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Debategraph on the Core Principles for Public Engagement

I was just playing around with the awesome Debategraph one of our members (David Price) entered the Core Principles for Public Participation into, and wanted to encourage others to use this. The Core Principles are one of those NCDD tools that was created in a truly open and collaborative fashion, jointly owned and endorsed by many organizations and leaders in our field.

Click on a principle to see excerpts pop up from the additional text our community crafted about what that principle looks like in practice, and what to avoid!

The debategraph on the Core Principles for Dialogue & Deliberation can also be found at http://debategraph.org/flash/fv.aspx?r=16220.  You can learn more about the Principles and the process we used to create them at www.ncdd.org/pep.

Debategraph combines argument visualization with collaborative wiki editing to make the best arguments on all sides of every complex public debate freely available to all, and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all. It was co-founded by Peter Baldwin and David Price, who have been collaborating on Debategraph’s development on opposites sides of the world over the last five years –  and is evolving continuously towards the fulfilment of our long term vision for a new form of public communication.  Read more about Debategraph on its page in the NCDD Resource Center, or on www.debategraph.org.


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Sandy Heierbacher
Sandy Heierbacher co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) with Andy Fluke in 2002, with the 60 volunteers and 50 organizations who worked together to plan NCDD’s first national conference. She served as NCDD's Executive Director between 2002 and 2018. Click here for a list of articles and resources authored by Sandy.

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