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Things People Say That Drive Gun Owners Crazy

Here’s a timely post from Dennis Boyer of the Interactivity Foundation…

IF-logo-onyellowI have been holding a series of local discussions with gun owners in Wisconsin, with a particular focus on owners of “assault weapons,” in an effort to understand their side of this controversy as a foundation for general public discussions. Just as many of us are amazed and outraged by things said by NRA spokespersons, gun owners have their own grievances about claims and statements made by anti-gun folks.

Here are the top grievances about anti-gun statements I have encountered thus far:

  1. That it is clear or simple about what constitutes an “assault weapon” (their position is that legislation or regulation might describe or define this in range of ways).
  2. That the prior “assault weapon ban” somehow reduced the numbers of the covered weapons.
  3. That the “Feinstein Bill” would confiscate or buy-back those weapons already in circulation (that’s the fear the NRA loves to stoke, but those approaches are not on the table at this time).

Another feature of discussion with gun owners I would alert public conversation partners to is the tendency to dismiss the remarks of those who misidentify and confuse various firearms categories and operating systems. They are deeply concerned that policy might be driven by fundamental understandings.

Next up, next week: gun owner discussion of the particulars of the Feinstein Bill.

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