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Here’s where we share special announcements about videos, dialogue guides, and D&D methods — though most such posts go into the NCDD Resource Center.

Group Decision Tip: High ground

In principle, groups often get bogged down in details (who should do what by when and how) and fail to stay on the high ground (strategic direction and guiding policies). The group as a whole has the unique perspective of seeing all that the group is doing, all the opportunities, all the threats. It is a view from the hill top. An individual group member has the unique perspective of seeing the details on the ground and has the best sense of how to actually implement […] (continue)

Civilizing Online Discourse by Expanding “Like” Button Options?

If you were wondering with us recently about how online comments sections can be made more civil, we encourage you to check out a savvy new tool that our organizational partners at Public Agenda are experimenting with. PA has embedded a “reader reaction button” – an evolutionary leap forward from Facebook’s “like” button – into their site that allows readers to react in multiple, nuanced ways to almost any part of an article or comment. With reactions such as “respectfully disagree” and “not the whole […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: Detachment

In principle, detachment is the key to peace. Sometimes we are so attached to things that we are apt to fight for them, so attached that when they disappear it brings great pain, so attached that our judgment is clouded to the point where we see and feel only conflict. While right-sized compassion brings comfort, oversized attachment to people, ideas, or feelings brings turmoil and tension. While right-sized determination brings achievement, unwavering attachment to goals or ideals brings conflict. Practical Tip: Do not be too attached […] (continue)

Deal for NCDDers on Tamarack’s Evaluating Community Impact workshops

Many of us in the NCDD network are part of community-based initiatives for creating change, in local government, healthcare, poverty, education, and numerous other arenas. And while we know it is important to stand back and evaluate the impact we are making on these issues and how to do things better, we often don’t know how to evaluate the effects of our work in meaningful ways. That is why we are pleased to invite NCDD members to participate in a great program run by our friends […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: Accountability

In principle, accountability is comparing expectations with actions, what we hoped would happen against what actually happened. It requires that expectations are written. It requires that actions are evaluated in light of the expectations. And there’s another requirement. When we are accountable we say out loud that things were achieved as expected or that things were not achieved as expected. We don’t ignore successes or transgressions, we account for them. Accountability done right is very helpful for personal and group development. It pushes us to […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: Flat for planning, stacked for doing

In principle, different ways of deciding should be applied to different types of decisions. Deciding how things should be — planning — is well-suited to a flat decision-making structure; that is, where several decision makers are equal and all fully participate. Some call this consensus decision making. As a rule, the longer and wider the reach of the plan, the broader and flatter the planning structure should be. Deciding how to implement plans — doing — is better suited to hierarchical decision-making structure; that is, […] (continue)

Enhancing Engagement with Textizen

Are you looking for creative and effective ways to keep people engaged in your engagement projects? Then we have something you might want to look into. We have been following the development of something called Textizen – an ingenious, text-based platform designed to help facilitate public engagement that emerged from a collaboration between Code for America and the City of Philadephia. The Textizen team is on the cusp of launching a new “campaigns” feature that we know that many of our NCDDers could find extremely […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: My part

In principle, there are at least two pieces to every puzzle, at least two parts to every solution. No solution to a problem is entirely in the hands of just one person. For example, people at the back of a room might have a hard time hearing the speaker at the front. When this happens someone is apt to suggest to the speaker: “Speak up.” But another solution is in the hands of the listeners: “Move closer.” If I have a problem with someone’s behavior, […] (continue)

Workshop reports made easier — with iPad apps!

We found a great post from Gillian M. Mehers’s blog “You Learn Something New Every Day” via her Twitter handle that we knew would be a great help for many of our NCDD members who are facilitators. We encourage you to learn more about her workshop report method below or find the original post here. As Facilitators sometimes we get asked to prepare reports from our workshops. Normally we at Bright Green Learning encourage the teams to do this, as report preparation is an excellent learning opportunity […] (continue)

Group Decision Tip: E-mail

In principle, e-mail is an efficient way to communicate in groups, but it is a relatively new way of communicating that we are still getting used to. E-mail is instant, like conversation; enduring, like a written document; and able to be copied and distributed like nothing we have ever known. The combination of these three attributes makes it rather like a chainsaw: very effective when used properly, very dangerous when used on impulse or in anger. E-mail is most effective when used to convey facts […] (continue)