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International Day for Sharing Life Stories Set for May 2008

The Center for Digital Storytelling is joining with the Museum of the Person International Network (Brazil, Portugal, USA and Canada) in a joint call for Listen! – International Day of Sharing Life Stories, on May 16th 2008. The day will be an opportunity for people around the world to gather in community halls, classrooms, public parks, theaters, auditoriums, as well websites, email exchanges, and virtual environments to hear each other’s stories. We want this day to be especially dedicated to celebrating and promoting Life Story projects that have made a difference within neighborhoods, communities, and societies as a whole.

Possible events include:

  • Story Circles in people’s homes, at workplaces, schools, community centers, virtual environments
  • Public open microphone performances of stories
  • Exhibitions of Stories in public venues, as image, text, and audio-visual materials
  • Celebratory events to honor local storytellers, practitioners and organizations
  • Open houses for organizations with a life story sharing component
  • Online simultaneous gatherings, postings, and story exchanges
  • Print, Radio and Television broadcast programming on life stories, and documentaries that feature oral histories and story exchanges

To facilitate this process the two organizations will act as the coordination body for compiling a worldwide calendar of events for the day, and over the entire May 16-18 weekend. Calendar listings will appear, along with a map of the participating organizations, on a special website dedicated to the day. They are looking for other organizations that are interested in participating. If you would like to endorse this proposal, send a note with your name and contact info to internacional@museudapessoa.net.

Amy Lang
Amy Lang is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at the University of British Columbia. She wrote her dissertation on British Columbia’s groundbreaking Citizens’ Assembly process, and is currently doing follow-up research on the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly.

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