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Conferences, trainings, workshops, and other events coming up of interest to the D&D community.

Sustained Dialogue Conference Coming Up April 7-9

This year’s Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN) National Conference will be held at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ. The conference title this year is “Returning to our Roots”. The SDCN National Conference is open to current SD practitioners and interested parties alike. It will feature workshops on Saturday and Sunday designed to introduce Sustained Dialogue as a process, help student leaders build programs on their campuses, help moderators lead their groups and more. It’s also a great chance to meet, share, and network with students […] (continue)

"We Media" Conference Discusses Journalism as Dialogue

[From mediacenter.org via Deliberative-Democracy.net] Increasingly, media is coming to be understood as engaged in a dialogue with its consumers, who are beginning to contribute as much as they consume. The days of a passive audience are receding as new social technologies create opportunities for citizens to report about the stories they experience. The We Media Global Forum brings together innovators who are wiring the connected society – the thinkers, innovators, investors, executives and activists who seek to tap the growing connections among people everywhere. This […] (continue)

Victim-Offender Mediation Conference Coming Up in Florida

VOMA (Victim-Offender Mediation Association) is co-sponsoring a national conference this year with the American Association of Community Justice Professionals (AACJP). The conference will be held in Miami, Florida in mid-June. Pre-conference training sessions will be held on June 10 and 11 and the full conference will be held from Monday through Wednesday June 12-14, 2006. You can access the full conference program on the VOMA Web site at http://voma.org/docs/AAJCP2006.pdf. (continue)

HAVIDS Niger Delta News Center Seeks Collaborators for International Day for Peace

The HAVIDS Niger Delta News Centre for Environment & Development, a Nigeria-based organizational member of NCDD, has just sent out an important communique on the organization of the 2006 International Day for Peace in Niger Delta. The Day for Peace is being organized for November 2006. They are seeking feedback and collaborators as they organize this event. If you are interested in being involved in the 2006 International Day for Peace in the Niger Delta, or if you have feedback or ideas for HAVIDS, email […] (continue)

Association for Conflict Resolution Seeking Conference Proposals on Deliberative Democracy

Deliberative Democracy: New Directions in Public Policy Dispute Resolution is the theme for the annual conference of the Environment and Public Policy Section (EPP) of the Association for Conflict Resolution. The conference will be held on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts from Wednesday, June 28 through Friday, June 30, 2006. They are seeking proposals by March 24th on one of three themes: Deliberative Democracy; Intractable, Values-Based Public Policy Disputes; International, Cross-Cultural Comparative Analysis of dispute resolution outside the […] (continue)

Quest for Global Healing II Conference in Bali this May

This May, you can join Nobel Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, Fatima Gailani, Walter Cronkite, and other world-renowned speakers at an extraordinary gathering of concerned global citizens, business leaders and other innovative thinkers in a quest towards a more collaborative, peaceful and sustainable future for humankind and the planet. This unique gathering is designed for those concerned about where the world is heading and who want to play a role in the world’s renewal. The conference is inspired by a recognition by individuals that the wounds […] (continue)

White Privilege Conference Coming Up in Missouri

The Conference on White Privilege serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore issues of white privilege, diversity, multicultural education, multicultural leadership, social justice, race/racism, sexual orientation, gender relations, and other systems of privilege/oppression. It provides participants the opportunity to get honest about the type of society in which we live, and the advantages that accrue to some but not others. The conference offers a means to develop and sustain ongoing work to dismantle this system of white privilege, white supremacy, and oppression. The […] (continue)

Particpatory Budgeting Event Coming Up in NY

Participatory budgeting (PB) is a year-long process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary city residents decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public budget. PB first emerged in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre where it has over the last two decades increased political participation, decreased economic inequality and corruption and developed citizen capacities that have spurred further organizing and activism. Since then PB has spread to hundreds of cities in Latin America and other continents. A panel will discuss Participatory […] (continue)

Mini C2D2 Event Coming Up In Toronto

The organizers of the Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2) are holding an event March 2 in Toronto at Metro Hall from 3PM to 8:30PM. The format is set up so you can attend all or part, depending on your schedule. For more information, contact: Melissa Abramowitz, melissa.abramovitz@utoronto.ca, Charlotte Young, c2d2@envision-synergy.net or Miriam Wyman, miriam.wyman@utoronto.ca. To see the agenda for this mini conference, click on the link below. (continue)

Midwest Social Forum Calls for Session Proposals

The Midwest Social Forum (www.mwsocialforum.org) is an annual gathering of grassroots organizations, community activists, workers, educators, students, and others committed to making a better, more just world possible. It will be held this July 2-6 in Milwaukee, WI. The MWSF provides an open space for exchanging experiences and information, strengthening alliances and networks, and developing effective strategies for progressive social, economic, and political change. Formerly known as Radfest, the MWSF has been inspired by the World Social Forum and the similar principles on which it […] (continue)