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Crowdsourcing a History of e-Democracy

We were quite intrigued to learn recently that Italy-based researcher Pietro Speroni di Fenizio has embarked on a project to collect input on the history of e-Democracy in a decidedly e-democratic way — crowdsourcing.  Pietro is looking for people to contribute links and information about their favorite e-Democracy projects to a Google spreadsheet that he will use as a basis for a talk and, later, a chapter in his book on e-Democracy.

E-democracy is concerned with the use of information and communication technologies to engage citizens, support democratic decision-making processes and strengthen representative democracy.

We know that many NCDD members are working on or aware of many exciting e-Democracy projects and experiments, so we invite you to read the email below that Pietro recently circulated soliciting input and contribute to the Google spreadsheet.

Hello everybody,

I have been invited to give a talk on the history of eDemocracy for state of the Net.

I am also writing a book on eDemocracy, and the history will surely be a chapter into it, too

For all this I am setting up a google spreadsheet on which to base the talk. I would like to invite people from here to go to the page, and check that their favorite eDem projects are there. Please add also the starting (and ending if any) date of the projects. Also anything else you think should go there, please add it.

On the starting date cell I am adding a comment over where I found that information.

You will notice also that I have started also some context information and pre-internet ones that are necessary to integrate the info in a context.

You can find more information on Pietro’s work at his blog or follow him on Twitter.

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Roshan Bliss
An inclusiveness trainer and group process facilitator, Roshan Bliss serves as NCDD's Youth Engagement Coordinator and Blog Curator. Combining his belief that decisions are better when everyone is involved with his passion for empowering young people, his work focuses on increasing the involvement of youth and students in public conversations.

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