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Posts that share stories, case studies, and anecdotes of dialogue and deliberation programs.

9 Effective Engagement Tactics Utilized at the DC One City Summit

We were blown away by the usefulness of this post, so we asked post author Joseph Porcelli — who’s the Director of GovDelivery & GovLoop Engagement Services — for permission to cross-post it here on the NCDD blog. Check out his other blog posts at JosephPorcelli.com, where he shares his thoughts, experiences, information and media about citizen and stakeholder engagement in hopes of meeting and enjoying dialogue with others who share his passion. As an engagement strategist still recovering from chronic burnout as a result […] (continue)

Tour of Media Coverage for AmericaSpeaks’ One City Summit

I wanted to share excerpts from a few media pieces about the One City Summit held on February 11th in D.C. by NCDD organizational member AmericaSpeaks.  Most groups in our field work on a smaller scale or run their programs over a longer period of time (which is less media-grabbing), so it’s always interesting to see what the response is from the media and in the blogosphere to AmericaSpeaks’ events. First, a bit of background… 1,700 DC citizens were brought together at the DC Convention […] (continue)

Following the Energy: It’s Not a Wheel

“Let’s not reinvent the wheel.” You’ve all heard that one, haven’t you? Here’s my story about how this most unfortunate aphorism impacts public deliberations. Long, long ago, and in what sometimes seems like a galaxy far, far away, but is actually just down the road, two communities shared a border. One was larger and one was smaller, but their landscapes and economies were far more alike than different. One of these communities responded to the impacts of growth by instituting a neighborhood-based planning approach and […] (continue)

Big breakthroughs in community engagement about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

If you are looking for an example of how a community can move from discord to deep discourse holding the tension of being both a community and a political entity, check this out: the results of a year long process of intra communal dialogue and deliberation about Israel and the Israeli Palestinian situation. http://workplaceconnections.com/home.html (continue)

Christians in Dialogue on LGBTQ Issues

NCDD Board member, John Backman, recently contributed a piece to the Public Conversations Project’s blog entitled Drawing Up the Guest List: Christians in Dialogue on LGBTQ Issues.  In it he shares some of the ideas explored at the recent Oriented to Love: Sexual Diversity in the Body of Christ event and offers some thoughtful questions… Set against that background, Oriented to Love was something of a miracle, partly because the people who came defied simple description. I learned of gay and lesbian people who, while fully owning their […] (continue)

New Documentary from the 2010 Dialogue In Nigeria

Len & Libby Traubman contacted us over the holidays with news of their latest film documenting the 2010 International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication in Jos, Nigeria where they played a major role as co-facilators in cooperation with the New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation in Jos. From their website:  Two hundred courageous Christian and Muslim young adults met in face-to-face Dialogue, listening to learn and discovering their equal humanity, new communication skills, and that “an enemy is one whose story we have not […] (continue)

Believing in democracy led me to NCDD: Barbara Brown’s Story

We asked supporting member Barbara Brown if she’d be open to sharing her “D&D story” with the NCDD community. Barbara was one of the founding members of NCDD — involved when we became a Coalition.  Barbara plays three important roles at Clemson University:  Cooperative Extension Military Liaison, Operation Military Kids State Leader, and Laboratory for Deliberative Dialogue Director. Here is the story of how Barbara became passionate about dialogue and deliberation… At 13 I did a twenty-foot mural expose on the development and challenges of […] (continue)

Saying Goodbye to a Hero in our Field, Barnett Pearce

I am heartbroken to share the news with the NCDD community that Barnett Pearce has passed.  Many of you know that Barnett has been battling cancer for several years, and continuing his work diligently despite much physical and emotional pain.  My heart goes out to his wife Kim Pearce, another extraordinary leader and friend in our field. You may know Barnett as founding faculty member of the Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement graduate certificate program at Fielding, as a long-time NCDD member and conference-goer (here […] (continue)

D&D in Geraldton, Australia, wins global award

Dialogue and deliberation has been the central tool in planning the future of Geraldton, a city in Western Australia, and these efforts have just been recognized with an international award! Geraldton is the global winner in Livecom‘s Community Empowerment and Participation category. 2029 and Beyond is about planning for the future of Geraldton and the region around it. The project mobilises citizens, government and industry in the Greater Geraldton City Region, to collaboratively develop and implement sustainability plans. NCDD member Janette Hartz-Karp has been central […] (continue)

You’re ALL invited to “Occupy Cafe”

NCDD supporting member Ben Roberts is helping launch a cool new initiative tying in to Occupy Wall Street called “Occupy Cafe.”  I think many NCDD members have been looking for something like this, and I hope many of you will participate! Ben and his partners are “creating ‘open space’ where the whole world can come together to discuss what is moving and awakening around us.” You can sign up or learn more at www.OccupyCafe.org. Initial calls are taking place: Mondays, October 24, 31 & November […] (continue)