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Peacebuilding with the Taos Institute in San Diego – November

The following post was submitted by Mary Gergen of the Taos Institute…

I think the members of NCDD would be interested in knowing about an upcoming conference from a fellow member of NCDD, assuming everyone is not “conferenced-out” after the stimulating meeting in Seattle.

The title of the conference is “Exploring Relational Practices in Peacebuilding, Mediation and Conflict Transformation: From the Intimate to the International” to be held in San Diego, Nov. 14-17, 2012.

The conference is sponsored by the Taos Institute (a non-profit educational organization that promotes social constructionist ideas in professional practices). The idea of the conference is to highlight practices that advance peaceful causes, from the interpersonal to the international. We have speakers who are therapists, mediation experts, lawyers, organizational consultants, and peacemakers on agency, governmental, and UN levels. Well-known mediators and plenary speakers, Gerald Monk and John Winslade, are presenting their brand new book — When stories clash: Addressing conflict with narrative mediation, published by Taos Institute Publications. You can get a clearer picture of our program by going to our website at www.TaosInstitute.net.

This conference involves more varieties of professional practices than we usually attract, and we are looking for those who might find this conference of special interest. It is rather short notice, but a lovely Mission Bay place to spend a long and invigorating weekend.

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