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Status Update From the National Dialogue Network — What are your insights on the results?

Hello again friends,

This is a quick update from John Spady on the opinions collected so far to help determine the inaugural issue for the 2013 conversations from the National Dialogue Network (this project received the endorsement of the NCDD voting membership in January 2013).

At the bottom of this post is a link to the latest results — updated daily until the survey closes on April 30th. And if you haven’t yet contributed your own voice to these results, you can click here to answer the survey until it closes.

After this “Cycle 1” survey closes, our working group of volunteers will review the results to determine the broad issue title that will be promoted to “Cycle 2” — this second cycle (active from May-July/August) will be where the issue is further framed and focused — with physical and digital materials developed — for use by individuals and organizations using their preferred local and national scale techniques. It all depends on the collaborative efforts of people just like you! A short video overview of the entire 5-cycle process being modeled can be watched at http://vimeo.com/55836517.

After you review the report using the link below, please return to this post and add your insights and comments about the results as you personally interpret them. Your feedback will be a valuable resource for our working group as we plan to begin our inaugural national conversations this Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

So finally… are you ready for the report link? Here it is… and thank you again for your interest and collaborative spirit for these actions from the National Dialogue Network!


Voice messages for the NDN can be left on their info line: 800-369-2342 or Email can be sent to info@NationalDialogueNetwork.org. Local volunteers are needed — contact John if you are interested.

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  1. John Spady says:

    All comments are welcome! Please review today’s report using the above link and share your insights with our NDN team of volunteers. “Collaboration IS Community Action.”

  2. John Spady says:

    The Cycle 1 survey to select the inaugural issue of the 2013 National Dialogue Network has now closed.

    The link in the article above is still valid for the 214 response collected through NCDD initiated organizational and individual outreach. But another 200 responses were also received from a random sample panel of respondents. These additional responses are being combined and a summary report will be released soon.

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Please expect another update asap.

  3. John Spady says:

    One more response was submitted and so our final combined count stands at 415 responses from both random sample and self-selected respondents. To see a map showing the distribution of responses collected, please visit:

    And to see a short report showing the final combined ranking of issues selected, please visit:

    The top issue advances to our “Cycle 2” round where our team of volunteers, advisors, and the general public will have opportunities to help frame and further focus the scope of the national materials that will be developed in May, June, July, and August. To stay informed of our latest plans and outreach, please subscribe to the NCDD-sponsored listserv on this topic:

    As always, your comments in response to this information is welcomed. Please post your observations and thoughts regarding these 2013 Cycle 1 results below.

    Thank you!

  4. Larry Adams says:

    I did not access this survey until beyond its cut-off and, therefore, did not participate in the survey. However, if I interpret the results correctly, there seem to be a number of response issue headings suggested outside those originally provided (ranked #3 – I want to include this issue heading and have it ranked on the next page (50 characters max)). Would this type response benefit from a re-iteration of the survey including some of the more popular of these additional headings? P.S. My heading suggestions would have been 1. How to Empowering and Coordinating Global Social Change or 2. Finding a Path to Global Social Change.

    • John Spady says:

      Hello Larry,
      The interim report on this page shows the 215 responses. The final report at https://ncdd.org/11527 shows responses from 415 people (200 from a random sample panel and the 215 self-selected participants). The page also has a link to a full report showing the selections and rankings of both populations before and after they are combined. Thanks Larry. -John

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