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Decision-Making + Collaboration = Team Building

This post was submitted by NCDD member Michelle Miller of MMBD Consulting…

Getting people involved is one of the most powerful approaches we can take to build team and build skills. However, often we choose whether or not to involve others, it’s based on an “I” decision. For instance, “Do I need support in making this decision?” Or, “Do I need new and better ideas?” Another way to look at it is to judge how this opportunity can help build something that the organization or team may need. For instance, “How can my team benefit from sharing in this decision-making process?” Here are some reasons why you might (or might not) choose to involve others:

  • If you want to build critical thinking skills, consider involving people in a participatory decision-making process.
  • If you want to increase the innovation capability of your organization, consider involving people in collaborative problem solving and solution development.
  • If you want to build a cohesive team and a strong culture, consider doing both – involving people in a mix of participatory decision-making and collaboration.
  • If you need to move fast to manage a crisis – consider bringing together a small group of trusted advisors to help you think through your options and choose how to make your decision

As your organization develops greater critical thinking skills, innovation capability, deeper relationships, stronger bonds of trust and increased buy-in and ownership, you become better poised to tackle big challenges and strategic opportunities.

To read the full blog, visit http://mmbdconsulting.com/team-building/.

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