written a paper about the recent (and growing) experience of communal councils in Venezuela. Similar to PB, […] (continue)

Announcing a Participatory Geography Conference

The Social Well-Being and Spatial Justice research cluster at Durham University (United Kingdom) and the Participatory Geographies Working Group of the RGS/IBG is organizing a conference on participatory geography for January 2008. The conference, titled “Connecting People, Participation and Place” is open to anyone interested in participatory geographies and will cover the following themes: (continue)

Call for Proposals on Communication and Place, Identity and Change

The American Communication Association (ACA) is inviting proposals for its 2007 Annual Conference held October 4-6, 2007 on the Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Taos, New Mexico campus.The theme of this year’s conference is “Frontiers of Communication: Determining Place, Establishing Identity, and Shaping Change”. Descriptions of the themes are posted below. The American Communication Association is open to all participants. Please submit papers and panels to Rita Kirk (rkirk@smu.edu). All submissions should be submitted electronically. You will receive notification that the submission has been received, and […] (continue)